The Emergency Rescue Education Center’s Hiking and camping exercise in Maluan Mountain was successfully held

The Emergency Rescue Education Center’s Hiking and camping exercise in Maluan Mountain was successfully held

In order to boost moracampingle, inspire and cultivate the spirit of solcamping英语怎么读idarity and solidarity of lion friends, and enhacamping英语怎么读nce the ability of emergencenter的形容词cy rescue, Shenzhen Lions Club Emergency Rescue Education Center held a hiking and campinemergencyg exercishiking的原形e in Maleng Mountain from May 15 to 16, 2019. The two-deducation是什么意思ay overnight field tour activitieexercise的用法s, travel back and forth nearly 20 kilommountainsideeters, to bear more than 20 kg per person, tents, food and water for lion friends is a great physical fitness test, lions, friends and so on phycentersical and mental are exercise, strong potential was stimulated, everyone have more ener马峦山郊野公园攻略gy.

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Early in the morning of 15th, Li Ying, chairmanemergency英语 of Shenzhen Lions Club Emergemountain怎么读ncy Reeducational翻译scue education Cenexercise翻译tcampinger, guo Yahui, Li Xiaofeng, Lai Cuiping, Li Jiu, Fan Zehua, Liu Ming and other lion friends gatheremountain是什么意思d in the parking lot of Xiaomeisha Hotel, packed their bags, receivedhiking怎么读音英语 food, surrounded by the flag of emergenceducation可数吗y rescue education Cencamping翻译ter set out. In order to ensurmountaineeringe the smooth progress of oexercises发音utdoor training and the safety of lion fcenter怎么读riends, the emhiking怎么读音英语ergency rescue education C马峦山郊野公园enter hired a profcamping怎么读essional outdoor coach as the leemergency英语ader. Chairman Li Ying, Execut马峦山开放了吗ive Chairmaeducation怎么读n Li Xiaoemergency的中文意思feng and Executive cemergency的形容词hairman Guo Yahui took the initi马路安全ative to pack their camping items in their backpacks, bearing uprescue翻译 to 30 kg.

Before departure, Li Ying chairman peng Daojian in charge of the leadership of the picket commander reported the work arrangemeemergency可数吗nts. Peng Daojian picket chief specialexercise的ing形式ly asked everyone to taeducation是什么意思ke care of each other, pay attexercises发音ention to safety. All the staff did stretching exercises under theemergency什么意思 guidance of proferescueme免费看ssional leadrescue实验ers. However, the weather was not favorable, and halcamping怎么读fway up the mountcenter怎么读ain, the sunny weather suddenly turned into a steducation可数吗orm. Guo Yahui shi brother saw Liu Ming shi brother did not bring rain gear, take the initiative to give out their raincoatrescueme动漫无修; Chairman Li Ying also gave his raincoat to Lai Cuiping lion sister. Lions armountain怎么读语音e fearlessexercises怎么读音发音器 and energetic in the face of extreme weather. Under the leadership of President Li Ying, less than 5 hours, lion friends came teducation是什么意思英语o the top of the mountain. Although a little tiremergency stoped, the lion fri马峦山在深圳哪里ends witcenter用英语怎么说h high passion began to work together to set up tents and carry out fiehikinglmountain怎么读d rescue training as soon as they reached the top of the mountain. Lai Cuiping lion sistmountain的形容词er undertook the task of boiling water and c马路安全ooking for everyone. The laughtermountains and laughter of lion friends broke through the clouds and crossed the fieldscamping中文意思 and woods, bringing infinite vitality to the Malian Mountain in early summer. Here, lion friendsmountain翻译 experience the harmony of ma马路安全n and nature.

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