“The fifth Ice and Snow Season” Shenzhen children with hearing disabilities enjoy ice and snow sports to help the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games

On March 27, hosted by China Disabled Persons’ Federation, lions to undertake domestic deaf association, shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen associatisnowmanon of the deaf, lions assistive cfifth怎么读英语ommittee, shenzhen window of the world alpine ice world, in collaboration with the shenzhen union with your peer group of “the fifth season of ice and snsnowballow sports fosnow的形容词r the dihearing怎么读sabled” domestic domestic deaf association, shenzheiceravenn station activities in shenzhen window of the wsnow是什么意思车上的ochildren音标rld “alpine ice world” in the opening.

The picture shows the scene of the evechildren后面加is还是arent

Considering the requirements of epidemic pr深圳天气eventienjoy的名词on and control, the efifth基数词vent was organized in batches, with a total of 220 participants. On March 27th, more than 60 families and more than 120 children and parents with hearing disabilities experienced the fun of ice and snow sporhearing是什么意思ts. About 30 staff members from lions club, Deaf Association and volunteer group participatehearing怎么读d in the service.

The picture shows the scene of the event

The relevant personnelchildren的名词所有格s of the deicey下载af association in China, the deaf assoc深圳地铁线路图iatfifth翻译ion in Shenzhen, the Lionssnow的形容词 Club in Shenzhen and the conference attended the opening ceremony o深圳地铁线路图f the activity and made深圳地铁线路图 speeches respectively. Domestic deaf asenjoy的过去式sociation,Relevant officials said that the ice and snow sports season has benjoyingeen carried out in the fifth year, more and mochildren后面加is还是arere heariseasons歌曲ng disabled friends come to the professional venues through such activities, wenjoy的过去式hich is verseason是什么意思中文翻译y meaningful. In southern China, where snowsnow是什么意思车上的 and ice resources aseason复数re not particularly rich, friends with hearing disabilities haveseason翻译 few opportunities to contact snow and ice activities. The Deafness Association of China is committed to building such a p深圳latform, so that more frienice-skateds with hearing disabilities can have a better opportunity to experience snow aseasoningnd ice actchildren的名词所有格ivities.

The picture shows the scene of the event

More than 120 children with hearing disabilities and their parents and 30 stasnowff cheered for the Beijing Winter Olhearing怎么读ympics in unison and took precious photos in front of the propaganchildren怎么读英语单词da wall of “the fifth China Disabled Snow and ice Sports Season”. After a sicecream英文怎么读imple opening ceremonenjoy的名词y, the hearing深圳大学-impaired children received a gift bag and bottled water prepared by lions club and happily entered the indoor ice playground.

The picture siceyhows the scene of the event

The activity of the daysnowman was mainly about ice skating experience. Under the guidancechildren怎么读 of professional coaches and parentsseason怎么读, children with hearing dienjoy是什么意思英语sabilities experienced the charm of ice skating nervousl深证指数y and ex三峰hearingcitedly. The more timid children are sisnowytting on the ice rink speciseason是什么意思中文翻译ally for them to provide “small dolphin”, pushing each ochildren后面加is还是arether sliding, chenjoyildish laughter. The children, looking at artificial snowflakes flying ofifthlyverhead, the children were excited to scream, some to pile up small snowmen, some began to snowball fights, soicecreamme a tripchildren的名词所有格 and a trip to drag tires深证指数 to ski slopes to play exciting “ski sled”…

The picture shows the scene oseason是什么意思英语f the event

During the break, children wenjoy的名词ith hearing disabilities and their parents came to the rest room next to the skating rink. Here, lion elder brother lion sister people prepared rich fruit, drink and senjoyingmall snsnow的形容词ack closely, the children edge rest edge compensatory energy, eat full drink enough return snow and ice to enjoy theshenzhen joy of movement again.

The picture shows the scene ofshenzhen the eveicebergntenjoy什么意思

It is reported that the Shenice是什么意思zhen Deaf Association has co-organizseason是什么意思中文翻译ed the southern part of the “Ice and Snow Sports Season fohearing翻译r the disabled” for four consecutive years, and the Dishenzhensabled Committee of The Shenchildren翻译zhen Lions Club,children怎么读英语单词 as the public welfare partner of the Shenzhen Deaf Association, has also provided materials and services for the activice是什么意思ities for two consecutive years. During the four sessions, more than 1,300 persons with hearing disabiliceravenities深证指数 in Shenzhen participated in ice anfifth音标d snow activities, contributing to the 24th Beijing Parseason是什么意思中文翻译alyenjoy翻译mpic Winteenjoyabler Gamessnow in 2022 and the realization of “300 million penjoy的名词eople participating in ice and snow sports”.

Source: China Deaf Association, Shenzhen Deafchildren的名词所有格 Association

Editfifth怎么读英语or: Pan Wenchang

“The fifth Ice and Snow Season” Senjoyablehenzhen children wiiceth hearinicecream英文怎么读g disabsnow怎么读ilities enjoy ice and snow sports to help theenjoyable Beijing Winter Paralympic Games

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