Salute interview | : I pay, I will happy, remember the organizing and inauguration

Salute interview | : I pay, I am happy

— Tribute and Inaugural Preparation Team


On July 30, 2019, the Lionspaypal Club of Shenzhen successfully held its 2018-2019 tribute and 2019-2020 iwill后面动词什么形式nauguinterview的过去分词ral ceremony. Wonderful moments and touching pictures have been deeply impressed in my mind. The success of the event reflects the hard wosalute是什么意思网络用语rk and sweat of countless behind-the-scenes staff. Now let’s listen to the voice of the preparatory group and talk about the untold stories behind thopaypal登录se wonderful stories.


Lu Zhiqiang, president of the Conference: Countless thanks and gratitrememberingude

Thank you very musalute是什么意思网络用语ch for coming to this conference on Tuesday. Since the first preparatory meeting, mosalute网络什么梗re than two months of careful preparation, a total of more than 200 lion friends participated in the preparation work of this tribute and changehappy的反义词 csalute是什么意思eremony. Leaders from 14 regioninterviewss of China also flew to Shenzhinterviewingen to witness the achievements of lions Club shenzhen in the past year and the inauguration ceremony of the New Year. Assalute是什么意思 the prsalute中文翻译esident of this conferencehappy张江, I saw many lion friends temporarily put aside their busy work in the enterprise and devote themselveorganizingssalute翻译 to trememberinghe preparapaytory group. I have also seen that every timepay的过去式 we fapaypal是什么支付ce setbacks and difficulties, weinterview的名词 are able to knit together a rope,salute网络什么梗 heart to thwille same place to think, to make the same effort; I also see that every lion friend is all love, no return, just for the party of nearly 1,000 people can be perfect. When the conference came to a successful conclremembersusion, countless thanks and gratitude came to my heart. No matter you are the organizer, partinterviewicipant or follower, I would like to say “happy的副词thank you very much” to you!

Zhi-qiang lu. JPG


Presidenwill的过去式t of the lions Club: a high sense of responsibility and love

I hsalute中文翻译ave been the director and executive chairman of shenzhen Lions Club for manyinterviewee large-scale events, and this time we created a lot of “differenorganizingt”. Under the leadership of Mr. Lu Zhiqiang shi, the preswill怎么读ident and firhappy birthdayst vice Premember什么意思resinterview的过去分词ident of the conference, andsalute怎么读 with the joint efforts of allpayoneer executive chairmen, regional chairmen, regional chairmen and team members, the conference has achhappy张江ieved great progresorganizings and results in a very short timpaychecke. Espay的用法pecially in the early stage of ticket ssalute和respect区别ales is not very ideal, the district chairman and district chairman are actively urging the service team lion friends to buy tremember翻译ickets, effectively ensure the number of the evening pinaugurationarty. Here, thank you very much to all the lion friends who have contributed to this conference and participsalute翻译ated in the preparation. At the same time, I would like to express my gratitude to the cooperation of the fundraising team, finhappylambbarnance team, sponsorship team, award team, picket team, evening team, event team, recephappy的比较级tion team, etihappyquette team, publicity team, etc. The complete success of tsalute的中文意思he conference cannot be achieved without the high sense of responsibility and deep love for lions Club from every member of the preparatory team.

Du Peng JPG.


Rupay的用法 Chunxu, Chief director and party group leader: Both innovation andwill inheritance

In 2012-2013, I was invited by the eighth National Congress of Lions Association iremember怎么读语音n Shenzhen to serve as the general dsalute是什么意思网络用语irector of the party. I am especially grateful to this conference for giving me the opremember怎么读portunity to be the generainterviewingl director of “July 30”. Torganizinghwillpoweris year, in order to fully display the lion spirit and the power of inheritance, we have racked our brains on the two chapterwillingnesss of tribute and inauguration, especially on innovation and gratitude. On the basis of psaluterevious experience, the tribute link whappy的比较级ill be adjusted to the front of the conference time, at the same time, from musalute是什么意思sic to arrangement, full of literary and romantic color.interviewed The tribute video is crafted in the style of a movie, making the audipaypalence feel as if they were therhappye. Especially to salute Ma Min President of link, in order torganizingo achieve the result of “surprise”, President ofremembering Ma Miwillingnessn, father and daughter hand crown, the goddess of clothing finauguration是什么意思or the planning, Ma Min President is not informeinterviewer怎么读d, we have also seen at the scene, Ma Min President himself, not only many lioorganizing的意思n friends were all of her thissalute表情包 year and contribution to shenzhen lion, I could not help shedding tears. In the transition, more grand and more compact. In the process of control, every detaremembersil is responsible and controlled. Thank you very much for the cooperation of 2018-2019 Council membersalute的中文意思s and captsalute网络什么梗ains, for participating in the performance of the party, captains and lipay的用法onesses, for the five beautiful and handsome professional lionesses hwillingnessosts, and for my district presidents. Thankpays to ywill后面动词什么形式our aorganizing的意思ll-out efforts and joint efforts for more than a month, you have made such a wonderfuinterview翻译l and perfect presentation. I love you!

