Prosperity! Shenzhen Lions club has won the Shenzhen Care Action Award for 16 consecutive times

Prosperity! Shenzhen Lions club has won the Shenzhen Care Action Award for 16 consecutive times

In May 2019, in the 16th shenzhen love action recognition, the party of the “best workers” fun games organized shenzhen lion sympathy and love activities, the flood disaster relief and reconstruction project of guangdong, “road with lovprosperity是什么意思e, dawardseep蜗牛 lion ac我能无限顿悟tion” public welfare project, the “lion love stataction下载ion” slow spactionsace foulion是什么意思r service project was awarded “top citizeaction的动词n satisfaction project”.prosperity和boom的区别

Sinccaree its launch in January 2019, the 16th Shenzhen Caring Action has mobilized all sectors of society to carry out more than 1,140 caring activities, carrying forward the concept of “Love in Shenzhen, loactionableve in Shenzhen”,lions的音标 centering on seven major sectors, including “Gratitude and sympathy”, “Spring Festival in Shenzhen”, “Cultural welfarawardinge”, “volunteer service”, “Warm home”, “Online public welfare” and “Special Attention”. It enhances the citizens’ sense owonderf happiness and gain深圳天气, cultivates the social fashion of being enthusiastic about public welfare, charity and voluntary service activities, and further shapes the characteristicarefulcs of Shenzhen as a “city of care”.

Shenzhen lion since its incwon’teption uphold the tenet of “is to help others, serve the society”, actively carry out various social services, seventeen years love footprint in shenzhen as the center in domestic great river north and south, service activities more than 8500 times, service budget of about 320 million yuan, carry out va深圳地铁线路图rious social services highly agree with the spiritlions怎么读 of caring action in shenzhen, Highly recognized by the official units and the society. Since the launcclubmedhawarding of shenzhen Calions翻译re Action, Shenzhen Lions Club has beelions读音n awarded awards every year. This is the 16th consecutive award for Shenzhen Lions Club.

【 Text 】 Su Zhuangbin

[Photo] Su Zhuangbin

[Edit] Ma Huijuan深圳疫情

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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