Improve supervision Mechanism to Ensure Steady Development -- The first special Supervisory Board meeting of 2019-2020 of Shenzhen Lions Club was held smoothly

We will improve oversight mechanisms to ensure steady development

-- The first special Susupervisor什么职务pervisory Board meeting of 2019-2020 of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held


2019On Adevelopment可数吗ugust 10th, the first special board meeting of 2019-2020 was hefirst怎么读ld in the smensure翻译all conference room of lions Club office in Shenzhen. At the meeting, the particisupervisor是什么级别pating supervisors studied the spirit of the second supervisors' meeting of the Domestic Lions Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association), learned about thfirst青年电影展e Milan Interspecial的名词national Annual Conference, deliberated and approved the annual work plan and activityensure和assure区别 outline of the Board of Supervisors, confirmed the supervisorsdevelopments翻译' duty schedule for 2019-2020, and deliberated the matters to be deliberated and notified at the first special council meeting.

Chief Supervisor Shi Jianyong conveyed the spirit of thesteady meeting to the participating supervisors. It requsupervisor教程ires the members of the board of Superviensure造句sors to have a clear political awareness and understanding, and play a guarantee in political thought and action, so as to ensure that the bottom line and red line can nospecialized自行车t be touched in the development process ofmechanism和machine的区别 the Lions Clspecializationub in thefirsthand new period in accordance with the requirements of the central government and the state and the requirements of the management depasteady名词形式rtment. In the new era, the members of the bofirst青年电影展ard of Supervisors need to sersteady副词iously study the rulspecialized自行车es and regulations formulated by the Liofirstlyn Club, correctly implement the requirements of the ruensure造句les and regulations, strengthen their ideological cultivation, improve theirimprove翻译 understanding of thefirst是什么意思 currspecialent social situation and the Lion Club, and develop excellent skills.steady名词形式 The board of Supervisors is a supervisory body and an important gadevelopmentteway for political security. The members of the Board of smechanismupervisors have great responsibilities and honor. It is very important to standardize the development of Lions Club unfirst翻译der the new situation and requirememechanism怎么读的nts.

The participfirsthandating supervisors reviewed timprove有被动语态吗he work plan and activity outline of the Board of Supervisors for 2019-2020, and determined the duty schedule of the board of Supervisors for this year. The supervisors attending the meeting unanimouslydevelopments翻译 apprensure的用法oved the 2019-2020 work plan and activity oudevelopment怎么读英语tline ofsteady是什么意思 thesupervisor是什么意思 Board of Smechanism和machine的区别upervisors by a show of hands. Afterwards, the participating supervisors discussed the agenda and documesteady的反义词nts of the upcomispecial怎么读ng first special council meeting, and gave their supervisory opinions.

Tan Fei, secretary general of the Board of Supervisors, briefed the supervisors on the milan International Csupervisor和manager区别onvention. At the Milan Isupervisor怎么读nternational Convention, Zhasupervision怎么读ng Guojun was electefirst翻译d director of Lions Club Intensure和assure区别ernational, and the supervisors congratulated zhang guojun on her successful election.

Supervisor Shi kin-wing said that supervisors should fulfill their duties and attend district councspecializationil meetings and activities on time. The Boensure的用法和搭配ard of Supervisors will form a long-first怎么读英语term supervision mechanism, speed up the formulation of relevant rules and regulations on the appointment cofirst怎么读英语nditions and responsibilities of supervisors, and ensure the himprove的固定搭配ealtensurehy and orderly development of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 Supervisor Shi Jianyong, Secretary General Tan Fei of the Board of Supervisors, supervisors Wang Daoming, Guo Tao, Deng Yi, Chen Qiufen, He Xinru and Tang Haozhi attendsupervisored the meeensure翻译ting, which was presided over by Shi Jianyong.


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