Happy Service Team: happy friendship team with Brisbane Asia Pacific United Business Lions Club

Happy Service Team: happy friendship team with Brisbane Asia Pacific United Businessteamwork Lions Club

On June 24, 2017, the Brisbane Asia Pacific Joint Business Lbusinessions Club changing Ceremony & masquerabrisbane是什么意思de Ball & charity Dinner was held in Brisbane Miniunited怎么读ster Hotel. Guo Yongyong, chairman of the management Committee of the fourth member of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2016-2017 and foufriendship可数还是不可数名词nding leader of The Happy Service Team, Cunitedstates中文意思AI Min,business是什么意思 leader of the Happyfriendships钢琴谱 Serbusinessvice Team and Lin Chunhao, leader designate of the Happyservicebio Service Team, were invited to attend the acthappy birthdayivity, and on behalf of the Happy Service Team, they formed a friendly service team with Brisbane Asia Pacific United Business Lions Club. Afterwards, the two sides held a lion ehappysugarlifexchange meeting to share theteamir experience in lions club activities.

Thehappy的反义词 event officialteamsly kicfriendships钢琴谱ked off with a wonderful band performance. Duncan Pegg MP, The Official Representative of Queensland, deservice可数吗livered a speech celebrating theservice 100th anniteam什么意思versary of Lions International. Graham Jackson, Regional President of Lions Clubfriendship翻译 International 201Q1, introduced the achievements and contributions of Barry Palmer, past Preteamworksident of Lions Club International during hiasian翻译s tenure. In his speech, Bteamviewerarservice的名词ry Palmer invited everyone thappy birthdayo tservicebiooast the 100th anniversary of Lions Club Internatiofriendship怎么读nahappyl.

Then,happy翻译 witnessed by all leaders and guests, shenzhen Lions Club happy Servservicebioice team and Brisbane Lions Club of Asia Pacific United Business officially became frienbusiness是什么意思dly service team. Captain CAI Min expressed the hope that this friendship event can promote the friendship between China and Australia and the development of public welfare undertakings. Through the exchange and cooperation with Brisbane Asifriendship思维导图a Pacific Lions Club, more charitable forces can be gathered, the lion service level of Happy Service team can be improved and the influence of Happy Service Team can be expanded. The Happy Service Team donated 7,000 Australian dollars (35,000 yuan) ohappy的反义词n the spot to support the Spacifica是什么牌子车ervice activities ofteambition Brisbafriendship翻译ne Asia Pacific United Business Libusinessmanons Cfriendships钢琴谱lub. Afunitedstates中文意思ter the event, Captain CAI Min warmly inbusinesspersonvited the members of Brisbane Asia Pacific Unipacificocean是哪个国家tedbusiness怎么读 Business Lions club to atfriendship的意思tend the inauguration ceremony of happy Serunited英语vice Team’s 2017-2018 annual change.

The Chinese ambassador to Brihappy的比较级sbane expressed recognition and appreciation of the friendship between the tfriendship的意思wo service teams, affirmed their contributions to the charity of their countries, and wished the event a complete success.

At the ceremony, thteamproe new board members of Bunited用英语怎么说risbane Asia Pacific Joint Business Lions club took office and Roy Tsang was elected as the nebrisbane是哪个港口w president.

This event, whether it is the changing ceremony, the masquerade ball or the charity auction, is unique and full of fashion sense, which makes the lion friends of the happy service team gain a lot and benefit a lot.

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