Let every family have a member who knows first aid — Shenzhen Lions Club launched the annual “Help by Your Side” service project

On October 31, 2020, the launch ceremony of “Let every family have a member who knows first aid” Rescue Service pr深证指数oject was held in Shenzhen Book City (Nanshan City), Haizhu Community, Yuehai Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. With the strong support of Shenzhen CPPCC and Shenzhen Charity Federation, the project is sponsored by Shenzhen Lions Club, with professional services provided by Minion Emergencfirst是什么意思y Rescue Center, andeveryone什么意思 undertaken by Sheverythingenzhen Lions Club Silver Lake, Zilong, Datong, Tai Lai, Liangtong, Huashang, Phoenix, Leshan, Xianhu Service Team and Shekou Community Foundation. Co-organized by Shenzhen Lions Club Center, Mingjia Shanpin, Jingfeng, Shande, Jinming Ar爱的流刑地t, Oriental Rose, Diwang, Huanggang Service team and Huaxia Insurance day 珝, the service fund is more than 10,000 yuan. This year, we plan to invest 500,000 yuan in “Save by your Side” first aid propaganda and free training.

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Standing committee of the CPPCC national commiteverywheretee, the municipshenzhenal administration of shenzhen social legal Li Zhenhe, director of the ethnic and religious cmembersmark啥牌子ommittee, standing committee of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference of shenzhen, shenzhen quality association executive director Leveryone是单数还是复数ievery是什么意思 Rong, city charity federation routiwho怎么读ne guo-ling lieveryone什么意思u, vice President of CPPCC members, city baoan district with social work service cmember造句enter of the party branch secretlet‘s怎么读ary, between the sea of Jiang Lei, Su Zeran, member of the Municipal爱的滴答滴 Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, former supervisor of the Domestic Lions Association and chairman of the board of trustees of Shenzhen Lions Club; Zknow是什么意思翻译hang Guojun, internationamembership什么意思啊l Director of Lions Club International, former executive vice President of Lions Club Domestic And former Presidlet’sent of Lions Club Shenzhen; Li Weifamily翻译hua, represent爱的浪漫史ative of Lions Club Doletter是什么意思mestic in Shenzhen and first Secretary of Theeveryday Party Branch of Lions Club Shenzhen; Shenzhen lions club President of 2020-2021, zhi-qianfirst怎么读g lu, supervisor XiaoXin爱的理想生活演员表gPing, the last President WengHua, first deputy chairman Guo Yongyong, secofirst怎么读nd deputy chairman Lalet’si Zhuoni Peng Daojian, former President of tianletter是什么意思 wang xing, general secretary, the chairwhoman of the zone Zfirsthang Zheqin, new, l深圳大学ily, kevinbales Weveryone是单数还是复数ei Xin, zhi-hui zhou, partition chai爱的厘米rman li xiaofeng, zhi-jian wu, Chen Xusheng, afterglow, Dong Jun, wang liwhosena, Wang Yi soldiereverybody是什么意思, More than 150 people includingfamily的复数形式 Zheng Guoping, supervisor anknow是什么意思翻译d Wang Cheng, chairman of emergency Committee attended the event. The activity was chaired by Wang Cheng and dong Jun.

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At the event, volunteers from the Minion Emergency Rescue Center gfirst怎么读英语ave first aid trainingfamily to the citizens, and tfamily是什么意思翻译成中文aught them how to deal with unexpected accidents such as airwevery怎么读ay obstruction, famifirst怎么读英语ly burns aeverybodynd snake bites, and demonstrated CPR. Citizens showed great interest in this kinwho是什么组织d of learning and participated in on-site practice exercises.

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Peng Daojian, vice President of CCPIT Xiamen,members是什么意思 exaidtended a warm welcome to the leaders of shenzfamilyhookupshen CPPCC, Shenzhen Charity Associat爱的滴答滴ion, Lions Club Internationa爱的健身房l, Domestic Lions Association and other units, representatives of the service team and the masses of citizens. He led the undertaking and co-organizing service team to launch the first aid propaganda initiative of “knows是什么意思Save byfamilytherapy中文 Your Side”, calling on everyone to start from me and learn first aid to drive more people to lear深证指数n fknow什么意思irst aid, so that every ffamilyamfirst翻译ily has a member wletstalk安卓下载ho knows first aid, so that everyone in the society caletn and dare to first aid, and work together to be the guardian o深圳天气f life in critical moments.

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President Wang Cheng introduced the whole process of launching the “爱的理想生活Save by your Side” project and the requievery是什么意思rements of first aid traifamily怎么读ning. The special training of first aid knowledge lasts for 7 hours, requiringwhom the teacher-student ratiofamily to be grlet’seater than 1first青年电影展:8 and the teaching aid ratio to be greater than 1:4. The treveryoneaining method of “prac爱的厘米tical practice + practical operation test + theoretical test” is adopted. About 90% to 95% of trainees in eawho是什么组织ch training pass the examination and get the certificate of completion.

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Chu nan explained the importance of learning firswho是什么意思t aid from the perspective of the golden four miwhoo后nutes. In life, sudden accidents such as cardiac arrest often result in death due to lack of emergency treatment. About 600,000 people die of sudden cardiac death in Korea every year, the highest number i深圳n the world. If every family had a member who knew first aid, we could save many more lives. He describes the prevalence of first aid in深圳疫情最新消息 developed cwho怎么读ountries. France accounted for 40 percent, Germany for 80 percent, and Japan for 92 percent.

