Zimeng Service Team: launch the “Peace poster” competition

Zimeng Service Team: launch the “Peace postercompetition

          On September 16, 2015, under the leadership of Lin Zhuohui紫梦幽龙作品集, leader of Shenteams手机版zhen Lion Club Zimeng Service Team, theycompetition怎么读 went to Golden Phoenix Junior Middle School in Feng字孟德gang Town, Donggualaunch什么意思n city to carry out the activity of “Angel Plan into the Community — Share peace, Poster Design Competition”.
          In the afterno字梦得的人是谁on, lion friends came to the scene that had been arranged in advaposter模板nce — the multimedia classroom of Golden Phoenix Junior High School, Fenggang Tow紫檬明明n, Doservice和serve的区别ngguan City. Guests, award-winning teachers and award-winning students also sat down. The teachservice是什么意思ers, students and leadepostern下载rs of Golden Phoenix School came to the site to participate in the acpeacetivitycompetition翻译,teamviewer showing the紫梦幽龙ir interest and support moservicere than before. After watching the prevzimengious painting desiservice是什么意思中文翻译gn entries and video display, the activity officially kicked off with the bell ringing of the team leader, Brother Lin Zhuohui.


      &梓萌的含义nbsp;  posterity Attend the activities of tcompetition英语怎么读he lecompetition英语怎么读aders and guests, dongguan feng gang propaganda education style council, deputy director peng imitation of ms, feng gang town dongguan artists association, Mr Zhou Biku, feng gang town dopeaceminusonengguan Luo Youfang teacher in stolaunch什么意思ne calligrapher’s association, feng gang town do梓萌的含义ngguan artist assoteamworkciation director had Mr Dong, dongguanteams手机版 city, the town of golden phoenix phoenix hills, principal Denver, degree students fu qiang, director of the school.
  &nbslaunchp;       In the actiteamprovity, the leaders strongly praised and supported the holdiservice和serve的区别ng of this activity, said that this activity has played a posiservicemantive and healthy guiding role for the growth and creation of young people, and hope and encourage more teachers and students to participate in the healthycompetition和contest区别 development of young people to mpeacefulake greater efforts.

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Photo by Ms Lo Huijuan, Secretlaunchedary of Zimong Service Team

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