Standardize lion business harmony and Achieve greatness -- The first special council of 2019-2020 of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held

Standardize lion business harmony zhiyuan

-- The first special Council of The 2019-2020 Shenzhen Lions Club was succharmonyos怎么关闭essfully held


On Augusharmonyost 11, 2019, the first special council oharmonyquestf Lions Club Shenzhen for 2019-2020 was held in the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. The participating council members deliberated and passed resolutions on strengthening the construction of abnormal service teams and revising the list of leading groups and working groups. Thstandardized是什么意思ey conveyed the spirit of the 102nd International Annual Conference and tfirst怎么读英语he spirspecial的名词itfirst怎么读英语 of the second council meeting of the Domestic Lions Association. They also listened to briefings on the ceremofirstlyny and inaugural gala, the settlement of thfirstname填姓还是名e training for waiting, and thlionele launching of the "Help by Your Side" theme serbusinesspersonvice monachieve翻译th series activities.

Director Li Lun led the parachieve翻译ticipating cbusiness-methodouncil members to study the notice of Measures on Deepening the Reformspecialty of Social Organization Management Sysharmony是什么意思tem and Promoting the Healthy and Orbusiness是什么意思derly Developmenfirst翻译成中文t of Social Organizations issued by the official Office of shenzhen Munigreatness翻译cipal Party Committee and The Official Office of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government. Thefirstly notice includes seven meascouncil怎么读ures, including improving the accfirstlyess and withdrawal mechanism of social organizations, improving the supefirst怎么读英语rvision system of social organizations, optimizing the development environment of social organbusinesslikeizations, strengthening self-construction of social organiachievedzations, guidingbusinesslike social organizations to play a positive role, strengthening the party's leadership over the worklion怎么读 of social organizations, and focusing on orgfirst翻译anization and implementation. The Shenzhen Lions Club is required to thoroughly implemlion翻译ent Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Domestic Characteristics for a New Era and the spiriachieveourownt of the 19th CPC National Congress, and fully implement the spirit of relevant dlion的音标ocuments.

Hou hcouncil怎么读er director from shenzhen China lion public foundation was set up after, purharmonyos怎么关闭pose, development direction of three aspectspecial翻译s: the foundation was introduced, and the lion friends more attention given to the fbusiness-methodoundation problem response solutiharmonyos2.0.0系统好用吗ons, also for the development of shenzhen lion requirements: oncouncil翻译e is to strengthcouncilen the party's constructiolion的中文意思n, to ensure the development of the shenzhen lion; Second, establish and improve relevant systems and strengthen ibusiness翻译nternal management; Third, establish iachieve翻译nternal and external cstandardize翻译ooperation mechanism to provfirst是什么意思ide lions club with sustainable develcouncil怎么读opment capacity.

President Weng Hua convlioneyed the spirit of the 102nd Lions Club International Annualion的音标l Meeting, and thanked all lions for their support and participaachievement是什么意思英语tion. The annual meeting was wonderfachieve3000ul with many higstandardized是什么意思hlights. Tbusinessman翻译he lispecial是什么意思olion怎么读ns fully felt the joy of celebrating the anspecial翻译nual meetinbusiness的形容词g together, exspecializedperilion翻译efirst namenced the unique style of tcouncil读音he Milan Annual Meeting, and harvharmonyested the friendship with lions fromcouncils all countries and rbusiness-methodegions.

Du Hyeong-kun, secrebusinesswomantary general, delivered the spirit of thachievement是什么意思英语e second annual council of lions Association in China. The meeting pointed out that locouncilman小体cal governments sbusinessman翻译hould properly handle the relationship with the local dspecial的名词isabled Persons' Federation, coachieve是什么意思rrect their attitude, rfirst nameeport regspecializedularly, cooperate deeply, seek common ground while reserving differences, achieve win-win results, and ensure the healthharmonyquesty and orderly developmenbusinesspersont of the Lions Club. At the same time, he conveyfirsted the doharmonyos是什么系统mcouncil什么意思estic Lion Associaticouncil翻译on on strengthening administrative budget maachievenagement, tight arrangement of the annual lion supplies budget, strengthen the wechat public number, wechat offiharmony翻译cial group and other network information platforachievementm standardized managharmony形容词ement notice.

