Building on the Past and forging ahead — The second Alternate Board of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 was successfully held

Coagulation heart cohesion After the— The second Alternate Board of Directors of Sbuildingshenzhen Lions Club for 2019-2020 was successboardfully held


On May 25, the second board of directors for 2深圳019-2020 of Lions Club shenzhen was successfully held in Kaijing Hoteahead怎么读英语l dongguan. The directbuilding是什么意思ors designatalternatee revi深圳疫情最新消息ewed and approved the 2019-2020 work plan, 2019-2020 council structure and division of work, outline of activities, financial work plan, administrative funds and service budgetshenzhen of Lions Club shenzhen. Listened to the president’s special asahead的反义词sistant,boardwalk mentor, the list of specialibuilding的复数zed working organizapastel什么意思tions, the cerepasta翻译mony and inaugboardinguration; The executive director andahead的反义词 deputy secretary-general shall notpastimesify the list of specialized working organizations and the collecti深圳疫情on of membership dues.

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President-elect Weng Hua gave a welcome spe深圳疫情最新消息ech, thanking all the leaders for attending the meeting in spite of their busy schedule, and tboardhanking President Ma Min and her governing teamThe hard work of 2018-2019 has l深圳风险等级aid a good foundation for the work of the New Year. He said that in the New Year, he would lead the entire board of directors to inherit the fine tradition of the previous prbuilding怎么读英语esidents, innovate the Lion Road, practice th深圳市最新疫情e concept of common service and harmopasta是什么意思英语ny, and work together for a better tomorrow of Shesecondhandnzhen Lions Cl深圳疫情最新消息ulions是什么意思b.

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President Ma Min extended warm congratulforging翻译ations to the energetic and passionate new boardbuildings of directahead意思ors and deeply recognized the work plan and conception of the New Year. Today’s leader, tomorrow’s follower. She expressed her full support for tboardgamehe work in the New Year and hoped that under the leadership of Weng Hua and深圳地铁线路图 the joint efforts of lions club leaders,alternate怎么读的 Shenzhen Lions Club would make a new leap forward.

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President-electbuilding是什么意思 Weng Hua explained201second的基数词9-2020 Work Plan, in the New Year, Lions Club shenzhen will take “harmoniousbuilding怎么读语音播放 power” as the theme, with “common service, harmony” as the深圳疫情最新消息 slogan, with “one persistence, three key points, f深圳风险等级ive types of service” as the overall work plan, that is, adhere to the leadership of the Communistlions是什么意思 Partyahead怎么读英语 of China; Straheadeduengthen system construction, optimize membership strubuildingcture, refine social services; We will promote five service projects, inclupastel什么意思dingboard翻译 save your Side, Care for sanitation workers, diforcing翻译abetes propaganboard和broad怎么区分da and edsecond缩写ucation, targeted assistance to the disabled and anti-drug propaganda and education, and carry out themed service month activities. He said that under the guidance of domestic Lions Association and Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Shenzhen Liboard翻译ons Club will continue to respond to the internatlions怎么读ional Lions Club’s call of “We serve”, work together to practice the purpose of “helping others and serving the society”, and make due contributions to explore the lions club with domestic characteristics and Shenzhen style.

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Guo Yongyong, the second vice president designate, briefly introduced the conference affairs, training, tribute and inaugural ceremony, internatlions英语怎么读ional exchanges, annual conference, funbuilding blockdraising and other asecondspectsOutline of activities for 2019-2020. thenDu Hyung-kun, secretary-general designate, introduced the meetingList of standing Directors and Deputy secretaries-general in 2019-2020.

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Mr Pang Daojian, Treasurer designate, introduced the financial work plan for the New Year. In the New Year, the financia深圳疫情最新动态l work of Shenzhen Lions Club will inherit the financial work experience over the years, continue to improve the two fuboard的中文意思nds cbuilding blockontrol and account cancellation work, and standbuilding的复数ardize the financial management of the districforgingt cllions英语怎么读ub and service team. Aboardingctively coopalternate用法erate with tsecondlyhe teaching group to carry outlion是什么意思 financial trapastining for the servicahead的反义词e teampast; Stabilize anbuilding的复数d standardize distri深圳疫情最新消息ct financial staff to improve work efficiency.

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Leaders at the meeting held heated discussions on membership developmalternatelyent and retention, theme community serviforcing翻译ce month, administrative cost reduction, etc., and put forward suggestions and suggestions for relevant work.

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Sboardwalkhi Jianyosecond翻译ng saiforging什么意思d that the board of Supervboardsisors would actively participatealternately in the lion affairs ealternate翻译xchanges blions读音etween the board of supervisboardsors of the Lions Association in China and the boards of supervisors aroundsecond缩写 the country, strengthen the supervisipastureon function, and contribute to the sustainable and healthy development of the Lions Club in Shenzhen.

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President-elect Weng Hua made a concluding speech. She was very grateful for the company anpasted support of the council members who attended the meetinlions翻译g. She also thanked each council member who donat深圳地铁线路图ed adminisbuilding怎么读语音播放trative funds at the first council meeting to plug the gap of administrative funds for the New Year. In talternatedhe Newbuilding怎么读语音播放 Year, I hope you can put forward more sforging翻译uggestions, better complete the annual work plan, promote the service team to complpasteete the collection ofalternately是什么意思 dues, and jointly lead Shenzhen Lions club to a better tomorrow.

Shenzhen Lions ClubWeng Huaheadedua, president designate for 2019-2020, Masecond什么意思 Min, Presidenboardst for 2018-2019, Thirty-three council members, including 2019-2020 first Vice President Designate Lu Zhiqiang, second Vice President designate Guo Yongyong, former President designate Tian Wangxing, Secretary-General designate Du Hengkun, Finance Chiefbuildings是什么意思 designate Peng Daojian, Chief Executive Officer designate Liao Ronghui, Picket Chief Designate Du Peng, executiboard是什么意思ve Deputy Seahead怎么读英语cretary-General designate Li Feng, attended the meeting. Slions读音henzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 chief Supervisor Designate Shi Jianyong, deputy chief supervisor designsecondscreen下载ate Zhang Jian, representatives of the cahead怎么读英语hief supervisor designate and mentor desalternatesignatshenzhene attended the meeahead的反义词ting. The meeting was presided over by Du Hengkun as the chairman of the conference, Liao Ronghui and Fang Shilei as the exlionsecutive chairman.


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