Shenzhen Lions club has a new leadership

Shenzhen Lions club has a new leadership

            On June 22, 2013, the 11th Annual meeting of Lions Club shenclubszhen was successfully held in Kylin Villa, Shenzhen. More than 200 representatleadership英语作文ives from directors, dclubseputy dlions翻译中文ilions怎么读rectors, former directors, board mnewembers anlions翻译d service tclubmed官网预订eam members of Shenzhen Lions club attended the annual m深圳风险等级eeting. Zhang Guojun, vice President of Domestic Lions Assclub怎么读ociation, Huang Chunbin, vice pres深圳大学ident of Slions翻译henzhen Disabled Perclubman是什么牌子车sons’ Fe深圳天气deration, Li Wenhai, vice Director of Shenzhen Ngo Adminleadership英语作文istration and other leaders attended the meeting.
  &nbnew是什么意思英语sp;         The 11th convention was presided over by Mr. Zheng Degang, chairman of the convention Committee and former director of Lions Club shenzhen, and Mr. Liu Danghe, executive Chairman. The meetnewsing deliberated and approved the 2012-2013 director’s work report and financial work report. By secret ballot, director Wu Xiaominlions翻译中文g, former Director Su Zeran,lions怎么读 first deputy Directornewspaper Lin Ziyu, second deputy Director Lin Tao, secreleadership需要具备哪些能力tary Zhang Xiaowei, 28 dleadership怎么读irectors and chieflions读音 supervisorleadership是什么意思 Xie Jianwen, deputy chief Supervisor Xiao Liangwen, and 5 supervisors were elected.
    &nbsnew balancep;       The annual meeting ended successfully in a solclubmed官网预订emn and democratic atmosphere. Dleadership的定义omestic lion federnew的反义词ation represclub用英语怎么说entative in shenzhen, shenzhen DPF Huang Chunbin representative, vice di深圳风险等级rector of the municipal disabled persons’ federation onew的反义词f shenzhen lions, 2012-2013 work said that message shenzhen lions under the guidance of the new collective leadership, the management of various specifications, improve seclubsrvice ability and service level, inheritance endeavour, sustained aleadership是什么意思nd heclub是什么酒althleadership怎么读y development furthlions怎么读er. The leaders of thclub翻译e National Lions Association and shenzhen Civil Organization Ad深圳ministration congratulated the newly elected members of the board of Directors and the board of Supervisors, hoping that they would fulfill their mleadership怎么读ission and lead Shenzhen Lions Club to a new level.
            Since its establishment in 2002, under the leadership of China Disabled Persons’ Federation and China Lions Association, under the care of shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and municipal authorities, under the guidance and supervision of the association registration authority and the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation, Shenzhen Lions Club has been strictly abidileadership的四种类型ng by the national laws and regulations. Independent operation, independent creation ” In medical treatment, disaster relief, disaster relief,深圳天气 heleadership英文解释lping the disabled, educationclubmed, youth education, help orphans, poverty alleviation, environmental protection and other areas to carry out a series of public welfare charity services, to build a harmonious society to make a positive contribution.
            As of May 2013, shenzhen Lions Clnew balanceub has more than 90 selions怎么读rvice teams with more tha深圳疫情n 2700 mnew怎么读embers. According to incomplete statistics, over the past 10 yea深圳疫情rs, shenzhen Lions Club has spreadclubman是什么牌子车 its love trail across China, with Shenzhen as the cnewenter. The service activities have reached more than 6,000 times and the service fund is about 160 million yuan. Among them: more than 16,000 cases of free cataract surgery for poor patients, disaste深圳市最新疫情r relief and reconstruction donations of more thaleadership需要具备哪些能力n 58 million yuan, donations of morenew是什么意思英语 than 7 million yuan for the disabled and orphans, donations to build more than 40 lion schools, beneflion是什么意思中文翻译iting 30 million people. Shenzhen Lions Club has been awarded the official award of Shenzhen municipalleadership的中文意思ity for two consecutive times. Pengcheng Charity Organization Awar深圳疫情d & RDQUO;club是什么意思 In recognition of indnew的反义词ividuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to shenzhen’s charitable undertakings over the past 30 years. Pengcheng Charity Outstanding Contribution Award (Group) & RDquo; Has been widely concerned by the whole society.

By Zhang Lichen

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