The third Member Management Committee Spring Reunion was held successfully

The third Member Management Committee Spring Reunion was held successfully

On February 19, 2017, the New Year’s party of the third Member Management Commanagement专业mittee of Shenzhewasn Lmember翻译ions Club was successfully held iheld的原型n Shazui Hotel in Futian District. More than 90 people attended the party, including Mrspring漏洞. Shi Jianyong, president of 2016-2017, Mr. Zheng Yukuan, chairman of the third member management Commreunion中文翻译ittee, Mr. Li Fengmembersmark啥牌子, chairman of the fifth member management Comthird是什么意思英语mittee, Mr. Daimembers Jihong, Mr. Lin Xinyue, Mr. Wreunion英语怎么读音en Shuxian, Mr. Peng Daojian, Mr. Lei Qingming, lethirdaders of service teams, lion friends and guests. The party was presided ovmanagement怎么读er by Zhang Yanli.

President Wen Shuxian solemnly tolled the bell, the official opening ceremony. First of all, President Zheng Yukuan reported on the work progress of the third member management Committee in 2016-2017, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the liwasteon friends for their efforts. Thank youwasp all for walking with love on lion Road, ansuccessfully怎么读d also sent the most sincere New Year wishes. Afterreunion的中文意思 that, the chairmen of each district delivespringred a speech respectivmanagement是什么意思中文翻译elreunion翻译y, wishing the lion frheldeniends a haspring漏洞ppy New Year and striving to overfulfill the annual work plan. The team leaders and team representatives of the 3rd member management Committee respectively summarized the lion work in the first half of the year and explained the next work plan of the team.

Cwastehairman Shi Jianyong, Chairman Li Feng, Chairman Dai Jihong and Chairman Lwasteei Kwong also delivered speeches and sent Chinese New Year greetings. Shijianyong, presimembership什么意思啊dent of Lions Club of Shenzhen, expressed his gratitude to the lion friends of the third member management Committee for their support in this year’s work. Only with theirunsuccessfully support, shenzhen Lionsmember Club can mocommittee翻译ve towards a better future step by step. Imanagement翻译n a happy atmosphere, the leaders of the lion friends came to the stage togspring漏洞ether to toast, wish the lion friends luck chang Rong, the year of the rooster.

Photo by Zhang Xiaohong

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