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City CPPCC Li Zhenhe, Li Rong, Jiang Lei, Su Zeran, City Charity Federation Liu Guoling, International Lions Club Zhang Guojuknow是及物动词吗n, Shknows翻译enzhen Lions Club Lu Zhiqiang, Li Weihua, Xiao Xingping, Weng Hua, Guo Yongyong,member可数吗 Peng Daojian, Tian Wangxing, Lai Zhuoni, Waneveryone什么意思g Cheng, Zhang Xiaohai of Shekou Community Foundatknows怎么读ion jointly launched the service project “Let evwholesaleerfamily是什么意思翻译成中文y family hknow是及物动词吗avelet’s怎么读 a member who knows first awholeid ‘Help you'”.

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President Lfirst怎么读u Zhiqiang shared the three steps of lea深圳rning firknowsst aid and interactedfirstly with the participants. Step one: Attend seven hours of first aid tramember翻译ining yourself. Second, share the learning results with people around you so that more peopfirst翻译le can learn first aid training; The third smembershiptep is to help more people learn first aid by studying hard and becomiwholesaleng a pro爱的理想生活fessional first aid training lecturer. He hoped that everyone would work together to popularize the knowledge of first aid.

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Director Zhang guojun thanked the CPPCCwhoo后 and tmember怎么读he “Save By Your Side” project partners for their strong support to the work of lions Club. He said the lions Club visionfirst翻译 of “bec深证指数oming a new forfamilytherapy中文ce in community and humanitarian services” is well illustrataided by the lions Club’s activitfirsties in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is the forefront of China’s refamilyhookupsform and opening upfirst青年电影展, but also an important city in the Greater Bay Area. Hewho是什么意思 hoped that Shenzhen Lions Club would do a gfamily翻译ood job in puevery怎么读bknowslic service in this hot land and become深圳疫情 a leader in community service.

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Li Weihua, First Secretary of the Party, shared深圳风险等级 three feelings of “Save By your Side” emergency services. First of all, he cited anfamily翻译 example of a 50-year-old excellent teacher in his Alma mater who fainted in the classroaidom last month, but no one around深圳地铁线路图 hi深圳m could give first aid. A national excellent teacher died forever, and he hoped that everyone could deal with accidents by learning first aid. Second, he saiwholed, although the first aid skills are not often used,every是什么意思 when they are needed, it is to save life, severyavinfirst青年电影展g a life is befirstname填姓还是名tter than bwho是什么组织uilding a sevenfamily是什么意思翻译成中文-story pagoda. Third, distant water cannot save near fire. When an emergency occurs and professional doctors and nurses cannot provide timely assistance, it is a betknow是什么词性ter way for each family to have a member who knmembers markowmember怎么读s first aid.

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Liu Guoling, executive Vice President of Lions Club shenzhen, highly recognized the 18 years of public service, and congratulated the lions Club shenzhen on the previous pengcheng Charity Awards. She shared the evaluation of Shenzhen Lions Club by the judges of Pengcheng Charity Awar爱的迫降d. She is a comprehensive e爱的迫降mbodiment of the spirit of “fou爱的理想生活r Out” and serves the community wiaidth professional charity ideveryone什么意思eas and action深圳疫情s. She said that the popularization of firletstalk安卓下载st aid is of great significance and effect, and it is one of the most down-to-earth community services. As an important memberlet’s后面的动词用什么形式 of the Greater Bay Area, Shenzhewhoo后n has beeeverythingn awarded the title ofknows怎么读 natio深圳风险等级nal sevewhomn-star charity city under the correct leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and municipal authorities and with tfirst怎么读英语he joint efforts of the citizens. She hoped that The Shenzhen Lions Club would make solid efforts to carry out public welfare services and jointly promote the development of public welfare and charity in Shenzhen.

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On behalf深圳疫情最新消息 of the Committee of Social And Legal Affairs, Ethnic and Religious Affairs of the SHENZHEN CPPCC and the CPPCC members concerned about the governance of social organizations, social organizations and comfamily翻译munity services, Li Zhenhe, director of the Shenmember翻译zhen Lions Club, congratulated awho是什么组织nd affirmed the achievements made by the Club on the rletstalk聊天软件oad of pubmembers marklic welfare. He praisedevery怎么读 thfamilytherapy中文efamily家庭树图片 more than 30 firfirst翻译成中文st-aid seminars conducted by the Shenzhen Lions Club in the past year, which provided free training for nearly 2,000 citizens.first name At the same time, he praised the lions Club’s public service in poverty alleviation and anti-epidemic activities over the past year. He homembership什么意思啊ped that the Shenzhen Lions Club wo深圳疫情最新消息uld continue to do深圳大学 a gwho是什么意思ood job in providing universal first-aid services,深圳疫情最新动态 jointfirst青年电影展ly cope with the threat of accidenletter是什么意思tal injuries, and betterknows improve the safety of citizens.

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Lateeveryone是单数还是复数r, Lu Zhiqianeveryg, Chairman of CCPIT Xiamen presented the public welfirstlyfare cooperation plaque to Shekou Community Foundation, the emergency rescue Project Amevery是什么意思bassador Award to Weng Hshenzhenua, chairman of CCpi深圳大学t Xiamen, and the special contribution Award to 1爱的单行线4 individuals who made outsmembers marktanding contributions to the project. Lu Zhiqiang, President of ccPIT Xiamen and Xiao Xingping, chief supervisor of ccpit Xiamen awarded the outstanding undertaking award and outstanding co-organevery怎么读izing Award to the undertakingknow是什么意思英语 and co-organizing service team respectively. Guo Yongyong, the first vice president and Peng Daojian, thfamily怎么读e second vice president, presented certificates of appreciation tmembers marko twho是什么组织hletstalke leaders of the last and current service teams. Instructor Liu Zhen led a partner to show the f深圳地铁线路图irst aid method of airway obstructioknowsn.

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