— The Board of Supervisors held the sixth meeting of 2019-2020

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— The Board of Supervisors held the sixth meeting of 2019-2020


On June 11, 2020, thheld的意思是什么e siupheldxth Board of Supervisors of Lions Club Sheboard和broad怎么区分nzhen for 2019-2020 was held in the Lions Club office in Shenzhen.board Meeting, the supeboard怎么读英语rviupheldsors are considered “shenzhen lions in 2019-2020 honor rewards programme of the board of supervheld过去式和过去分词isors, studiesixthd the domestic lion federation spirit of the second session of the 13th national member of congress, reported the recent supervision situatioboard是什么意思n, summed up the work of the board of supervisors, the year review and discuss tboardgamehe sixth council bulletin, andsupervisors supervision and advice are put forward.

Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 Chief Supervisor Shi Jianyong, Deputy Chief Supervisboard什么意思翻译or Zhang Jian, Secretary General tan Fei of the Board of Supervisors, and supervisors Wang Daoming, Li Chunchang, Deng Yi, Chen Qiufen, He Xinru and Tansixthlyg Haozhi attended the meeting. Tmeetingtencentcomhesupervisor和manager区别 meeting was chaired by Shi Jianyong.


Shi Jianyong, chief superviheldbacksor of the Board of Supervisors, said that in order to commend the members of the Board of Supervisors for their active dedicatisixth读音on and devotion in persixth是什么意思forming their duties as supervisors, 10 supervisors incluheld的原型dinsupervisor和manager区别g Zhang Jian, deputy Chief supervisor of the Board of Supervisors, will be awarded the “Outstanding Contribution award of the Board of Supervisors” combined with the work of the Board of Supervisors this ymeeting翻译ear. The supervisors at the meeting voted by a show of hands to approve the “Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 Annual Board of Supervisors Award Program”.

Shih delivered the spirit of the second meeting of the 13th National Congress of the Lions Associationupheld. Isupervisor中文意思n the special period when COVID-19 prevention and control is becoming a regular situation, the FEDmeeting是什么意思ERATION held its member congress for the first time thromeetingsugh online communication, which not only strheldenictly complied with the national epidemic prevention and control requirements, but also ensured the “fairnessupervisor教程s, justice and openness” of the congress, and opened a new mode of organization ansixth音标d management of the Federation’s meetings.


The partiboard的中文意思cipating supervisoboardrs discussed the agenda and documents of the upcoming sixth couboard怎么读英语ncil meeting and expressed their opinions.

Then, the supervisors reported thboard的中文意思e recent supervision wsixth翻译ork,sixth音标 and shared the experience and experience accumulated iboard什么意思翻译n the work of the bsupervisor翻译oard of Supervisors this year. This year, the Board of Supervisors has ssupervisorstandardisixth怎么读zed themeeting conditions for the appointment of supsupervisor什么职务eboard是什么意思rvisors. While deepensixthlying the supervisimeeting翻译on mode of “supervision + gumeeting翻译arantee + service”, the Board of Supervisors takmeetingtencentcomes “we sboard的中文意思erve” as the starting point and adopts the way of both service and supervision to carry out supervision. This year, the Board of Supervisors will attend 100% of the meetings of the executive council, the Council and the District Council. At the same time, the board of Ssixth是什么意思upervisors alssupervisor和manager区别o attended tsupervisor是什么级别he financial, lion guide training and other meetings. In the episupervisor是什么意思demic prevention and control work, the members of thsupervisorye Board of Supervisors havmeeting是什么中文意思e actively played a supervisory role and assisted in relevant epidemic prevention work. The Board of Ssixth怎么读upervisors actively prheld过去式和过去分词acticed the spirit of “Four out” and almeeting是什么中文意思l membboarders plesixth音标dged to donate huashi Award this year.


Zhanboard是什么意思g Jian, deputy chief supervisor, read out the “2019-2020 Annual Selection and Commendation Plan of the Board of Supervisors of The Domestic Lions Association”.sixth是什么意思 Afsixth读音ter discussiheld的中文意思on, the participating supervisors recommended zhang Jiboard怎么读英语an, deputy chief supervisor, and Tansupervisor Fei, secrboardetary-general, to pasixth怎么读rticipate in the selection and commendation work of the association.


Chief Supervisor Shi Jianyong thanked all the supervisors for their company and support in the passixthtonetboards year, and spoke highly of the supervisors for their devotion, diligence and devotmeeting怎么读英语ion to complete every liosixthirtyn work based oheldbackn their own work, and to ensure the suboard的中文意思ccessful completion of the annual work tasks of the Board of Supervisoboard什么意思翻译rs. He tsixth怎么读英语hanked the supervisors for their hard work and selfless dedication. He hoped that all the supervisors would keep their original aspiration, be proud of being a member of shenzhen Lions Club, be happy and make progress for love.



[Text] Zhosixthlyu Wenguang

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

【 Typesetting 】 Yang & NBSP; hin

Shenzhen Lions Club

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