Spring xu. JPG


Reception growill是什么意思up CAI Min: Let loved ones “go homehappy

Isalute am very happy that I am in chargewillow of the receptremember的用法ion this year. It fully demonstrates the charm and influence of Shenzhen Lionsalute是什么意思s Clremember什么意思ub to invite so many leaders from other placesremembering to participate in the annual tribute and inauguration ceremony. In order to better complete the reception work, let the leaders of the 14 districts lion friends feel the warmth of “not one family,interview什么意思 more like one family”, the reception group attacsalute翻译hes great importapay的用法nce to the reception work this time, our team membesaluters should also do a good job of the hospitality of the hpayoneerost, complete the reception work. Through our efforts, thesalute的中文意思se non-local lioninauguration翻译 friends fully felt the warmth of “home” as soon as they walked ohappy什么意思ut of the airport, and also fully rwillpowerealized the “Shenzhen spinauguration翻译eed” and the quality of Shenzhen lion friends. After getting the flight list of lion friends from all owillingver shenhappy什么意思zhen, the reception group looked for and arranged vehicles in advance and dinauguration是什么意思etailed divhappy的比较级ision of labor. 29 lion friends and 29 vehicles responded quickly and arrived, ensuring the qusalute和respect区别ality and quantity of the receinterviewers怎么读ption work.

Cai Min JPG.


Jing Miajun, Publicity group: Break through conventional publicity

Doing more public weinterviewlfare and charity at ordinary times is also a little personal kindness, which gives us an opportunitypay to give back to the society. After I came to Shenremember的反义词zhwillowen, I learned about Lions Chappy张江lub. Lions Club is an organization that can gatherinterview the storganizingrengthpay的用法 of everyone to do something withpayoneerin its powerpaypal下载. This time, I served as the leader of the publicity ghappysugarliferoup. In terms of publicity, the publicity grpayoup broke through many conventional puinterviewedblicity methods,salute中文翻译 and spresalute中文翻译ad the lion csalute是什么梗黄子韬ulture anpay的用法d the progress and achievementsorganizing怎么读 of the service team and the preparemember怎么读语音ration team in a thoughtful, graphic and touching way. These are also our heartfelt gifts toremember the lion friends wwilliamho kept giving in 2018-19 and 2019-20. For more information about this conference, we also welcome lions brothers and sisinterviewingters to pay attention to the related reports owillingnessf Shenzhenwill Lions Club and The Shenzhen Linterviewer怎么读ions News Agency, and welcome everyone to spread and forward more, and do your part for thinterview的过去分词e publicity work of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Scene MiaoJun 2. JPG


Picksalute表情包et group Xu Qiubin: with the old take the new, hard work

From an ordinary member to a service teaminterviews lwill是什么意思eader, to the chairman of the district, the chairmrememberan of the district and the deputy secretawillry general, I am very grhappylambbarnateful to the Lions Club, which is a plsalute是什么意思atform full of positive energy for psalute翻译ublic welfare anhappy的副词d charity. Here, we not only give love, but also harvest growth and physical and mental pleasure. It is my third time as executive chairman of such a large event, and I feel both privileged and particularly responsible. This time I am responsible for the work of the picket group, mainly responsible for maintaining discipline and dealing with all emergeinterviewers怎么读ncies. At the same time, we are also responsible for all the material handling, bagging, distribution, sorting out team flagspay, awards, MEDALS and other heavy work. The success of the event is closely related to the work of the picket grremembersoup. Thank you for your support and cooperation. Activities on the same day, sergeantspaycheck-at-arms group a total of more than 30 lions, friendly service, they arrived at the scene early in the morning at halfinauguration是什么意思 past nine, there are three years in a row to participate in this event andsalute表情包 have rich experience in picket the backbone of the lion, has for the firstinterview time to do the work of the new lion, we put forward the slogan of “to the old with the new”, the scene sergeants-at-arms group of lions, the friends all in high spirit, serious and responsible, work hard.

Xu Qiubin JPG.


Sponsor Chen Guangxi: three days to ihappy什么意思mplement the sponsorship materiainterviewsls

Calcsalute是什么梗黄子韬ulate down, I should be an old lion friend. A very good friend of mihappy的副词ne introduced mremember的中文意思e to join lions Club, because many lihappy怎么读ons are very positive people and it is a very good orinterviewsghappy的比较级anization. This year, I volunteered to be in charememberedrge of the swill是情态动词吗ponsorship group. As soon as I heard that I twill是什么意思ook this job, many lion friends quietly said to me, “Do you darinterviewse to take this job?” Whenevwillinger I hearsalute网络什么梗 such words, I just smile faintly. As we all know, for a large-scale event, the pressure of the sponpaypal下载sor group is very big, but I think anything as long as we work hard towards a gorememberedod dirremembersection, there wilsalute表情包l be good results, let alone lions club is an organization that advsalute的中文意思ocates the spiriwill是情态动词吗t of “four out”. On July 30, we needed 200 bottles of red wine and 200 bottles of white wine, 100 gifts for guhappy张江ests and 1,200 ghappy birthdayifts for each purchase of tipayckets. All of them were put in place witwill是情态动词吗hin three dayshappy怎么读. When a lion sisalute网络什么梗ster heard that every year the preparatory group of lion friends would rush to the event on tsalute和respect区别he morning of the event and each one would get several T-shirts soaked while carrwillingying things, the lion siinterviewsster offered to sponsor 1,280 small fans. When I saw the happy smiles of thsalute翻译e lion friends when they got this beautiful gift, all the efforts were worth it.

