Reprint | guard beginner’s mind bear mission!

Reprint | guard beginner‘s mind bear mission!

“I have been thinking about the villagers in poverty-strmission怎么读icken areas, and I wilmissionariesl not let go of them until tguard是什么意思hey are out of poverty.” Since teprint打印机怎么用he 18th Natbeginner是什么意思ional Congremission怎么读ss of the Communist Party of China, G民的笔顺eneral Secbeginnerretary Xi Jimission的意思nping has visited the poor in 14 contiguous poverty-stricken areas across the country, always keepbear翻译ing in mind the poor people.

Reprint | guard beginner's mind bear mission!

Seeking haguardppiness for the people is the original aspiration of our Party. Next year will see the end of poverty alleviation. At this crucial stareprintedge of victory, how should we implement omission是什么意思英语ur original aspiration? Let’s review Xi Jinping’s important disc民调局异闻录之最终篇章ourse on poverty alleviation and feel the simission英语ncere feelings of the General Secguardsretary for the people.


Keep faith and do not waver

Reprint | guard beginner's mind bear mission!

A new view omission品牌f Gujiatai Village, Fuping County, Hebei Province (2guard017years1month30Daily)bear怎么读

As long as there is faith, loess becomes gold.beginner Despite poor natural conditions, backward infrastructure and low level of development, povertguardian卫报官网y-stricken areas have their own favorable conditions and advantages. As long as we baseguardian卫报官网 ourselves on favorable conditions and advantages, make good use of state funds for poverty alleviation and development, attract non-government funguardian卫报官网ds to pabeginnerrticipate in poverty alleviation and development, fully mobilizeguard against the enthusiasm of obearpopupfficibear怎么读als and the generalbear怎么读 public, build up firm confidence in poverty alleviation and民调局异闻录 prosperity and speed up development, dispbearablelay the spmissionariesirit of self-reliance and hard wguardork, and persistmission英语 in hard work, we will surely change our outlook.

2012years12A speech in Fuping County, Hebei Province, during an inspection of poverty alleviation and development work


Poverty i民调局异闻录s not an民的笔顺 immutable fate. Poor people can not be short of ambition, poverty alleviation must first support ambition. No mountain is higher than man, no road is longer than foot. We should do a good job in the publicity, education, traininmissionary翻译g and organization of cadres and people in民的笔顺 poor areas, so that they c民的部首an warm up their hearts and take action, and guide them to establish the concept that they would rather work haguards怎么读rd than endure hardships, so that they can change the situation of poverty and backwardness by relying on hard work and self-reliance.

2015years11month27solstice28Speech at the Central Conference on Poverty Alleviation and Development


Preprintractice has proved that deep poverty is not to be feared. As long as we attach great importaguardianshipnce to it, hapreprintve the right thinking, take effective measures and work in a down-to-earth manner, deep poverty can be overcome.

2017years6month23Speech at the symposiumguards怎么读 on pomissionverty Alleviation in poverty-stricken areas


Wbear是什么中文意思e will mobilibeginners是什么意思ze themission翻译 entire Party anguardianshipd the whole country to resolutely accomplish the task of poverty alleviation and ensure that our commitmemissionariesnts are fulfilled.

2reprinted017years10month25Speech abeginners翻译t the meeting of 19th CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee members with Chinemissionary歌词mvse amissionary翻译nd foreign press on October 30, 2006


At the halfwaybearpopup point of our journey, the more crucial the moment ibearings, the more we must have the conbeginner的中文意思viction ofmindful victory and the determination to attack the city with one strong effort. As long as all regions and departments shoulder theiguard是什么意思r responsibilities and work hard, as long as offbear怎么读icials amissionary翻译nd people in poor areas continue to forge ahead and work hard, and as long as the whole Parmission是什么意思英语ty and people of all ethnic groups in China unite as one and work harder, we will surelbeginnersy win the tough batbearertle against poverty as scheduled.

2018years10Directive on poverty alleviation


Stick to the target and never let up

Reprint | guard beginner's mind bear mission!

A viaduct sectimission品牌on of Guiqian Expressway in Bijie, Guizhou (2016years7mmind用法ontheprint打印机怎么用16Daily)

  The goal of poverty alleviation during the 13thbeginner翻译 Five-Year Plan period is to ensure that the poor rural popumindsetlation hguards怎么读as enough food and clothmission怎么读ing, and that compulsory education, basic medi民调局异闻录之最终篇章cal care and housing are guaranteed by 202bear0. At the same time, we will ensure that themindful per capita disposable income of farmebearrs in po民调局异闻录之最终篇章or areas increases by more than the national average, and the indicators in major areas of basic puguardsblimission翻译c servicmindses approach the national average.

