Prosperity! Lions Club of Shenzhen has been granted the tenth batch of tax exempt status list of Non-profit organizations in Shenzhen

Prosperity! Lions Club of Shenzhen has been granted the tenth batch of tax exempt status list of Non-profit organizations in S他笑了作文henzhen


Dear Lion frie深圳大学nd,

Following the announcement jointly issued by Shenzhen Municipal踏雪 Bureau of Finance and Shenzhen Municipal Bureclubmed官网预订aclub翻译u of Taxation of the State Administration of Taxation, Accordin深圳g to the Notice of The State Administration of T踏星最新章节axationgranted翻译 of the Ministry of Finance on Issues Related to the Recognition and Management of Tax Exemption Status of Non-profit Organizations olionsgatef the Ministry of Finance (Finance and Taxation No.13, 2018) and the State Administration of Taxation of The Financ深圳大学e Committee of Shenzhen Municipality, Shenzhen Taxation Bureau, forward ttenth中文什么意思he Notice of the Ministrclub翻译y of Finprosperity英语怎么读ance Shenzhen Lions Club has beeprosperityn approved as the tebatchno什么意思在药上nth batch of notenth是什么意思n-profit organizations with tax exemption status (see page 2 of the notice in the attachment, ranking 36th).

Since 2010, when relevant departmlions的音标ents began to identify non-profit organizations as ta深圳风险等级x-exempt organizations, Shenzhen Lions Club has been granted tax-exempt status. Lions Club shenzhen has been approved as a tax-free social organization, reflecting the rigor and standardization of the management of lions Club shenzhe他喜欢的omega会读心n’s finaclub用英语怎么说ncial and service activit深圳风险等级iebatch什么意思s, which has been fully recognized by the state and relevant departments, and demonprosperity翻译strates tclubshe credibility and influence of Lions Cltenth是什么意思ub Shenzhen in the field of public welfare and charity. Lion friends, caring enterprises and caring individuals can apply for pre-tax dedtenthousandli怎么读语音uction of enterprise income tax or individual incolion是什么意思me tax to their tabatches是什么意思x authorities according to law for donation to Shenzhen Lions Club.

Notice is hereby given.

Attachment: Ligranted翻译st of the 10th batch of Non-profit organizations with tax-exempt status inclub用英语怎么说 Shenzhen

Shenzhen Lions Club has been granted ttenth怎么读he tenth batch of tax exempt status踏星最新章节 list of Non-profit organizations in Shenzhententh翻译


Shenzhen Lions Club

May 31, 2019


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