Support women to promote and Create family Harmony — Shenzhen Lions Club 2018 — 2019 Women and Family Growth Committee tribute meeting was held

Support women‘s advancement. Create a harmonious family

— Lions Club of Shenzhen held the 2018-2019 Women and Family Growth Committee tribute Meeting


July 29, 2019, Shenzhen Lions Club2018-2019The women and Family Growth Council tribute was hcreateprocesseld at the Spromote和boost的区别outh Mountain Celebrity Wine Clions翻译lub. Shenzhen Lions Club2019-2020 Chairman Weng Hua, Supervisor Shi Jianyong, last Chairman Ma Min, first Vice Chairman Lu Zhiqiang, second Vicharmonyos和安卓的区别e Chairman Guo Yongyong, secretary General Du Hengkun, Finanfamily是什么意思cial Chief Peng Daojian, Picket Chief Du Pharmonyos是什么系统eng, Deputy secretary General Xu Qiubin, regiona我们的婚姻在线观看l chairmfamilytherapy中文en and womfamilyen and Family Growth Commitclub是什么酒tee chairman, executive chairman teamEtccreate的各种形式.25 peopleAttend the tribute, which will be hosted by Mei Linsupportassist戴尔.

Before the tharmony形容词yphoon in Pengcheng, the weather was inclement, but on the eve of the annual tribute anharmony翻译d inauguration ceremony of the Lions Club in Shecreate的名词和形容词nzhen, everyone was able to attend, which was very rare. Led by the executive team, the Chair of the Committee for Wome深圳疫情n’s Growth 2019-20, Yao Li Wan, an extraordinary tribute was stagecreatedd.

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In the beautifamilytherapy中文ful waltz sound, Shi Elder sister dressepromote的中文意思d in elegant Cheongsam invited Shi Elder brother to dancefamily家庭和家人的区别 together. The opening style of singing and dancing was distinctive, and a small climax was opened in the laughter and song.

The firssupport什么意思t speech will be delivered by Ma Min, president of Lions Club shenzhen 2018-2019. She said the Women and Family Growth Couclubman是什么牌子车ncil was created under the initiative of Lions Club International President Gudrun to “go beyond thsupportassiste horizon and inv深圳市最新疫情olve more women iclubman是什么牌子车n service and the role of women in Lions”. She commended and thanked the committeepromote翻译, led by the first chairman Cui Weiyilions怎么读ng, for organizing colorful activities and lectures, which were highly praised and actively partsupportassist戴尔icipated by Sister Shi and Sister-in-law Shi. It is hoped that in the New Year, chairwoman Wen Ycreate是什么意思aoli will lead the committee to a better organizpromote和boostation and ac我们的乡村tive work, so as to further expand its influence and make contributions to the developmlionsent of Shenzhen Lions Club.

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Summing up the work by Chui Wai Ying, chair of the Council on Women and Family Growth for She said that the committee was officially established on October 23, 2018, and the fircreate的名词st salon wasupport是什么意思中文s held at Artron Art Center. Liu Xiaogang, director of Lions Club International for 2017-2019, came to congratulate and deliver a speech. “New sounds, new stories, and total of aboclub是什么酒ut” the second theme activities, gudrun always grow on the groundharmonyos是什么系统, this paper expounds the her annual slopromote用法搭配gan “beyond the horizon” and the significance of the “new voice” program, called for by advoc深圳市最新疫情ating female members to participate in service, the increase of female members, promote women leadership members and spread the female voice. This close contact with the president of the associaticlub翻译on, received warm response from the lion friends, so that theclub怎么读 lion friends have a deeper understanding of the establishment of the committee. The committee also organized “March 8” International Women’s Day condolencreate翻译ce activities fopromote翻译r female police officers and pare深圳天气nt-child education lectures, which promoted female members to improve themselves, improve leadership and make greater csupport什么意思ontributions to public service. Cui weiying thanked the leadsupporters of Shenzhen Lcreate怎么读音ions Club for their support to the深证指数 work of the committee and the active participation of the lions charmonyos怎么关闭lub members, especlubcially the lions Sisters, which laid a solid foundation for the committee at the beginning of its establishment.

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On behalf of the new committee, Chairwoman of the Council for Women’s Growth 2019-20 Yoo-lai Wan paid tribute to Choi and her executive team by presenting flowers and gifts to them.

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In the presence of Chairman Weng Hfamilyua, Supervisor Shi Jianyong, last Chairman Ma Min, first Vice Chairman Lu Zhiqiang and second vice chairman Guharmonyoso Yoharmonyos是什么手机型号ngyong, Cui Weiying will hand over the crown and scepter of the chairmanship of the committee tofamily是什么意思 the nclubmanew chairwoman Wan Yao-li. In the warm embrace of the two outstanding lion s我们的四十年istersclub用英语怎么说, the handover ceremony was successfully completclubmeded.

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Chalions英语怎么读irwoman Yapromote用法搭配o Li Wan delivered her inaugural speech. She first thanked the leaders of Lions Club shenzhen for their support of tfamily是什么意思he committee and the executive team led by Cui Weiying for t深证指数heir contribution to the establishmclub怎么读ent and development of the Committee. At the same time, she introduced the new executive team and prospected the work of tclub是什么酒he New Year. Then, members of the executive team spfamily翻译oke in turn, introducing the new annual work plan and ideas. In the New Year, the committee willclub翻译 comprehensively improve the quality and leaders我们的婚姻在线观看hip of female members, and do a good job in family harmony, so as to makfamilye greateclubsr contributions to public service.

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In his speech, President Weng Hua fully affirmed the achievlionsgateements of the committee in the past year and placed high hopes on the new executive team. He stressed that thewomen committee should not only promote female members, but also pay special attention to the lion brothesupport是什么意思中文rs’ familionslies, encourage the lion sister-in-law to pcreatearticipate in the committee’s activities, so that they can strengthen their understanding of the Lions club, support the work of the Lions Club, create a more harmonious famharmonyos和安卓的区别ily atmosphere, and promote the development of the Lions Club.

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The tribute will end in a warm and romafamily怎么读ntic atmosphere. This unique tribute fully embodies the organizational leadership olions读音f female members and the committee’s unique way of orpromote是什么意思英语g我们不能是朋友anizing. Believharmonyqueste in the New Year, WenYaoLi led bsupport什么意思y committee, chairman ofpromote是什么意思英语 the executive team can deliver, organize m深圳疫情ore meaningfulsupportassist activities, to further expand the commission’s influence, promote the common growth of female members and family harmonharmonyquesty, theharmony翻译 response of shenzhen lion’s annual slogan深圳 “with service, harmonious”, make positive contribulions英语怎么读tion to the development of the lion.

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By Mei Lin & NBSP;

  Photo/WEN Yaoli jiang Xie Zclubmed官网预订hen Yu Lixia & NBSP;


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