Grace Service Team: held the sixth regular meeting and Spring Welcome party of 2016-2017

Grace Service team: held the sixth regular meeting of 2016-2017And spring Reception

On the afternoon of Februagrace中文名什么意思ry 25, 2017, the sixth regular meeting and Spring Welcome party of Shteamenzhen Lions Club was held in Shenzhen Nuanyu Shengshi Inheld的中文意思vestment Co., LTD. Wu Yuqiong, executive Chaiheld过去式和过去分词rman of 2016-2017 Comheld过去式和过去分词munwelcome的过去式ity Service Committee and Centennial Celebration Committee of Shspringcloudenzhen Lions Club, Wang Shuang, captain ofheld的意思是什么 Tien Service Team, Li Zwelcomeback什么意思hou, Second Vice captain Guo Liang, secretary Liheld是hold的什么形式u Sisi, director Peng Xing and other 20 people attended the meeting. The meeting wspringbootas presidesixthd over by Hu Xiang.

Captain Wang Shuang summarizedservice是什么意思 the lion work in the first half of thmeetingtencentcome year and introduspringbootced the service activities to be carried outspring面试题 in the next three months. Brother Li zhoushi gave a detailed introduction of the study tour in Western Hunan and made arrangements for the aid activity of “Walspringking into the mountain and lighting up the hope of left-behind children” in April.

Isixth是什么意思n order to let the potential lions to better understand the culture of lions club, iteamsnto the lions club, Wu Yuqsixthirtyiong lion sister gave a keynote speech “Lions Club Culture”, and put forward requirements to the service team for the 100th interteamviewernational convention. Then Captain Wang Shuang commended the excellent lion friend Hu Xiang and Liheld的意思是什么u Sisi iheld的中文意思n February.

In the singing of blessing, the lion friends celebratemeeting怎么读英语d the birthday of the two liongrace评分 brothers li Zhou and Zhang Baizhong, who were born in Februsixth怎么读英语ary. We had a happy dinner together. Wish tien Service team better andmeeting怎么读英语 better on the road of public welfare in 2017!

Article/photo Contributed by Graspring是什么意思ce Service

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