Notice | about service held annual general need to pay attention to problems of the ceremony

Notice | about service held annual general need to pay attention to problems of the ceremony

Deattention歌曲ar fellow lions,

Recently, it is the peak of the annual transition ceremony of each serviceabout怎么读语音 team. In order to further sattention翻译成中文tandarnotice作文dize the transition process of the service team and do a good joneedb in related work, and epaypal是什么支付liminate someattention翻译成中文 irregularities and even irregularitiesneed的过去式, we hereby remind the following matterabout翻译s:

Firabout-facest, do a good job of reportinattentiong for the change of leaderpaysheldhip. Please report to the regionalnotice的形容词 officer 7 ~ 15 days before the change of service team.The report mainly inotice过去式ncludes the time, place, agenda, scale and method of the transition.

Second, it is strictly forbidden to hold friendship team closing ceremony among the service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club.As far as the 140 or so service teams of Shenzhen Lions club are concerned, they are all brothers and friendlheld的意思是什么y teams, and there is no problannualsem of establishing friendlpaymenty teams. We advocate more interactions and exchanges between the service teams within Shenzhen Lions club in terms of meeting activities and service activannualities, but nattentiono agreements such as friendship teams can be signed. Sservice是什么意思ome of the service teams have previously siservice是什么故障灯gned the so-called friendship team (sistepayoneerr team), please do not hang or appear in the scene of the transition ceremony “friendship team” (sister team) related flags.

Third, background plate, large screen must use standard appellation.Make background board, big screen and other documents, please in accordance with the “Shenzhen Lions club naannualsme and job standard use method” relevant requirements, correct use of shenzhen Lions Club name and job standanoticeablerd appellation. The standard name of each service teampaypal is: “Shenzattention的形容词hen Lions Club Service Team”. Nnotice的固定搭配on-standarpayoneerd titles such as “Shenzhen Lheld中文ions Club Club” and “Shenzhen () Lions Club” are prohibited.annual英语怎么读

Fourth, do a good job of muneed怎么读tual support between the district and the service team.In order to sservice和serve的区别upport the change of the serviannual同义词ce team, it is requireabout怎么读语音d in principle that the chairman of the region wheheld的中文意思re the service team is located and the chairman of the regheldenion should attend to support; The attendance of executive directors shall be uniformly arranged by the district council, and other dnotice用法irectorsabout后面动词什么形式 shall volpaymentuntarily attend anheldd support according to the actuapaypal下载l siservice怎么读tuation. Wattention歌曲hen introducing guests at the changing ceremattention怎么读ony, the directors and supervisors are generally introduced one by one according to the lion etiquette. It is recommended to arrange seats at the main table 1, 2 or near the main table.

Fifth, overpaymentseas personnel invited to participate in the ceremonheld中文y must go to the district office in advance to handle the apnotice作文plication procattentionedures.It is not allowed to invite tservice是什么故障灯he personnel of overseannual英语怎么读as lions clubs anpaypald other social organizations to participate in the service team changing ceremony or fellowship exchange activities at home and abroad without approval.

Sixth, do a good job in the report of the succession auction fund-raheldbackisinggeneral activities. If fundraising activities sneeduch as charity auction are held at the same time, please fill inservice怎么读 the Approval Form for Fundraising Activitiegeneralize是什么意思s of Shenzhen Lions Club 8 working days before the event.At the same time, the administrative expenses should not be higher than the service funds raised.

Seventh, we need to promote frugal leadership transition.Advocate the joint change of serviceservice是什么意思中文翻译 teams, orattention短语 change of service activities. The change of service team will naboutcgot be held in five-star hotels, so the budget should be well prepared and the per capita budget should be controlled within 200 yuan as far as possible. Aattention是什么意思dvocate “clean action”, elimiannual是什么意思nate extravagance and waste. After the event, if there is any food lnotice翻译eft, try to paabout是介词吗ck.

Dear friends, we are all members of theservice是什么意思 shenzhen Lions Club famneedily. We all love this organization and wish shenzhen Lions Club a healthy, stable and harmonious development. We hope that everyone can make joint efforts, especially the district chairmen, district chairmen and servservice是什么意思中文翻译ice team leaders, to supervise and remind each other, and jointly promotserviceablee the steady development of Shenzhen Lions Club and the service teams.

Shenzhen Lions Club

May 31, 2019


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