Interview | loyal to be yourself Attentively to do public welfare - 2019-2020 annual incoming lead lion friends remember the lion friendly business seminar

Interview | loyal to be yourself The heart to do public welfare

-- A record of the interview with the lion friends of the lion Business Seminar of 2019-2020

In may, shenzhen Lyourself是什么意思ions Club will hold its annual lions club lealionkkdyourself是什么词性ership syourself主格形式怎么写eminar as scheduled. From May 26 to 27, 2019, lions club of Shenzhen (Shloyalenzhen) will attend the lions Club of Shenzhen (Shenzhen) 2019-2020 Leadership Leadership Seminar at Dongguan Kaijing Hotel with full enthusiasm and hope.

During the meeting, reporters from shenzhen Lionyourself的复数s Cwelfare怎么读lub news Agency randomly in抖音极速版terviewed the lion friends attending the meeting. They all expressed their confidence, expectloyalty的形容词ation and determination in the new annual work plan.

President-ewelfare可数吗lect: Weng Hua

Thanks to the conference executive team and lecloyalturers for their hard wwelfare可数吗ork ininterview翻译 preparing for thloyallyis training. Tpublicizehis training will in斗罗大陆4troduce the meaning, logloyal的名词形式o and slogan of the annual theme of "Harmonious power", and introduce the overall work plan of 2019-2020 in detail. I hope that after this trainlion复数ing, all the lion friends attending the training can firmly rememloyal怎么读ber twelfare翻译he annual "135welfare可数吗" plan. One is to adhere to the leadershippublic翻译 of the CPC; The third is three key pointsattentively翻译, that is, styourself缩写rengthening system construction, optimizing membership structure, refining social services; Fifth, there are fiveloyal翻译 types of services: save your life, care for sanitation workers, dattentivelyiabetes education, targeted assistance to the disabled and ainterviewsnti-drug education. Looking foyourself的复数rward to New Year lion, under the guida东方财富网nce of domestic斗罗大陆5重生唐三 lion federation and the disainterview的过去分词bled persons' federation of shenzhen, shenzhen lions will, as alwaywelfare怎么记忆s, calls theattentively的意思 international lions "our service", hand in hand advance togethewelfarer, try to practice "is oneself to helplions英语怎么读 others, serve the society" the objective, to explore, shenzhen style with domestic cha斗罗大陆racteristics of lions to mainterviewers怎么读ke due contributions.

655 copies d383c1f69331e9b7b7eb2ad55115_. JPG

Chairman: Lu Zhiqiang

This is the third year in a row that we have held the leadership training here. This year, about 650 people are expeyourself是什么词性cted to attend. For this training, the executive chairman of the conference and the members of the preparatory group have been preparing for more than two months. They really hope to present a wonderful training meeting and a wonderful evening party for all lion friends. I hope that all the lion club members can gain something from this training, and find their recognition of lions Club, their lointerviewers怎么读ve for lions Club and their fepublic404html最新网站eling of happy service. Oloyallyf course, we also hope that all lion friends after this traiinterviewning, any satisfied or nopublicizet satisfied with the trailoyal怎么记忆nilion是什么意思ng oplionkkinions and suggestions, can tell us, we will continue to improve and improve the quality of training in the future. In this regard, we will do our best!

Executive Chairman of the Conyourself怎么读音发音ference: Nidoe Xiangdonwelfare是什么意思英语g

As the executive chairman of this training conference, I am very happy and grateful to my team. So many brothers and sisters campublicatione to the hotel in Dongguan one day ilionsn advance to spublic怎么读erve this斗罗大陆终极斗罗 seminar. Thi斗破苍穹s activity will bewelfare是什么意思英语come more wonderful and richer with yinterviewou.

Conference Executive Chairman: Ypublic怎么读ao Li Wen

As the organizing committee, we are partwelfare翻译icularly grateful for the efforts of the lecturersloyal怎么记忆, because the whole training, the lectureloyalto什么意思rs prepared lessons for countless times, divided inpublic怎么读to many groups, a total of myourself怎么读ore than 40 lecturers attended, here weyourself翻译 sincerely thank all lecturers for their hard work. As the executive chairman of this activity, I was vwelfareery nervous when I first received this task, because the conference of more than 600 people was syourself怎么读音发音till very stressful for me, so I came back from the Uniintervieweetedinterview的过去分词 States twelfare翻译o prepare for this activity. Under the leadership of chairman Lu Zhiqiang andpublicize Executive Chairmen Nie Xiangdong, Zh抖音极速版eng Huoping and Rong Jing, many of the iteattentivelyms such as drinks and beverages wlionkkere donated by Brothers and Sisters from their own enteloyal名词rprises. Thank you very much for your supportyourself是什么意思, I hop斗破苍穹e you all have fun and learnloyalist well! Thank you vewelfare是什么意思英语ry much to President Du Peyourself主格形式怎么写ng, who led and arranged the arrangement, execution and arrangement of the whole activity. Thankinterview的过去分词 you very much!

Secretary General: Du Hengkun

The Leader-in-waiting Seminar is one of the most important events of the year. Througloyal的名词形式h the training, the goal of the New Year will bepublic conveyed to all lions club leaders, and the systeyourself缩写m of lions club over the years will be conveyed to the team leader, secretary and treasurer. After learning, they can standardize lion business, service and finance. It is also a good opportunity for our lions c斗罗大陆lub to shointerviewer怎么读w the society. Hope our lion friends in theloyal怎么读se two days, happy to learn, happy to go back to seyourself怎么读rvice.

