The power of charity | interview with domestic lion federation Zhang Guojun former executive vice President, international director candidates

The power of charity | interview with domestic lion federation Zhang Guojun former executive vice President, iinterviewsnternational director candidates

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Hlion的中文意思e enteinterviewingred shenzhen Special Economic Zone from Inne国军r Mocharity是什么意思ngolia grassland and became a pioneer and financier.

He, from an ordininterviewary lion friend to the lianhua Mountai张彬彬n service team leader;

He has郭军演员 served as regional chairman, region郭珺al Chairman, Treaformer翻译surer, vice President and President of Shenzhen Lions Club, executive Vice President of Domestic Lionscharity和love区别 Aslionelsociation, Chairman of China Lions Foundation, chairman of Lions Cluzhangb Internationainterviewer怎么读l LCIF…

He has served as director of Shenzhen Lions Club for eight years and excharity和love区别ecutive director for six years. Seven yealionrs council member, six years standing council member;

Inpowerpoint是什么软件 the seventeen years since he joined lions Club, he has led lions Club to create many glorious moments with his profound knowledgelion翻译 and belief of “lionshelping others and serving the society”. With an international perspectivcharity的内涵意义e and pattern, he is a practitioner, advocate and promoter of the service and development of lions Club in China. He planted the seeds of love and always believed in the power oformer英语f charity to make society better. He was the former leader and now a follower of the National Lion Association, Bro张若昀ther Zhang Guoyun.

Seventeen ydomestic反义词ears of service, seventeen years of commitment, this is a beautifuinterview的过去分词l and long journey. He is more like a scholar and a teacher when he remembers the steps he took to create teams and districts and the devedomesticlopment pathpower of The Lions Club with domestic characteristics. The 6,205 days and nights he spent in the Lions Club seem to have never gone a郭军演员way.

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There is a power called persistence

The world is chasing supowermillccess, but success belongs to a few. The root cause is lack of patience, lack of persistence. Brother Zhang Guojun wapower是什么意思s born in Chifeng city, Inner Mongolia. Tlionkkhefederation什么意思 vast grassland made him inherit the perseverance and mind of Mongolian people, and the living environment of the mountainous grassland refined his unyielding spirit; Hdomesticatee knows that there are stilllion怎么读 many peopleformerly翻译 in tfederationhe society who are still living in poor condicharity是什么意思tions and still in need of help. As果郡王 a lion friend, he showed his love and devotion to the Li郭俊辰演员ons Club and his loyalty to charitdomestic反义词y through persistent pursuit and devotion. Brother Zhang guointerview的过去分词yun’s daily thoughts never leave lions club and cinterviewsharity…

In 2010, he servedformer英语 as domestformerlyic lion federation vice-chairman, at the beginniformer反义词ng of the offpower是什么意思ice, in the absence of the financial system and the rules apowerpoint是什么软件nd regulations is not sound, drafted thelion的音标 domestic lion federation “7 + 1” supporting file management, to establish and perfect the governance struct张国荣ure of association rules andpower翻译 regulations and in the proposed lion fund, the b张翰oard of supervisors, financial settlement center, formepower翻译d thcharity音标e federation in the “three a” as the main body, With the Lion Foundation and lion Academy as two wings, the orga郭军nization sysliontem of “one body果郡王 and two wings” has crpowerfuleated the development model of “bird” organization, which has made outstanding contributions to the healthy, stable and standomestic是什么意思dardizepowerfuld develoformerly是什么意思pment of lions Club.

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There i长津湖s a power calleformer反义词d firmness

The black leader Martin Luther King Jr. famously said, “No one in this world can bring you down. If your own faith still stands.charity怎么读” It is the firm belief icharity-mindedn my heart that supports my desire tpowero move forward towards a higher goalinterview. Looking back on the 17 years of lion Road, Brother Zhang guojun has always been a firm practitioner of the spirit of “four out”. He can’t remember ho果郡王扮演者w many places he and his lion friends have been to and how many people he has sent love and warmth to. Seventeen years, that’s nearly 20% of your life. These 17 years were also the best years of his life. His willingness and behavior to participatecharity翻译 in social welfare activities张雨剑在吴倩孕期炒cp were unwavering fro国军m beginning to end. During the 17 years, his donationsfederation and public welfare expenditures acc张翰umulated more than 7 million yuadomesticaten. Since joining the Lions Club, he has always believed that “only when you do something for others, you can go further”.

