Annual general meeting notice | about service guidelines

Dear fellow lions,

Recently, the service teams were at the peak of their annual reshuffling meetings. In order to activelyguidelines翻译 respond to the nationmeeting腾讯会议al call for epidemic prevention and control, further standardize the service team transition meeting process and related work, eliminate undesirable or illegal phenservice是什么意思中文翻译omena, and effectively protect the health and safety of lion friends, the relevantservice matters are reminded as follows:

First, basic principles. Based on epidemic prevention and the requirements of the eight-point Regulation, it is suggested to reduce large-saboutcale gatherings, simplify the process of the transition meeting, control the scale of the transition meeting, and not organize bnotice是什么意思anquetsaboutcg and other activities on the scene of the transition meetservice是什么故障灯ing. It is recommended that the service team be replaced in regular meetings oguidelinesr in service.

Second, we need to take epinotice的形容词demic prevannualention and control measures.

1. The meeting 2 days in advannuallyance, completes the attendees information statistical work, statistical all attendannual的名词ees “green travel card”, confirm the participants in the current state of body, whether to have symptoms such as fever, couabout是什么意思gh, the 14 days before the meeting havegeneralize been to epidemic prevention in key areannualizedas, if there are other isn’t suitable for to attgeneral轮胎什么牌子end the meeting, the presence of alarm declined to attend;

2. Do a good job of disinfection and prevention. Before the meeting, centralized disinfection should be carried out on the meeting venue and meeting items, and centralized investigation shomeeting是什么意思uld be carried out on meeting security personabout是介词吗nel to ensure the meeting venue and personnel safety. Distance identification shall be set up at the meeting site; The health code “Sheniannual英语怎么读 You” will be posted at the entrance and exit, and temperature measurement points will be set up, and temperature gun will be equipped for temperature measurement. Participants can enter only wannual怎么读habout后面动词什么形式en their body temperature is qualifienotice作文d and the health code “Sheni You” is green. All participants are requirannual造句ed to wemeetingtencentcomar masks.

3. Prepmeeting怎么读英语are epidemic prevention materials. Enotice用法ach personservice is equipped with a masknoticeable, and the venue is equipped with dserviceableisinfectant, alcohol and other protective disinfection products.

Third, it is suggested that the city holgenerallyd aguideline是什么意思 new session. In order to rannual的名词educeannual the risk ofnotice同义词 the epidemicservicebio caused by the movement of personnel, each service team should try to hold the change meeting in Shenzhen to ameeting腾讯会议void the risk caused by the movemenguideline是什么意思t of people across provinces and the uncertainty of the epidemic in other places.

Fourth, contmeetingrol the size of thmeetingtencentcome transition session. In light of the current situation of epidemic prevention and control,notice作文 it is suggested togeneral什么意思中文 limit the size of the meeting, not invite too many guests, friends and relatives to attend, and reduce the number of people gathered. The number of invited guests should be controlled asabouttime免费观看 far as possible. It is rannual的名词ecomnotice用法mended to invite no more than 10 district leaders suguideline是什么意思英语ch as directors, supervisors and former presidents, no more than 10 chairmen and executive chairmen, and no more than 10 captains, first, second and third vice captains of other service teams.

Fifth, do a good job of reporting for the change of leadership. Eacgeneral什么意思中文h service team is requested to report the time, place, agenda, scale, prevention anotice同义词nd control measures andnotice是什么意思 methods of the channual的名词ange to the regional onotice同义词fficer 7 to 15 days befornotice翻译e the change.

Sixth, do a good jannual是什么意思ob in tgeneralbutchhe report of the succession auction fund-raising activities. If fundraising actservicebioivities such as charity auction argeneralizatione held at the same time, please fill in the Approgeneral轮胎什么牌子val Form for Fundraisannual是什么意思ing Acabouttivities of Shenzhen Lions Club 8 working days before the event. The administrative expenses incurred by themeeting怎么读英语 service team in carrying out fundraising activities shageneralizationll not exceeguidelines翻译d the service expenses collected.

Seventh, other matters needing attention:

1. It is strictly forbidden to hold friendship team closing ceremony among service teams of Shenzhenabout后面动词什么形式 Lions Club. Thservice是什么故障灯e more than 140 service teams of The Shenzhen Lions Club are all fraternal and friendly teams. There is no such thing as a friendship team. Shenzhen Lionabouts claboutcg网站ub advocatabout怎么读es more interaction and communication among the service teams in the aspects of meeting affairs and service activities, but it is not allowed to sign agreannual怎么读ements such as friendship teams. If some service teams have signed the so-called friendship team (sister team) agreement, please do not hageneral轮胎什么牌子ng relnoticedevant flags with “friendshiservice是什么意思p Team” (sister team) logo on the scene of the change meeting.

2. Proper use of shenzhen Lions Club name and title. The standard name of each service team is “Shenznotice过去式hen Lions Club Service Team” according to the “Rules for the Use of The Name and Dutiesannual同义词 of Shenzhen Lions Club”. Please use the standard titles of shenzhen Lions club’general什么意思中文s name and position correctly in the exhibition board and on-site screen casting. Do not use non-standnotice作文ard titles suservicemanch asnotice翻译 “Shenzhen Lions Club ” and “Shenzhen () Lions Club”.annual翻译

3. The invitation of overseas personnel to participate in tmeetingtencentcomhe change meeting shall be reported in advance. In accorgeneralizedance with the relevant provisionabouts of doguidelines翻译mestic lion fedeservicerationaboutcg网站, tmeetingo ameeting是什么意思ttguideline是什么意思英语end the general meeting, each service inviabout怎么读te overseas activitiemeeting翻译s in advance to inform the office two months, figuidelinesll in the domestic lion fedannual同义词eration is reported to the foreign exchange table “, “the lion federation domeannuallystic foreign exchange activities form, by the association, association and disabled persons’ federation unit approval rear can be canotice是什么意思rried out. It is forbidden fornotice过去式 the service team to invgeneralizeite overseas personnel to participate in the lioaboutcg网站n affairs activities such as the election meeting without approval.

4. Practice strict economy and hold meetings. The advnotice作文ocacy service teamannual英语怎么读 changes terms during regular meetings or during service. Budget shall be prepared in advance for the change of service teams, and the per capita budget shall be controlled within 200 yuan as far as possible. Regular meetings and other acabout怎么读语音tivities of the service team shall not be held in five-star hotels or above (including high-end hotels without five-star hgeneralizationotels); Do not get scenic spots and other places held. Advocate “cleannoticeable action”, eliminate extravagance and waste.

5. Do a gooservice的名词d job of mutual support between thguideline是什么意思e district meeting and the service team. Work for support service transition, in principle, chairman of the partition and the chairmnoticeablean of the zone to particgeneralipate inguidelines their own for general service meeting, when the service transition is dense, area will lead the non-market determined for eacgeneral轮胎什么牌子h service transition, the overall arrangement of the office, will try to arrange area of team attended activities at least oservicemanne person.

Dear friends, we are all members of the shenzhen Liservice和serve的区别ons Club faminotice作文ly. We all love this organization and wish shenzhen Lions Club a healthy, stable and harmoniguideline是什么意思ous development. We hope that everyone can make joint efforts, especially the district chairmen, district chservice怎么读airmen and service team leaders, to supervise and remind each other, and jointly promote the steady development of Shenzhen Lions Club and tmeeting是什么意思中文翻译he service teams.

Sabout是什么意思henzhen Lions Club & NBSP;  
13 June 202about怎么读0

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