Lions Club of Shenzhen participated in the 2nd Spring Festival Gala of Shenzhen Private Entrepreneurs

Lions Club of Shenzhen participated in the 2nd Spring Festival Gala of Shenzhen Private Entreprenparticipate的用法eurs

On the afternoon of February 23rd, the 2nd Spr深圳ing Festival Gala of Shenzprivatehen Private Entrepreneurs with the tgalaxy是什么牌子heme of “New World Newclub怎么读 Leaders” was held in Bao ‘an Gymnasium.深圳疫情最新动态 More than 50 lion friends from Shenzhen Lions Club, i能的部首是什么ncluding The 2016-2017 President Shi Jianyong, the second Vice President Tiaclub是什么意思n Wangxing, thlions是什么意思e Deputy Supervisor Chen Shijun, The Secretary-general Zeng Shiyang, the Chief picket Officer Zheng Guoping, and the Executive Deputy Secretary-general Lu Jinshaparticipate的用法ng, attended the event. The Lions Club of Shenzhen, as the co-orgaprivate公司代表作品nizer, do深圳市最新疫情nated 30,000 ylion是什么意思中文翻译uaspring框架n to the event to support the innovation a牛顿nd entrepreneurship of private entrspringepreneurs in Shenfestival怎么读英语单词zhen and promote the steady development of societyclub用英语怎么说.

Pclub怎么读arty from new vifestival怎么读语音播放sion, new thinking, new industries andgalaxy new capital and new height five aspefestival怎么读语音cts, invite domestic contemporaryprivate的名词 outstanding business leaders and experts and scholparticipate读音ars, in the form of topics to share and the scene dialogue tspring漏洞o discussparticipate的名词形式 the global economic landscape change, the domestic industri牛顿al structure adjustment trend, nelions翻译中文w business opportunities such as topic, the age of the Internet and broadcast forms through the network to bring us a feast of the collision of ideas.

In the first chapter — “Enlightenment”, President Shi, on behalfclub是什么意思 of Shenzhen Lions Club, wished the “2nd Shenzhen Private Entrepreneurs Spring Festival Gala” a cfestival发音解读ompletspring漏洞e success, and wished all friends a happy and healtlion是什么意思中文翻译hy Newlions Year. Itshenzhen was wortclub怎么读h noting that at the entrance cclubseremony, leprivatenessd by Picket Chiprivatelyef Zheng Huoping, the Lions delegation marched proudly towards the stage, holding up the lion LOGO and banner. The appearance of the “Red Lion costume” caused continuous cheers from the scene, which fully reflected that the cgala是什么意思hari娘道table image of the Lionlionssfestival是什么意思 Club has been recognized aspringnd apparticipated是什么意思preciated by all sectors of the society, showing the eleclub是什么意思gant demeanor of the Shenzhen Lions Club.

At the banquet, Mr. Shi jianyon深圳风险等级g, president of Lions Club of Shenzhen, congratuprivate和public区别lated the success of the event on behalf ogalanz是什么牌子f the club, and introduced the development history and service purpose of Lions Club of Shenzhen. He hoped that more people would know about lions Clulions读音b and join lions Club, so as to deliver positive energy for a harmonious society.

It is reported that this evening party is the largest ideological and visual pageant of private entrepreneurs in South China, with a total of 8000 privaspring框架te business owners present, 35 business associations jointly hos能的部首是什么ted, 20 mainstream media directly hitfestival是什么意思 the grand event, Tencent and NetEase two majoparticipated是什么意思r platforms live online and watched by more than 100,000 people.

Cheng Zhaohua

Cheng Zhaohua

[Editor] Ma Huijuan su Zhuangbin

[Issued] Shenzheclubn Lions Club Office

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