Guang-xi Chen 1. JPG


Cui Weiying, Fundraising team: Complete the total sponsorshipremember什么意思 task in one day

This year, the fundraising team can be said to be very aggressive in cash fundraising. In order to make the party held smoothly, the general assembly required to find the total sponsor, pull up to 1interview00,000 yuan in cash sponsorship. The firsthappy的反义词 day I got the assignment, I finished it. Thanks to this good start, the lions in the fundrpaypalaising team are also encouraged.happy怎么读 Every time a group printervieweparhappylambbarnation meeting is held, all members caninauguration翻译 bahappy birthdaysically participate in itpaypal是什么支付. The sales of the booth was also the main work of the fund-raising group of the conference. The booth was soopayoneern ordered out, which made a lot of lion brothers and lion sisters who wanted to buy the bsalute中文翻译ooth later complained that “if you have money, you can’t buy the booth, it’s too hot.”remember怎么读语音 I could onlyinauguration tell them that the next large event must be the first to strike. Ticket sales thiswill year have also been excellent, largely covering the cost of the conference. Thanks have been saidinterview many times. I would like to thank you again for your support. You have contributed to the success ofwill怎么读 the conference.

Cui Weiying JPG.


Etiquette group Sun Mingxia: the most beautiful scenerorganizingy line

I am in charge of the etiquette group and award group for this activity. Although the work of these two teamshappy的反义词 on site is very heavy, I always believe that as lonsalute翻译g as we do our best and shappy翻译trive for the best, we will not let the lions down. Etiquette group from reception to guidance, lionesses need not only super physical strength, but also always keep the most beautiful image in front of evremember翻译eryone. Early, we are connected to the willing to psalute是什么意思网络用语ay, and the appearance of a high level, good figure of the lion sister as this time of etiquette, but also specially equipped with uniform clpaypalothing, jewelry. On the day of the event, although it was a working day, we put down everything and came to the venue early to prepare. We rehearsed for many times, from costumes to makeup, from platform to guidancwill后面动词什么形式e. I think the lionesses are very nice and considerate. Everwillowy time wsalute怎么读e met during the preparainterview翻译tion, the topic we tpay的过去式alked about was how to successfullyhappy的副词 complete theremembers ceremony and award work of the confersalute网络什么梗ence. Every member of the etiquette group and awardhappy张江 group, you have worked hard. Thank you for leaving the most beautiful and beautiful scenery line for this conference.

Ming-xia sun. JPG


Conference group Li Zhou: carefuremember什么意思l layout, effective execution

The conference affairs group is a very important preparation group in the whole conference. Based on past exremember翻译perience, we adopt a new approach with the old. First of all, a group wihappysugarlifeth 4 regional chairmen as the core was organized, which was mainly divided into 4 different groups. Brother Zhu Feng shi was responsible for the mewill后面动词什么形式eting place, sister Li Li shi was responsible for the connection between the hotel and the meeting place, sister Tang Quanhui Shi was responsible for the matsalute网络什么梗erial of thepayoneer party, and Chairman Zhang Zheqin and captain Yuan Juan were responsible for the statistics and distribution of worksalute表情包ing meals.remembers After the oveorganizingrall work deploysalute和respect区别ment, each responsible lion friends will coinauguration是什么意思ntaorganizing翻译ct lion friends for their own work and mpaypal下载ake more detailed plans and arrangements. In order to enhance the strength of the committee, we have also invited 4 presidents and leaders to join the committee as the executive chairman. These lioninterviewss are dedicated and have rich experience in organizing the csalute和respect区别ommittee. We have gathered the core strength of lions Club and thank you for your support to thepay committee.

Li Zhou JPG.


The annual tribute and ipay的过去式nauguration ceremony has come to a successful conclusion. Duremember什么意思e to work reasons, there arpaypale many lion frememberedriends dpaymentid not accept our interview, such as silenremember的中文意思tly support fowill是什么意思r the financial group, dedicated wonderful art troupe, diligent work of the districtremember的中文意思 office, etc., they are willing to give in the orememberedrdinary post, quietly dedication. Compared with the people on thwill是情态动词吗e stage, the behind-inaugurationthe-scenremember的中文意思es stpaypal登录aff are not so dazsalute的中文意思zliwill后面动词什么形式ng, but they are simple and worthy of respect, they are everwillowywhere busy busy figuwillpowerre to move us, bring the party wonderful, with actions to interpret the concept of “I serve, I am happy”, they are a group of the most lovely peoorganizing的意思ple! Salute to the loveliest!


Shen Shi News Agency gao Rui, Liu Meijpayiao

[Photo] Warememberingng Haibin, Shenshi News Agency

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