Notice | about collection of 2018-2019 "the most beautiful moment" photographic works

Dear Lion friend,

In order to better spread the spirit of lion culture and show the happy statnotice作文e of lionabout怎么读语音 friends "helping others and smomentserving the society", with the consent of tmoment是什么意思he leaders of the District Association, we are now collecting 2018-2019 "The Most Beautiful Moment" themed photo works activity. The relevant requirementbeautifullys are hereby notified as follows:

I. Reqnotice的形容词uirements on the scopmost翻译e of solicitatiaboutcgon

1. Show the precious pictures of Shenzhen Lion Friends in the service, show the moment when Shenzhen Lion Friends receives sincere thanks from thmost是谁的最高级e recipients, and show the touching moments of Shenzhen Lion Friends in international exchanges and cooperation and public welfare activphotographic是什么意思ities.

2. The contents of the works imomentum自行车是什么牌子nclude: assimomentssting the disabled, poverty allecollection是什么牌子衣服viation, disaster relief, education, respectmomentum怎么读 for the elderly, public health, cultural communicabouttime免费观看atimostwantedlab是什么牌子on and other fields, whabout-faceich are in line with the organization purpose, visiomomentaryn, mimostly是什么意思中文ssinotice同义词on and values of Lions Club shnoticedenzhen.

3. The submitted works must be independently completedmoments by the contributor and have independent, complete, clear and undisputed copyright in respect of them; At the same time, it shall ensure that thnoticee work does not infringe the copyright, portrait right, reputation right, privacy and other legitimomentsmate rights and interests of tbeautifullyhe third party.

4.moment短语 Contbeautiful是什么意思ributors are not allowed to borrow or falsely use others' works, even partimoment翻译al use iabout是什么意思s not almomenta公司lowed. Once found out, entrants will be disqualified for inclusion, amoment翻译nd they will assume legal responsibilities.beautiful的比较级

Ii. Deadline

Thnotice用法e collection of photographphotographic怎么读s starts now and ends on June 13, 2019.

Third, the object of the call

All lion club members and distrmostictaboutcg club officers of Shenzhen Lion Club

4. Work requirements

1. This work is limited to documentary photography works of 2018-2019 Lion Activities of Shephotographic是什么意思nzhen Lions Club, including SLR and mobile phone photos. Big group photos, big group photos and other posing paboutcghotos are not accepted.

2. Pcollectionshotographic works only accept electronic files or electronic compression packages. The format must be JPEGmoments, RAW, and at least 3M in size. Content descphotographic是什么意思ription is required, including the title omomentum自行车是什么牌子f the work, the name of the author, the location of the shooting, the description of the work (20-50 words or lebeautiful的副词ss), cmomentaryontact number. Each author is limited to 10 copies.

3. The photogrmomentarilyaphic wonotice的形容词rks collected this time will be published asnoticeable "The Most Bcollection是什么意思eautiful Moments" album. The collectibeautifulbox官网下载on ofbeautiful是什么意思 works will participate in the charity sale, and the proceeds will be used formost是谁的最高级 design, printing and evaluation.

4. The Public Relationotice用法ns and Publicitmomentum自行车是什么牌子y Committee has the right of final interpretation for this photphotographic是什么意思ogrbeautifulaphy call fophotographic怎么读r papers.

Five, the selection of

From June 18 to 19, 2019, an expertbeautiful的副词 panel was organized by the Publicity Committbeautiful翻译ee of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2018-2019. A total of 50 finalists were snoticedephotographic怎么读lected, including 1 first prize, 3 seconcollections下载d prize,most是谁的最高级 6 third prize,collections 10 merit prize and 30 finalists prize.

Winning entries will receive a certificanotice的固定搭配te from the Public Relationabout是介词吗s and Publicity Committee of Lions Club shenzheaboutcg网站n.

Vi. Submission metnoticedhod

Contact permoment是什么意思son:mostly翻译 Hong Shenglong, tel: 13abouttime免费观看922881417



                                      &nbcollection怎么读sp;             Shenzhencollection接口 Lions Club

2018-2019 Presiaboutcgdent: Ma Min

        &notice的固定搭配nbsp;     &nbscollection游戏攻略p;         &nbphotographic是什么意思sp;                       Chairman of pcollection是什么牌子衣服ublic Relations and Pphotographic怎么读ublicity Committee: Tang Ho-chi

      &about-facenbsp;                             &nmostly翻译bsp;       June 4, 2019

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