From November 14 to 15,charity的内涵意义 2009, as the sponsor, the “Filion的音标rst High-end Forum on Scientific Deveinterview的名词lopment” was successfully organized and held in Beijing Jingxi Hotel with 1.2 miguojunllion yuan. The forum国军抗日十大名将 was sponsored by the National Development and Reform Commission and attended by morformer反义词e than 60 leaders of various ministries and commissions, including the Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Office of The State Council, and well-knocharity音标wn experts and scholars in related fields in China. Joi长歌行ntly discuss problems and countermeasures in domestic epower翻译成中文conomic and social developmentpowerful in the post-financial crisis period, and formulate specilionsal reports for submission to rel张庭传销公司名下96套房被查封evant state departments. During this period, Shen Zhifei, vice Director of China Disabled Persons’ Federation and President ointerview翻译f China Lions Association, was invitcharityed to give a ke长津湖ynote speech on the status and Role of Social Organiza国军悍将tions in Social governance, focusing on the Lions Club. Brother Zhang guojun himself publcharity是什么意思ished a paper on the development Strategy of Lions Club in China at the conference, which promoted and publicized lions club at a higher level.

Zhang Guojun left offinterview的名词ice in 2011, shenzhen lions asformer英语 President, he still personal investmentlion的中文意思 1.6 million yuan, with shendomestic反义词zhen radio, film and tformerlyelevispowerbiion group jointly plan to launch “charity” column, the program for five minutes per episode, broadcast two consecutive years, multi-angle and comprehensive introductlionion to the public welfare philanthropy and lions in poverty all长津湖elion怎么读viation, student, respect, the role an张若昀d张彬彬 achievements of disaster relief, environmental protectiformeron and other aspeccharity和love区别ts. On April 20, 2013 magnitude 7.0 earthquake in sichuan ya ‘an, as an association executive vice Prepower是什么意思sident and the lion brother fund Zhang Guojun chairman, first into the disaster area actively organize and lead the donations, anddomestic怎么记忆 friends and is asking the country to raise more than 3600 ten thousand yuan, effective pull the post-disaster reconstruction funds of 120 million yuan, become so far the larg张彬彬est federation of post-disaster reconstruction project.

On A郭俊辰ugust 3, 2014 in yunnan LuDian an earthquake of magnitude 6.5, was re-elected in the lion brother foundation chairman Zhang Guojdomestic怎么记忆un, active contact with disabled persons’ federation of yunnanlion怎么读 province an果郡王d communication, actively fundraising and push to sichuanformerly情侣名 “with promoting development” service mpowerfulode is copied to the yun长歌行nan earthquake relief and post-disaster reconstruction, quickly raise money 25 million yuan,张雨剑在吴倩孕期炒cp including supformer反义词port for yunnan earthquake relief and post-disaster reconstruction, Promoted the establishment and development of yunnan Representative Office.

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There is a power called belief

The so-called belformer和previous区别ief, like people’s subconscious, is unconsciously rooted in pe国军ople’s deep heart. Brother Zhang guojun explained to us through his journey that one’s faith will affect one’s life. And when an orgdomestic读音anization sticks to its beliefs, it affects a group of people. He has always believed in th张若昀einterview power of charity and the power of change to achieve dreams. He has made spreadpoweramping the idea of philanthropy and the culture of philanthropy his top priority. The “Lions Club with Domestic Chalion复数racteristics” and “Situation and Task” developedinterviewers怎么读 by him have become the dformer和previous区别esignated courseware for the training of lion friends leinterviewd by the Lions Club in Cformerly情侣名hina, which张国荣 are indispensable. He also gave lectformerly是什么意思ures in person for many times, which deeply infl张若昀uenced every lion friinterviewedends and made e长歌行fforts to let moreformer和previous区别 lion friends have a further in-depth understanding ofdomesticate the organizational characteristics and development norms of the National Lion郭军演员 Association.

He editlioned and published the annual book of the 1国军悍将0th Anniversary of the National Lion Association, which became an important historical document of the National Lion Association. He editedformer翻译 and plionublished “Lion Affairs Forum Anthology” and “Corporate Governance Manual o郭俊辰演员f Shenzhen Lions Club”, which were nicknamed “张雨剑little treasure book” by people and lions, and played a guiding rolepower in the development of each didomesticationstriformer的意思ct as normative literature. During his tenure as vicinterviewinge presid张彬彬ent and president of Lintervieweeions Club shenzhen, Lions Club Shenzhen was awacharity宽容的爱rded the “Top ten Social Orpowermillgformer和previous区别anization award” and was called “Shenzhen Mo郭军del” in the 30th anniversary celebration of the Special Zone held by The State Council. During his tenure as the president and vice president of Lions Club shenzhen, he actively organized lions Club Shenzhen to apply for the approval of the “two exemptions” and promoted it to lions Club Shenzhen, which solved the pain points and difficulformer的意思ties in financial management and fundraising of Lioncharity怎么读s Club Shenzhen.

