The Red Action Committee held its second annual meeting

Autumn comes quietly, patches of autumn leaves dancing, raising the eleventh “red action” good and hopredmi是什么手机e. On Septsecondlyember 12, 2020, the smeeting是什么意思econd meeting of the Red Action Committeeheld过去式和过去分词 of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2020-2021 was held at “Feiliogo Vegetable Garden”, Xinzhou 4th Street, Futian District. At the meeting, participants discussed the division of work and standard setannual翻译ting of this yeacommittee造句r’s red Action projects.committee是什么意思

Shenzhen Blooits是什么意思d CenterThe director of theaction下载Blue toxiao, Yu Hui, chairman of District 8 of Shenzhen Lions Club, Tanheld是hold的什么形式g Xishun, Special Assistant of president, Zhang Zhining, chairman of Red Action Committee, Chen Xiaoxue, Lei Shengzhu, Liu Baijing, Liu Can, Executive Chairman of Discipline Commred怎么读ittee lonred怎么读g Yali, Executive chairman of Honorredmik40ary committee Yuan Haiyun, Wang Haibin, Executive Chairman of Shenshi News Aheld的原型gency, Feng Qijiang, brand consultant of “Red Action” project and Wu Di, brand secretary gemeetingsneral attended the meetinredg. The meeting was chaired by Liu Can and presided over by Chen Xiaoxue.

With only two months to go before the “Red Action” project was launched, everyone had a heated discussion on the 10th anniversary of this year’s “Red Action” anaction下载d the 11th anniversary album, badge, medal making, background design, etc., and furtreductionher clarified the dicommitteevision of worupheldk, time arrangement and corresponding person in charge. At that time, President Zhang Zhining will be in chcommittee翻译arge, President Liu Can wannualill be the grheldousecondlyp leader and responsible for tredmi是什么手机he implementation of the launching ceremsecond的基数词ony site, Sister Wu Di shi will be responsibheldenle for the collection of red action photos, Liannualu Can, Citss资质证书hen Xiaoxue, Lei Shengzhu, Wang Haibin will be rit’sesponsible for the project information.

Finally, Chairman Zhang zhining reiterated the tasks and division of work. We all look forward tannuallyo the wonderful presentation of this year’s Red Action Committee!


Article/photo Contributed by red Action Committee

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