2015years11month27solstice28Speech at the Central Conference on Poverty Alleviatiobeginnersn anbearingd Development


Ensubear翻译ring a better life for the people is the starting point and goal of all our work. We will continue to enmissionary歌词mvsure and improve people’s wellbeing through development, meet theimindfulr gr民调局异闻录owing needmindsets for a better life, promotemindful social equity and jumissionary歌词mvstice, and make their sense of gain, happiness and secubeginner是什么意思rity more complete, secure and sustainable. We will continue to promote targeted poverty allmission是什么意思英语eviation and achieve the goal ofmind lifting rural people living below the current poverty line obear是什么中文意思ut of poverty by 2020. To complete the building of a mguardoderately prosperous society in all respects, we needguard是什么意思 every single one民的部首 of our 1民调局异闻录之勉传.3 billion Chinese people.

2017years11month10Keynote speech at the APEC CEO Summbear怎么读it


The most arduous and onerous task of building a moderateguard是什么意思ly prosperous society in all rereprintspects is in pooreprintedr areas, especially in areas of deep poverty. No matter how hard this tobear翻译ugh bone is, it must be tackled and woreprintn no matter how hard the battle is, and every nation and every family mupreprintstguardian翻译 not be forgotten on the road to a moderately prosperous society in all respecmissionary歌词mvts.

— February 11, 2018, Speech on visiting officials and people of aleprint打印机怎么用l ethnic groups in Sichuan


When it comes to pomindsverty almissionary歌词mvleviation standards, we should not be divorced from realmindsetity,guardianship raise standards or raise our appetite, nor sguardhould we pretend to bminde lifted out of poverty, lower standbeginners是什么意思ards or undermissionmine the quality of our work.bearer Wbeginnere need to stay on the right track in poverty alleviation, ensure that our goals remaimission是什么意思英语n unchanged and our focus stays focused, and focus on addressing absolute povbearbrickerty. We need to increase support for the poor peoplpreprinte in non-pooguardian卫报官网r countibearbrickes and poor villa民调局异闻录之最终篇章ges, strictly implement the criteria and procedmission的意思ures formind withdrawing poverty-strickmissionen counties from poverty alleviatio民的部首n, and emind用法nsure that the results of poverty alleviation stand the test of history.

— March 7, 201民的部首9, speech at the Dguardeliberation of Delegatbearbrickes from Gansumission怎么读 Province at the Second Session of the 13th National People’s Congress


The original aspiration of the CPC is to seek happiness for the people and rejuvenation for the nation, and the CPC Central Commitguardtee wants to do everything possible to ensure that thminde people can live a bettmissionary是什么意思er life. Sesame blossom high, the future will be bmission怎么读etter.

— May 20, 2019, speech during an Inspecbear过去式tion tour in Jiangxi Province


Rectify the problem not relent

Reprint | guard beginner's mind bear mission!

Villagers in Shibadong Village, Huayuan County, Xiangxi, Hunanreprint, count the industrial profits (guards2019years1month17Daily)

I am not satisfied, even angry, that some poverty alleviation funds hguardsave been withhel民调局异闻录之最终篇章d at all levels and diverted to other uses. The divebear是什么中文意思rsionmissionary翻译 of poverty relief funds is民的拼音 as criminal as the diversion of disaster relief funds. Thmindsere is also the problem of defrauding poverty relief funds. They must be promptly discovemission翻译red, promreprintedptly corrected, resolutely opposed and resolutely peprintut an end to.

2012years12A speech in Fuping County, Hebei Province, during an inspection of povertyeprint alleviation and devmindselopment work


In order to prevent formalism and help the real poor, we must ensure thpreprintaguardianshipt poverty alleguardviation work is practical, the process of poverty alguard是什么意思leviation is solid, and the results are real. We must ensure that the results of poverty alleviation are truly recognized bymissionary翻译 the people and can stand the test of practice and history. We will carry out the strmissionary翻译ictest possible assessment and evaluation,beginner carry out inspections and inspections, and hold those who practibear怎么读语音ce fraguardian卫报官网ud and frau民调局异闻录d accountable. We must strengthen the management and use of poverty alleviation funds, and resolutely correct and deal with misappropriatimissionary是什么意思on or embezzlbearpopupement of poverty amission品牌lleviation funds.

2017years2month21Speech at the 39th grouguardsp study session of the politicalmission Bureau of tbear怎么读he COMMUNmind用法IST Party of China Centguardral Committee


We need to be problem-oriebeginners是什么意思nted, and focus our efforeprintedrtsbear怎么读语音 on addressing promiguardian卫报官网nent problems inbeginner是什么意思 poverty alleviation, such as a lack of awarenessbearpopup of the four aspects of poveguardianshiprmission怎么读ty alleviation, inadequate implementation of responsibilities, inamission翻译ccurate work measures, irregular manabear翻译gement amissionary歌词mvnd use of funds, poo民调局异闻录之最终篇章r conduct of womindfulrk, and lax assessment and evaluation. We need to sbear怎么读语音trengthen institutional building and tighten the institutional cage.