When it comes to lion work and service, Brother Cheung kwok-kwan is full of vision and confidence. However, when it comes to his family, he feels thaformert he owes them something over tcharity音标he years… Even so, Mr.interview翻译 Cheung’s wife and daugh张庭传销公司名下96套房被查封ter gavedomestically翻译 him the most encouragement and support when they learned of his decision to run for the board. Th郭珺e family unanimously agreed thatlion翻译 he would docharity怎么读natcharity的内涵意义e $100,000 to the Lions Fund international. It is easy to say, but hard to do. The journey of Brother Zhang Guojun’s lion road can belionkk said to be a “classic” textbook, which is worth our careful taste a郭军演员nd appreciation.

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Persistence, firminterview的名词ness and conviction

“The besdomestically翻译t way to find yourself is to get lost in the work of serving otherinterview什么意思s,” as One of Zhang Guointerviewedyun’s favorite sayings gointerviewers怎么读es. It is because of the leadership of l长津湖ions club members and lions club memberslionel like Cheungpower翻译 kwok-kwan, their determination, belief and persistence in wcharity的内涵意义alking wfederationith lolions英语怎么读ve on the lion road as always make the domestic lions club mor果郡王e cohesive force, cohesion and influence.

Dear lion fripowermillends, let us work together to make the domestic Lion Assocformerlyiation better development. Let uscharity的动词 join hanformer英语ds in building a comm长歌行unity with a shared future for mankind. We sincerely hope that Brothecharity宽容的爱r Zhang guoyun will take on more missionpowers and responsibilities, promote “Charity knows no borderformer的意思s”, and show the splendor of lion friends in China.

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[Resume of The Lion Brothers Lions Club]

In 2002 & have spent     Foundedlion的音标 lianhua Mountain Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club and team leader

2003-2004 & have spent   Chairman of the sixtdomestication翻译方法h sub-region of Shenzhen Lions Club

2004-2005 & havinterview的名词e spowerbipent   Chairman of the second district of shedomestic翻译nzhen Lions Association

2005-2006 & have spent  domestically翻译 Chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club Hua Shi Foundation, chairman of Youth Service Committee

2006-2008 & have spent   Chiecharity的内涵意义f Financial Officer of Shenzhen Lions Club

2domestically翻译008-2009 & have spent   Vice presipower是什么意思dent of Shenzhen Lions Club

2009-2010 & have spent   President of Shenzhen Lions Club

2010-2011 & have spent   Vice president of the National Lions Assopowermillciation

2011-2012 & have spent   Vice President, National Lions Association, chair果郡王man of the Association’s Fundraisinterviewsing andlion Management Committeformerly情侣名e

2012-2013 & have spent   Vice President of domestic Lion Association, chairman ofdomestic读音 Chindomesticationa Lion Fupowerpoint是什么软件nd

2013-2014 &domestic怎么记忆 hacharity形容词ve spent   Executive vice prescharity和love区别ident of domestic Liinterviewers怎么读on Association, chairman of China Lion Fund

2014-2015 &lion的中文意思 have splionent   Standing Director of The Domestic Lion Asformer反义词sociation, chairman of the 10th anniversary celebration, chairman of the 5lion是什么意思7th Southeast Asia Conference, Chairma果郡王n of China Lion Foundation, LCIF Domestic Coordinator

2015-2016 & have spent   Sta长津湖nding Director of The National Liointerviewn Association, chairman of the 57th Southeast Asia Conference Preppower翻译成中文aratory Committee, leadeformerr of the Preparatory Grcharity的内涵意义oup of China Lion Foundation, LCIF Domestic Coordinator

2016-2017 & have spent   Domestic lion association rectification research group deputy leader, LCIF domestic coordinator

2charity怎么读017-2019 & have spent   Chairman of the Advisory Committee of thcharity音标e Natiopower是什么意思nal Lio国军ns Association, vice chairman of the executive Committee of the 57th Southeast Asian Conference Organizing Committe张雨剑e


Text: Annie Zhao, reporter of Shenshi News Agency

Photo: Wang Haibin, Zhang Guoyuninterviewed, reporterformer怎么读s of Shenzhen News Agency

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