Notice of shenzhen Lions Club about participating in the 12th National Congress of Lions Club in China

Notice of shenzhen Lions Club about participating in the 12th National Congress of Lions Club in China

Service teams:

The 12tcongress翻译h National Member Congress of the National Lilionsgateon Association (hereinafter referrednotice作文 to as “the 12th Congress”) is to be heparticipation读音ld in Shenyang, Liaonnationality怎么读ing province at the end of July, 2017. The relevant matters are hereby notclub怎么读ified as follows:

I. Theme of the Conference

Precise service, healthy dthoughtevelopment

Time and place of the meetingshenzhen

(I) Time: From July 26 to 28, 2017

(2) Vecongress和parliament的区别nue: Shengjing Culture and Art Center, Shenyang city, Liaoning Province

3. Main agendaaboutcg(See Annex 1 for detaiabouttime免费观看ls)

All day on July 2national day6th; To report for duty

In the morning &participation怎么读 have spent Peace Poster Awards ceremony

In桃花图片 the afternoon & have spent Meetingaboutcgs of the Council, presidium, etc

In the evening & have spent Captain forum, etc.

On the morning of July 27.   1st plenary Meeting

In the afternoon & haveparticipation读音 spent   Group discussion

In the evening & have spentcongress翻译   China Lion Foundation Award ceremony, lecturerlions是什么意思 night, etc

On the morning of July 28th. Second plenary meeting, etc

In the afternoon & have spent Awards, inaugural mee桃花源记tincongressg

On behalf of the leave

Nu褪黑素mber of delegates

According to article 20 of Chapter 3 of the Work Rules of the Association, the numbe深圳地铁线路图r of delnational翻译egates to attend the meeting is allocatnationaled as followsparticipation英语怎么说:

(I) As of April 30, 2017, the registered members of CSSA have 45,514 members, 1,256 service teams and 1,29congressmen6 representatives, among which 143 representatives cannoticed be generated by each serclubmanvice team of Shenzhen Lions Club (see褪黑素 Appendix 2 for tcongress什么意思he allocation plan).

(2) Members of the board of direct深圳天气ors, board of Supervisnationality怎么读ors, alionsdvisory童话故事 committee and chairman of special working committee of the FEDERATION are automatically entitlcongressmaned to representation and do not occupy the representation quota of the serviceclubman是什么牌子车 team in whic桃花源记翻译h they belong. Shenzhen Lions Club can produce 9 representatives of conationality怎么读urse.

(3) part of the delegates (pay the relevant fees accongressmancordingcongress怎么读 to the standard, do not participatnationalitiese in the electcongress和conference的区别ion and votinglions读音).

All service teams should nominalions读音te and select representatives, and submit the “Return Form for Delegates” (Appendix 3) containing th退婚后大佬她又美又飒e list of delegates, flight/bus number, accommodation anabouttime免费观看d other information to the Lions Club office of Shenzhen before June 22. Any servicecongress怎么读 team that fails to sign up within the time limit shall be deemed to have given up its representabout怎么读ative quota. Contact person: Wu Meiyun 25688576. Email: szlions_lions英语怎么读 The conference organizing committee will arrange pick-up and drop-oparticipation怎么读ff.

V. Various eclub是什么酒xpenses

(I) Registration fee: RMB 500 / person.

(2) Meals: Dinner on July 26, lunch on July 27, dinner and lunch on July 28, altogether 4 meals. Each meal is 1OO yuparticipation怎么读an/person, totaling 400 yuan/person.

(3) Accommodation eclub是什么意思xpenses

The hotel room fee for the cnational是什么意思onference is 400 YUAN/night/room. The hotel infclub怎么读ormation is as followabout怎么读语音s:

(Note:national day the above price includes double breakfast, all can be shared, double bed room can provide one more set of quilt)

The accommodation of the conference will be on the basis of “pay first, choose first”. Please submit the form andnotice翻译 paymentparticipation什么意思 as soon as possible soclub是什么酒 as taboutcgo confparticipating翻译irm the room selection.

Registcongressmanration fee, meal fee and accommodation fee should be paid bynationality怎么读 transfer or cash to thenational翻译 account of Shenzhen Lions Club befoabout-facere June 22.

Account name: Shenzhen Lions Ccongressmanlub;

Bank name: Shennan Middle Road Sub-Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank;

Account number: 7913 0155 2600 0017 8    (Pleas褪黑素e specify the p同花顺urpose of payment in the postscriplionsgatet)

Contact person: Peng Li 25688519

Six, requclubmanirements and notes

(I) Tthinhis meeting is large and tcongresshere are many representatives attending. Please observe the rules and keep good di褪黑素scipline.

(2) Please attend the meeting in red lion colions怎么读stume.

Please prepare a copy of your ID card in advance深圳地铁线路图 so that yoparticipation什么意思u can check in as深圳疫情最新动态 soon as possible.


1.Thenational conference agenda

2. Allocation table ocongress和conference的区别f service team representatives

3. Return Receipt form of participannational怎么读ts

Shenzhen Lioncongress和parliament的区别s Club

June 15, 2017

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