2018years2month12Speech at the Symposium on The Battle against Pomission翻译verty


Efforts should be made to combat corruption and conduct in the field of pobearerverty alleviation, strengthen mbeginner翻译anagement of poverty alleviation funds, and strictly punish misappropriation and embezzlement of poverty alleviation funds. The public is disgusted with formalism, bureaucraguard翻译cy and fraud in some local poverty alleviation effortsShould be seriously solved.

2018years3month5Dmission的意思elivered at the deliberation of the Inner Mongolia delegation to the first Session of the 13th National Peoplereprint什么意思‘s Conbear怎么读gress on April 30, 2006


We need to enforce strict partbear是什么中文意思y selfmissionary歌词mv-governance throug民的笔顺hout the entire prguards怎么读ocess of poverty alleviation, strbear怎么读engthen our work style, improve and implement thbeginner是什么意思e institutions and mechanisms for promoting poverty alleviation through Party buiguard againstlding, and give full play to the role of community-reprintlevel Partybear organizations in leading the peeprintople out of po民调局异闻录之最终篇章verty and getting rich. We need to intensify efforts to combat corruption and work smindfultyle in poverty alleviation, and impmindlement all decisions on reducing burdens at the community-level.

2019years4month16Speech dmission翻译eliveremindd at a symposium in Chongqing, China, on The issue of “no worries, no worries, no gbeginnersuarantees”mission的意思


We should not slacken our efforts to fulfill our responsibiliguardianties


Reprint | guard beginner's mind bear mission!

Tourists wreprint什么意思alk under the “Jiao Tong” at the gate of Jiabear过去式o Yulu Executive Leadership Academy (2017yguards怎么读ears8month9Daily). This paulownguards怎么读ia was planted by Jiao Yulu himself and is calledmindset “Jiao Tong”

We need to solve the problem of “who will provide assistance”, and speed up the formatbearingion of a poverty alleviation and development work mechanism under which the ceguardian卫报官网ntral government takes overamission的意思ll responsibility, provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities dirmissionariesectly under the Central Government) assume overall responsibility, and cities (prefecture-level cities) and counties implement poverty alleviation and development work. We need to ensure that there is a clear division of labor, clear responsibbearerilities, tasguardian卫报官网ks assigned to individuals, and proper assessment.

2015years11month27solstice28Speech at the Central Conference on Poverty Alleviation and Developmissionary是什么意思ment


The more we fight poverty, the mormindsete we need to strengthen and improve party leadership. Party committees and officials at all levels must strengthen their confidence, have the courage to fulfill their responsibilities, shoulder the responsibility of poverty alleviation on tguards怎么读heir shoulders, and grasguardp the task of poverty alleviation on their hands.

2015years11month27solstice28Speech at the Central Conference on Poverty Alleviation and Development


We will increase assistance and support fbearbrickrom the eastern region and the central government to the poverty-stricken areas, and strengthen the responsibility of assistance. We wguardill increase funding, projects and personnel fbearableor the poverty-stricken arguardian翻译eas that are targeted by the cooperation between eastern and western regions for poverty alleviation, or by pairing assistance from central government units.

2017years6month23Speech at the symposium on poverty Alleviation in povmissionary歌词mverty-stricken areas


We will pumissionary翻译t in placreprintemind a management system under which the central government coordinates overall planning, provinces assume overall responsibility, and c民的笔顺itbearbrickies and coun民的拼音ties take full民的笔顺 responsibility for implementation. Under central planning,guards怎么读 we need to do a good job of top-level design, create conditions for local governments in terms of policy and funding, andguards怎么读 strengthen ovebeginner的中文意思rsight of poverty alleviation. The overall responsibility of the province is to connect the past with the past, traguardnslate the CPC Central Committee’s major policies into implementation plans, and promote the implementation of the womissionary翻译rk. The implementation of these policiesguardian at the city and county levereprintedls means that pbearolicies and measures for poverty alleviation will take root in the lightguard against of local conditions.

2018years2month12Speech at the Symposium on The Battle against Poverty


Part民的笔顺y committees and officials at all levels should ensurguardian卫报官网ebearing that all measures are implemented in villages, households and people. We need to strengthenguardianship community-lguardianshipevel Party organizations at the rural leve民的笔顺l, betteguard翻译r play their role as fortresses in poverty alleviation, an民调局异闻录之勉传d improve the Party’s capacity to govern and serve the people at the community level. Party meguardian翻译mbers and cadres should go to thmission翻译e front line of poverty alleviation and leguard翻译ad the people out of poverty and get rich, undergo teseprintts, hone their Party spireprintrit, strengthen the feelings of the people, and enhance theimissionary是什么意思r ability to do their work well.

2019yeabear过去式rs4bearpopupmonth15A speech during an inspectmindsetion tour in Chongqing, China


Photo/article reprinted from Guangdong Poverty Allbeginnereviation Office

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