Welcome the Spring Festival and send warmth - The Party branch of The Lions Club in Shenzhen organized the activities of visiting party members in difficulties and elderly people living alone in difficulties during the Spring Festival

On January 26, 2022, according to the work deployment of the CPC Committee of the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation, we actively carried out one-to-one contact with Jinlong Community in Nanyuan Street. The Party branch obranch翻译f Shenzhen Lions Club, together with the main cluparty是我家b of Shenzhen Libranch造句ons Club and Zhongtian Serviparty复数ce Team, carried out the Spring Festival visit to the destitute Party members anbranches是什么意思d lonely elderly people in Jinlong Communityparty复数, Nanyuan Street, Futian District. The activity sent the party organization's New Year's greetings and condolence money and gifts to 4 impoverished Partyparty模式 members and 13 elderly people living in poverty, and invested 15,000 yuan in service funds.

South street party working committee, secretary JiGongWeibranch造句 Chen Zeping, jspring框架in dragonsend2026 community LuoDeJun, parbranch造句ty secretary of shenzhen lions and party brancspringcloudh secretbranches翻译ary wang xing tianwelcome怎么读, shenzhen lions, second deputy chairman NieXiangDong Laiparty是派对的意思吗 Zhuoni party branch organization committee member ansendyournametomarsd member in charge of publicity, the generparty英文意思al secretary, secretary general of the board of supervisors zhiparty是我家-hui zhou, Lord will fresh intelligence service captain Li Qing, transit service captain, More than 20 members of the Party branch of Shenzhen Lions Club attenparty的中文ded tlionsgatehspring是什么意思e event.

Secretary Lubrancho Dejun delivedifficulties造句简单red a welcome speech, and introduced the leaders who attended the activity and the visitors. On the eve offestival发音解读 the 2022 Spring Festival, he expresseddifficulties造句简单 his gratitude to the Lions Club Of Shenzhesend翻译n party Branch for joining hands with the Lions Club of Shenzhwarmth词性en and the Zhongbranch什么意思tian Sspringcloudervice Tewelcomeam to carry out the New Year condolence activity of "Sending warmth, Doing Practical things and Promotisendyounametomars官网ng Halions翻译中文rmony" in Jinlong Community, and to send sincere care and festive blessings to the impoverishlions怎么读ed Party members and the elderlydifficulties是什么意思啊. He hoped that under the leadership of the Party branch of Shenzhen Lions Club, shenzhen Lions Club would pay more attention to and care fparty是我家下载mp3or the poor residents in the area andbranches jointly promote the harmonious development of the community.


Tian wang, secretary of the speech, undsendinger the city disabled persons' federation authority party committee work deployment, shenzhen lions lions cbranchlub service party branch is a grfestival是什么意思eat plwarmth什么意思中文easure for me to hand in hand to shenzhen again into the kam dragon community sympathy activities, hope this activity let difficulties party members and the lonely old man felt party organization's care and concern, take concrete actions to implementwelcome壁纸 the "I does the practical work for the masses", So that they get help in life, spiritual inspiration, so that we spend a happy, peaceful Sprinwarmth和warm区别g Festival.


Nie Xiangdong, the second vice President, made a speech. It is a great honlion是什么意思or to participate in this condolence activity undewelcomeback什么意思r the leadership of the Party branch of Shenzhen Lions Club. Today is the Southern Little New Yeasendr on the 24th day of the twelparty模式fth lunar month. He said that lions Club shenzhen will lead the lion friends to actively serve the residents of Jinlong community, adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China, better practice the core theme of Lions Club Shenzhen "Keep the original aspiration and serve the community together", and jointly serve the society.


Li Qing captain and bright wisdom captain said togethewelcomeback什么意思r, thanks to difficulties of party members and difficulty and lonely old man to mdifficulties可数还是不可数ake the contribution for thdifficulties是什么词性elions英语怎么读 development of thelions是什么意思 reform in shenzsend什么意思hen, they have the best of youth to the shenzhenfestival怎么读英语单词, they are the witness of history, hope they take good care of yourself, maintain gospringmvc的工作原理od state of mind, and wish them have a peace and happiness during the Spring Festival.

Visits condolences, a line of people arrived at several inconvenielions翻译nce about the difficulty of the old man home, expressed cordial sympathy to them, andifficulties可数还是不可数d ask for details of their physical condition and daily life, understaparty是什么意思nding of the actual difficulties of its llions的音标ife, enwelcome壁纸courage them with a positive and optimistic attitude to face life, and send solatium and cwelcome是什么意思affeine arts. The elderly expressed their heartfelt thanks tdifficulties可数还是不可数o the Party for its care.

The warmth of activity, through the shenzhen lions, transit service party branch and the Lord will deliver care andlions warmth to paparty模式rty members and lonely difficulties, the old man'send2026s hands to strengthen the link between shenzhen lions all the lion friends and community residwelcome是什么意思enbranchests, to reveal shenzhen lions to serve the society, have the courage to bear, embodies the shenzhen lion "is to hdifficulties是什么词性elp others, serve the society" the objective.


Ke Shenmei

Ke Shenmei

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Ke Wuyue

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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