Blue Sky Service Team: Held the regular meeting in September of 2015-2016

Blue Sky Service Team: Held the regular meeting in September of 2015-2016

          On September 18, 2015, after the return visit to the Cheldenhservice的名词ildren’s Welfare Home of Shenzhen Social Welfare Centeskype是什么软件r, Blue Sky Service Team rushed to tsky直播he meeting room of Yutong Car Rental Company to hold tmeeting的音标he regular meeting of September 2015-2016. More than tregularly意思中文翻译en lion friends including Zservicebiohong Bin from The Blue Sky Seteam是什么意思翻译rvice team attenmeeting翻译ded the meeting. Captain Gan of The New Continenteamst Service team attended the meeting for guidance and support. Brother Yang Yunliang served as the chairman of the regular memeeting是什么中文意思eting, Sister Gu Weixia served as the coordinator of the regular meeting, and Brother Huseptember是什么意思ang Junping seseptember美食博主rved as the executive chairman of the meeting. The meeting was presided overegular反义词r by Sister Wang Yanshi.


          The meeting focused on the upcoming five jointteams手机版 election activities on October 18. Captain Zhong Bin delivered the latest message of the joint election, and the theme of the election was determineheld的原型d as “Five meheld怎么读的etings of the samblued官网e mind, walking with the dream”. Afterwards, psky是什么意思articipants learn and understand the process of joint transition. The mblued注册不了eetiblued下载ng discussed the trophy types and the list of winners, determined the change of party men and woheld的意思是什么men’meetingyou是什么意思s clothing requirements, and immediately set up the change of the committee, on the various posts for a clear division of labor. In order to cooperate with the process of csky直播hanging the general assembly and ensure its efficiency, the regular meetingseptember缩写形式 decided to cancel the auction fundraising link.
          The meeting also confirmed the time of the October regular meeting, and held a celebration for tservice是什么意思he lion friends’ birthday in October.



Article/Pheld中文hoto Contributedseptember的小厨房 by Blue Sky Service Team

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