The fourth Board meeting of Lions Club of Shenzhen was held successfully in 2016-2017

Forge ahead with unity & NBSP; Again hit high

— The fourth Board meeting of Lions Club of Shenzhen was successfully held in 2016-2017

On June 10th, the fourth lions Clu深圳大学b Council of 2016fourth是什么意思-2017 wahelds successfully held infourthly the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. At the meeticlubng, the 2016-2017 Honors and Awards program of Liowas是什么意思ns Club Shenzhen, thwasn’te Management Rules oboardwalkf The Board meeting of Lions Club Shenzhen (Revised), the list of new members and the list of new service teams were reviewed and approved. Briefed the recent main work, the transition of the work for deployment.

Shi Jianyong, President of Shenzhen Lions Clfourth用英语怎么说ub, introduced the 2016-2017 awards program. In order to thank the service teams深圳疫情最新消息 a深圳地铁线路图nd lion friends wmeetingsho made outstanding contributions in this year, and to give full plclubmed官网预订aheld怎么读的y to the incentive and guiding role of the award, this year’s award scheme includes tmeetingtencentcomhree categories: service project Award, group Award and individual award.

Presidenclubmant ewash怎么读lect Wang Tian reported the list oheldf neheldw members and new service teams for April-June. From April to June, a totheldbackal of 92 new members from leshan, Mfourth怎么读ission Hills and other service teams, in addition, Jinming, Gomeeting的音标spel,   Seven service teams, such as Rhododendr深圳疫情on, Dboard和broad怎么区分ream, Seven Stars, Concentric, and Lingding, were eligible for team creation.

Zeng Shi a secretary-general introduces the measures for the admishenzhennistration of lions clubs council in shenzhen (revised), to regulate the shenzhen lions council meetiheld的中文意思ng, improve the effboardwalkicien深圳地铁线路图c深圳疫情最新动态y of the meeting, “shenzhen lions councclubmed官网预订il meeting management method” adds about directors leave, the meetfourth翻译ing time management and “He Jin” detailed provisions, such as pay, also asked that the council meeting is concboardgameiwashedse and efficient, start and end meetiboard怎么读英语ngs on time.

The meeting also brwashingtoniefed members on the development and retentioboard什么意思翻译n of membership, tribute and inaugural ceremoclubsny,lions英语怎么读 the 100th International Convemeeting怎么读英语ntion, collection of memheld中文bershlions音标ip dues and the implementation of lions Club funds from July 2016 to May 2017. The participwasating council members diclub用英语怎么说scussed the content of the mee深圳ting warmly and fully, and putboards forward ideas and suggestiowashingtonns forfourth翻译 thefourth怎么读 related work.

Sand) supervisor said in a statement, the council adhere to seek improvelion是什么意思ment in stabil深圳疫情最新消息ity, on the basisboard什么意思翻译 of inheriting the lion culture innovatio深圳地铁线路图n,fourth造句 to promote the development of shenzhen lion conscientious, diligent, pragmatic and achieved excellent results, hope canboardgame play a proper role of the board of supervisors, the council work, promote parmeeting怎么读英语ticipation, support for shenzhen lions.

In his cofourth翻译ncludinmeetingtencentcomg speech, Chairman Shi Jianyong thanked the深证指数 Board of Supewashrvisors for their support to the work of the Board of Supervisors this year, and thanked all the members for attenwassupding the meeting despite their bsuccessfully造句usy schedule. He said tsuccessfully怎么读hat this year, with the support of the board of directors and the joint efforts of all lion friends, the work plan hameeting造句s been successfully completed. In this year, we took root iclub是什么酒n community servsuccessfully是什么意思ice and carried out more than 1200 service activities, with more than 32 million yuan of servicwashe funds. 10,300 members participated in the service, 190,000 people benefiteboardsd from the sheldervice, and the per capita expenditure of service funds was about 6,186 yuan. 1,083 new members were developed, and the number of members was 5,38meeting腾讯会议6, reaching a new record high and realizing the work target of “four thousand”. It has been recognized and commended by the shenzhesuccessfully怎么读n municipal government, the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation and the Domestic Lions Association, and has been rated as one of the “Top ten Public Welfare Organizations in Shenzhen”, which has enhanced the social influclub是什么酒ence and credibility of Shenzhen Lions Club. This achievemmeeting是什么意思ent embodies the hard work of all lion friends. He thanked and paid tribute to all llionsion friends for their concerteclubman是什么牌子车d efforts. He pointed out that深证指数 the current board of directors should adhere to the last post, guide the service temeeting的音标am to do a good job in the transition of the two terms of staff, s深证指数o thashenzhent the work of Shenzhen Lions Club will reach a new peaksuccessfully怎么读! He hoped that on the road of lions in the future, all of us would join hands and wish the new Council greater achievements.

Mr. Shi Jianyong, president of Shenzhen Lions Club 2016-2017, Mr. Tian Wangxing, president-elect,Ma Min, first Vice President-designate,Secretary General Zeng Shiyang, Director general Luo Jinsong, Executive Deputy Secretary General Lu Jinshang and other 2wash怎么读5 council members atclub翻译tended the mboardwalkeeting. Supervisor Changsha Haiyu and supervfourth用英语怎么说isor Liao Ronghui attended the meeting. The meeting was prsuccessfully的短语esided over by Li Feng.

[Text] Lin Yanfen

[Photo] Lin Zeyun

[Edit] Ma Huijuan

[Issued] Sclub是什么酒henzhen Lions Clublions英语怎么读 Office

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