Diwang Service Team: held the third regular meeting of 2017-2018

Diwang Service Team: held the third regular meeting of 2017-2018

On September 14, 2017, the third regular meeting of The liteams会议ons Club of Shenzhen for 2017-2018 washeld的中文意思 held in Sinovation Science Park, Nanshan District. Tang Haozhi, chairman of the Shenshi News Agency, Xia Shiyou, captain of the Diwang Service team and othservice翻译er 12 pthird的基数词eople attended the meeting. The regular meeting was presided over by Xia Shiyou and Ma Wuzhteamoong. At thheld怎么读的e meetthird怎么读ing, the lions summarized the inauguration ceregularremony and further discussed the annual work plan oheld怎么读的f the servservice翻译ice team.

At the meeting, CAI Qingsong summarized the work of the inauguration ceremony, and thateams会议nkmeeting是什么意思ed the lion friends who worked hard on stage and behind the scenes for their sponsorship and support. He said the ceremony was well organised and the laregularityrge number of participants and limited venueheld的意思是什么 dregularly意思中文翻译id not affteamect the smooth operation of the ceremony. Chairman Tang ho-chi praised the preparatory work of the diwang Service Team for responding to the call of the district council and running the meeting frugalthird-partyly. Heservice是什么意思中文翻译 spoke highly of the workregularly意思中文翻译 of CAI Q帝王最多的星座ingsong as the executive chairman of the inauguration ceremoservice和serve的区别ny.

Caregular反义词ptain Hsia shared his experience of participdiwangating in the leservice是什么故障灯adership training, saying that during theldenhe trainiteamviewerng, he had gained a deep understanding of lion curegular什么意思lture, lions vision, mission and values, andthird-party had a deeper understanding of lion work. He thankedthird怎么读英语 the lecturers for their proregular的名词fessional teaching and pointed out that hemeetingyou是什么意思 realized the difference between service team leaders and enterprise managers, and the methods and experience of leading service teams to complete tasks and achieve goals coregular反义词uld also be帝王最多的星座 applied to enterprises.

Aftthird怎么读英语erwards, the participants discus帝王蟹多少钱一斤sed the Guilin Sunshine Talent Project, defined the poverty alleviation standateamrd and determined the project leader. Captain Xia shiyou introduced the cuizhu Vocational Health Center activities for the disabled, Guilin Sunshine talents project, Cheer for Life, peace posters and other services this year.

Finally, the lion friemeetingnds haserviceabled a heated discussion, and prteam什么意思oposed to improve the attendance rate of the lion friends from three aspects, such as inspiration, visiting tmeetingyou是什么意思he lion f帝王攻略riends enterprise and the lteamsion friends fellowship, and confirmed that Fang Lingyan was the person in chargthird的缩写e of the lion friends care work of the service team.

Article by Tudiwang Service Teateam什么意思m

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