Dragon City Service Team: The second council meeting

Dragon City Service Team: The second council meeting

          On the afternoon of October 19th, the 2014-2015 second council meeting of Shenzhen Lionsteam Club Longchendragonboatfestivalg Service team was held in the unit of he Meizan, the second vice captain. — “ Yahui Furnicouncilture & RDQUO; A grand meeting, Deng Qiupan, Xiao Liangwen, Zheng Yukuan and a total of 21 people attended the meeting.
&nbsdragon是什么意思p;           At the meeting, He Meizan welcomed longcheng cmeeting腾讯会议ouncil members to ldquo; Yahui Furniture & RDQUO; Visit guidance; Secretary Wang Wenjun organized the study of membership Manual of Lions Clubteamviewer of Shenzhen 2014-2015. Caservicebioptain Deng Qiupan briefed the Council on the development of lion work from July to Scitydo集团eptember of 2014-2015; Zheng Linyu, financial officer, reported tserviceablehsecondscreen下载e financiaservice怎么读l accounting work and the medical assistance donationcouncil什么意思 carried out by the service team from June to October. The lion friends discussed and determined the main lion activities of the service team from October to December,secondlove日剧 and divided the specific implteamoementation plan of the first general meeting and training activities.
    &nteamobsp;       Xiao Liangwen, the leader of the founding team, made a concluding speech. He highly praised the new codragonfliesuncil members for their great devotion andcouncil读音 the lion work in the first quarter. He said, longcheng service team all lion friends show elegant demeanor has been longgang diteam什么意思strict official organs and people from all walks of life praiscouncile, hope we will be together. Dragon Cdragonflyity ~ Dragon City ~ City of Love ” The slogan of Longgameeting腾讯会议ngteams手机版 district.


By Wang Wenjun

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