F268533f762419b99599cb71ca6c2c3_ copy. JPG

The chairman designapublicizingte of Zone 2 for 201welfare怎么记忆9-2020: Li Zhou

We hayourselfve some work arrangements in zone 2 this year. First of all, membership retention, we strive for more than 85%, and strive to do the first place in 5 z斗罗大陆4ones. Ouinterviewers怎么读r lion work is carryourself是什么词性ied out from several aspects. The first is to care for our lion friends in the secoyourself和yourselves的区别nd zonepublication. There will be a district chairman's meetingloyal名词, captains' and joint meeting anlion怎么读d a get-togewelfare怎么记忆ther for the whole district.

5, Li Zhou.jpg

Distrwelfare翻译ict 1 Chairman designate 2019-2020: Fong Sze Lei

The annual lion Seminar for leadership candidates is the highlight ofyourself翻译 the year. Shenzhen Lions club has been training here for thpublic翻译ree years, and I have been training helionkkre for three yloyaltyears. I am a director this year. I arrived at the meeting sitelion是什么意思 in advance yesterday to do some reception arrangements. We hope that more lion friends can arrange their own time, come here to learn more things, this is the most we want to awelfare翻译chieve the goal.

6, Fang Shilei. JPG

Captain designate of China Sky Service Team 2019-2020: Yu Hui

I have attended the shenzhen Lions Club's lion candidate seminar for three consecutive ylionsears. Each time we can feel the strength of love, each time tloyaltyhe training content is constantly upgraded, eachloyalto什么意思 time we have learned a lot of lion knowledge, these knowledge and skills iyourself是什么词性nlions the future public wel斗破苍穹之无上之境fare projects can find a better and effective way to serve. I serve, I am happy!

9. Afterglow

Splendid Service Team 2019-2020 Team leader designate: Chen Zansheng

Thloyaltyrough this training, I have a better understanding of the responsibilities ainterviewingnd responsibilities of lions Clion的音标lub captain, and I have a clearer development goal for service propublic怎么读jects and annual plan. I will convey tpublicizinghe content alion怎么读nd spirit of the meeting to every lion friend in our service team, so as to better serve the future.

11, Splendid Service team leader - in - waiting Chen Zansheng

Sunshine Service Team 2019-2020 first Vice Captain designate: Li Jinsheng

This tiattentively翻译me to participate in the training of the first vlion怎么读ice captain, learned a lot, also learned a linterviewedot of npublicityew lion knoattentively的意思wledge, harvest is very big. I hope we cinterviewan help more people through this training. After we go back, we willyourself是什么词性 share the knowlyourself和yourselves的区别edge抖音极速版 we have learned in the training meeting with the lion friends, so that they can fully understand the spirit of the Lion Club and better help those who need hlion怎么读elp.

Li Jinsheng, first deputy captain of sunshine Service Team. PNG

Hong Lai Service TeamIn 2019-20Second officerThe captain:beamyiInlion怎么读 thlion是什么意思e east

I have a deep feeling about this training:attentively怎么读 firsloyaltyt, the training atmosphere is very good, everyone is willing to learn; Secondly, I have gained a lot of friendship. Together with so many lion brothers and lion sisters, I can support and help each other in future activities ayourselfnd services. Thirdly, I have a more thorough understandiloyalto什么意思ng of the lions Club.

10. Liang Yidong

Lily ServiceThird Vicwelfaree-cappublic是什么意思tain designate forpublic404html乱 2019-2020:Xin-hong Chen

It's my honor to participate in this tryourselfaiinterview什么意思ning, and I havelion是什么意思 gained a lot. Through learning, I fully upublicizingnderstand mloyaly responsibi斗破苍穹之无上之境litieyourself的复数s. When I retupublicizern to the service team after this tr斗罗大陆aining, I will share what I have learned with each team member, so that everyone alsoyourself是什么意思英语 knows the goal and task ofyourself翻译 this learning, and then we will work together to complete it.

8. Baihe Service Team Chen Xinhong. PNG

Hong Lai Service TeamFinan抖音极速版ce in waiting 2019-20:YangSally

I did finance twinterview什么意思o years ago and was appointed fi斗罗大陆终极斗罗nance again this year by this team leader. Through this studloyal的名词形式y, I feel thatlion的中文意思 the finance of Shenzhen Liopublicityns Club is more standardized and rigorous, and the efficiency of everywelfare怎么记忆one is also very high. My feeling is that there has been an obvious change from the previous years when I worked in finance. I thought the training was very good and all the spirit and norms of the Lions club were conveyed very well.

12. Yang Li shijie, Treasurer of Hong Li Service Team

May, ilions the season of flowers, is the seasonyourself是什么词性 of hope, is the seayourself的复数son of Thanksgiving. There are too many lions friends who hapublicationve their own feelings and longing for the New Year of Shenzhen Lions Club. The success of the lion Club 2019-2020 Lion Club Leadwelfareership Seminar is due to the dedication and support of eveattentively的意思ry lion Club member, every professional team, especially the staff of shenzhen Lionspublicizing Club Districinterview翻译t Office. Let us be moved and grateful to serve together in harmony, stay true to oloyal怎么记忆ur original aspiration, be loyal to ourselves, and carry forwardinterviewers怎么读 the past and openlionkk up the future with innovative services on the road of public welfare.

[Text] Shen Shi News Agency reporintervieweeter Gao Rui

[Photo] Wang Hpublic怎么读aibin, Jia Nengguo, photog斗罗大陆4raphers of Shenshi News Agency

[Editor] Chen Meihong, Zhao Annie, Ma Huijuan, Hu Lei of Shenshi News Agency

[Typesetting] Xin Yang

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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