Written proposal on henan Flood Service of shenzhen Lions Club 2021

Service teams:

On July 20, experienced extreme heavy rainfall in henan province, zhengzhou city multiple natiproposal虚拟语气onal meteorological observatory breakthrough recordflooding翻译 rainfall si河南职业学院被拍卖nce historical extremum, lead to danger, mul河南师范大学tiple river levels continue to rise and reservoir level, moreflood翻译 cities and several villageclub是什么意思s and towns were soaked in flood, several infrastructure have been destroyed, farlion是什么意思中文翻译mland submerged, houses collapsed, The disaster caused hservice怎么读eavy loss of life and propertyservice翻译 to the localwritten怎么读音 people. Zhengzhou's flood control efloodmerg深圳市最新疫情ency reswritten怎么修复ponse level was raised from Level ⅱ to Levproposal虚拟语气el ⅰ at 3 am on Julproposal造句y 21. According to the meteorological department foreclubmed官网预订casproposal的动词t, in the next two dayslions翻译中文, central Henan will still have heavy raproposal翻译in, the disafloodgatester affected people, resc河南师范大学ue is imminent.

In support of henan flood relief, help the affected people overcome difficulties, initiativewritten是什么意思 the service into action now, let us carrclub是什么意思y forward the "party hard, p plus support" of the Chinese nation tradition, carry forward the "our servicelions翻译中文" spirit of the lion, a helping hand, dedication selclubmanfless love, generosity, to raiseflood是什么意思 rwritten怎么读音elief supplies, with practical action to suppoclubsrt the troops fighting the flo深圳疫情最新动态od and the masses, the disaster aclubmedrea We will confloodtribute to河南职业学院被拍卖 the restoration of nservice怎么读ormal production andclubman life and reconstruction of homes for the affecwritten翻译ted people. Donations will be withheld by the service team as special funds for the project, and the finance department of the disservice的名词trict Counservice怎么读cil will be responsible for the specific use.

Here, shenzhen Lions club all lion friends to the disaster area compatriots express deep sympathy! To stick to the front li深圳风险等级ne of flood control and emergency personnel salute! The storm is merciless and the llionsgateion loves each other. Lefloodingt'lions读音s join hands to weather the storm.henanCome on! Disasteproposal写作格式r response, we are with you!


Shenzhen Lions Clubwritten怎么读音 & NBSP;

July 21, 2021

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