Joint lion business training and exchange meeting was held in zone 1 and Zone 2 of Shenzhen Lions Club

On August 11, 2020, Lions Club Shenzhen held the 2020-2021 Joint Lions Training and Exchajoint翻译nge Conference in the form of "onmeeting是什么意思line + offline" at lions Club shenzhen office. Sbusiness-methodhenzhen lionexchange用法及搭配s grow long XiaoXingPing zhi-qiang lu and supervisors, second deputy chairman Peng Daojian, vice supervisor long Tanzone Flions英语怎么读ei, secretary-general Lai Zhuoni, deexchangean of general affair Deng Yi, longjointly picket zhang jtraining翻译imeetingsan, deputy secretary-general Wang Danya,meetingyou是什么意思 Zhang Zbusinesspersonheqin, chairman of the first zone and secowastend zone Wei Xin, chairman of the new, third, li li, chairman of the zone, xbusiness是什么意思iao-pilionsng yu, li xiaofeng, chairman of the partition, Peng Dingkmeetingsuan, zhi-jian wu, Wang Yi soldier, supervisors WuYuQbusiness怎么读iong, Lin Yanju, Ye Wenqin and Tang Xishun, the special assistjoint造句ants of the president, Jiang Xiezhen, Li Xiaotao and other lecturers, as well as neatraining翻译中文rljointy 50 representatzone是什么品牌手机ives from each service team in zone 1 and Zone 2, attended the on-site meeting. The online broadcast was watched by more than 600 people. The meeting was chexchange造句aired by Zhang Zheqin, Wei Xinxin and Yu Xiaoping.


Yu Xiaoping JPG.

Jiang Xiezhen introduced tjointheclub是谁he leading guests. Lion fzone怎么读riends under the leaexchange什么意思dership of Li Xiaotao deputy head of the ice breaking game, opened the training exchange mlion的音标eeting curtainjoint造句.


Chairman Zhang Zheqin delivered a welcome speech to all the leaders, lecturers and semeeting的音标rvice team representatives who took their time to attend.lion的中文意思 The three-foot platform bears dreams,held过去式和过去分词 and lion loves to exchjoint是什么意思ange and harvest brilliantexchange邮箱 results. He hopes that online and offline lion friends can learnjoint是什么意思, share and communicate together, pass on lion culture andtraining造句简单 inherit lion spirit.

Zhang Zheqin JPG.

Next, Chairman Zhang Zheqin and Chairmupheldan Wei Xinxinlionel led the team of zone 1 and Zone 2 respectivmeeting腾讯会议ely and izonentroduced the annual plan of zone 2. Chzone怎么读airman Zmeetingyou是什么意思hang Zheqin and Chairman Wei Xinxin respectively reported the annual slogan, work overview, meeting affairs, servicemeeting是什么意思中文翻译, caring for lion enterprises and member development and retention of the zone. They said that they would fully integrate the resources of the zone and the service team, hold regular summary meetings, advocate joint servibusiness是什么意思ces, and activemeetingtencentcomly carry out lion friends and caring activities for lion enterprises.

President Lu Zhiqiang delivered a speech, thanking the lecturers for practicing the spirit of "four out" as always and providing learning opportunitiewass for lions friends; I wouldtraining翻译 also like to thank the lion friends online and ofbusiness-methodfline who take the initiative to enrich themselves, learn lion culture, and have a deeper understanding of lion Club. He said that everyone'joint efforts enthusiazone什么意思车上的什么按钮sm for lion learning and their mission and feelings for public welfare are the key to thmeetinge sustainable development of Lions Club shenzhen.


Jiang Xiezhen shared "Efficient Meeting", and introduced the meaning, types, common procedures, frequently asked questions and rules of procewasheddure of Lions Club meetings in simple terlion怎么读ms based oexchange什么意思n the definition and objectives of the meeting and the reality of Lions Club. Her vivid andbusiness翻译 humomeeting是什么意思中文翻译rous language and wonderful interaction with the lion friends at the meeting greatly benefited the liobusinessmann friends.

Jiang Xiezhen JPG.

Ms. Xiao Xingping, chbusinessairman of the Education and Training Committejoint venturee of lions Clubs in China, shared "Lions Clubs in China". She introduzone什么意思ced in great detail the socimeeting是什么意思中文翻译al structure and corresponding institutionwashingtons of Lions clubslion翻译 in China, tlionshe development process of lions clubs in China, and the differenjoint是什么意思ces between lions clubs in Chiwashna and international lioheld过去式和过去分词ns clubs and other social organizations. The old photos on the big screen not only bear the journey of lions club, but also the history of lions club in China. Behind the simmeetingyou是什么意思pletraining怎么读 numbers are the dedication and efforts of every lion ctraining是什么牌子lub member. At the end of the course, Xiao xingping introduced the opportunities and challenges faced by lions cwashedlubs in China. She hoped that everyjoint的用法 lion club member would keep in mind the principle of "helping others and serving the society by serving themselves", szone是什么品牌手机eize tmeeting翻译he opportunities and be fearless of challenges, and jointly explore the development path of lions clubs in line with China's charactmeeting是什么意思eristics.

XiaoXingPing JPG.

President Wei Xinxin gave a speech of appreciation, thanking the lecturing group for their wonderful sharing, shi Xtraining是什么牌子ianghui for its techbusiness的形容词nical support, and shi Friends who accompaexchange账户密码不正确nied us all the way. The meeting entrainingpeaksded successfully ilionsn a warm atmosphere.

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