Lu Zhiqiang, the first vice Presidelionnt of ccPIT Xiamen, said that in response to theharmonyquest requirements of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and tbusinessmanhe Domestic Lion Association on member develspecial是什么意思opment, to improve the quality and development of members, to cospecialized自行车ntrol the size and scale, to strengthen the construction of abnormal sespecialtyrvice teams, combined with the current situation of the serviachieve3000登录官网ce team and the work arbusinessmanrangement of this year's service team construction,lion复数 The number of service teams with less thacouncilorn 15 members shall be merged through friendly consultation, voluntary consultation, alliance between powerful teams and transfer of members to other teams. The number of members shall reach 25 in accordanharmonyos怎么关闭ce with tfirsthandhe principles of merginachievedg less with more, merging new with old, mergicouncilng nearbyharmonyos2.0.0系统好用吗 (service actispecializationvity area) and merging with the same region (special area). He briefed on the settlement of the orientation training, the ceremony and the inaugurbusiness的形容词al gacouncil翻译la.

Guo Yongyong, vice President ofspecialty cbusinesswomancNA introduced the launch oflionkk the "Helpbusiness是什么意思 bfirst青年电影展y your Side" theme service month sercouncil什么意思ies activities. Shenzhelionsn Lions club will launchharmonyos2.0.0系统好用吗 the "Help by your Side" project in September, which will be participated by each zone, district and service team. With tcouncilman小体he theme of caring for life, the projecachievedt starts from itself, raises funds, integrates professional institutions and talents, and is committed to improving tachievedhe popularization rate of first aid for alstandardized是什么意思l people, improving the awareness of first aid for citizens, and allowing more people to participafirst namete icouncil怎么读n the training and practice of first aid knowledge. The project starts from thlion复数e lions Club and enters into the lion fbusiness-methodriends' families, sachieveourownchools, communities and enterprises. Relying on the professional trafirstlyining force of minion emergency rescue systematistandardize翻译cally, it is committed to popularizing training to tlion翻译he society and promoting first aid. The trainees who complete the training and pass the assessment will be awarded theachieve是什么意思 prospecialized自行车fessiolion翻译nal certificfirst是什么意思ate of minion emergency rescue primary course.

Li Feng, execfirst翻译utive deputy secretary genharmony形容词eral, introduced that this year will ststandardize翻译art the system revision work, set up the systachieveourownem revision lebusinessading group and working group, establish and improlion翻译ve the rules and regulations to meet tfirst青年电影展he new requirements of organizational development, to ensure the standard operation of Shenzhen Lions Club.

ShiJianYong supervisor on behalf of the board of supervisors supervise comment, he Shared the part in domestic lion federation supervisors conference spirit, shenzhen lions in order to strengthen the management of ideolion的音标logy, in strict accordance with the requirements, the administrative department for the next phase of work, want to have a clear understanding, to improve the polispecialtical stance, strengtfirst怎么读英语hen lespecialarning, carefully examines problems, improve the understanding of thgreatnesse current situaachievetion and basic requirements, To ensure the smooth operatispecial是什么意思on of lions club in both thought and action.

Wlion复数engHcouncil和committee的区别ua President of summing-up, thanks to the leaders of the lion friend's support for the council, he reiterated the importance and necessity of strengthbusiness怎么读ening the construction of abnormal servicespecialize, hope the service through friendly consultation and so on a variety of ways tspecial是什么意思o consolidate, prompt service meeting and normal serviclion复数e, atspecial怎么读 the same timeharmonyos是什么系统 hope all directors conscientious, completes the labor of duty, Timely communicate and coordinate the problems existing in the service team, and guide the steady development of the servicespecial翻译 team.

Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 President Weng Hua, last president Ma Min, first Vice President Lu Zhiqiang, second vice President Guo Yongyong, secretary Generabusiness-methodl Du Hengkun, Chief Financial Officer Peng Daojian, Chief Executive Officer Liao Ronghui, chief instandardizespector Du Peng, executive deputy secretarlionkky Generalcouncil词根 Lispecial翻译 Feng and other 29 directors attended the meetincouncil翻译g. Hou Yisha, the chief representative of The Domestic Lions Association in Shenzhen, sspecialecretary of the Party Group and chairman of the Sachieve3000登录官网henzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, Huang Fake, directlionkkor ofbusinessman the Office of the Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, Li Lun, director of tcouncil什么意思he Publicity and rights Protection Dfirst是什么意思epartment of the Shenzhen Disabled Perachieve翻译sons' Federationbusiness翻译, Shi Jianyong, supervisor of the Shenzhen Lions Cgreatness是什么意思lub, He Xinru, Deputy secretaryharmonyos general of The Scouncil词根henzhen Huashi Public Welfare Foundation, Yang Jinlong, were precouncil词根sent at the meeting. The meetinfirstg was presided over by Du Peng.


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