Sailing Service Team: hold the third regular meeting of 2016-2017

Sailing Service Team: hold the third regular meeting of 2016-2017

On February 25, 2017, the third regular meetinregularlyg of Shenzhen Lions Club Sailithird-partyng Servicmeetingyou是什么意思e Team for 2016-2017 was succeshold是什么意思sfully hhold翻译eld in New Star Fishing Port Restaurant of Jinjiang Hotel, Futian District. Captain Huang Shaofang, first vice captain Wen Zhiyong, secretary Gong Chunyan, financial Yang Weizhen, general athirdlyffairregularizations Gao Jian attended the meeting. Dai Jihong, chairman of dregular的名词istrict 2 of Shenzhen Lions Clhold的过去式和过去分词ub 2016-201meeting是什么意思7regular是什么意思英语, Zhang Shijun, director and lecturer, Kuang Hong, chairman of Lion Friendservice是什么意思s Care Committee, Huang Lisheng, Executive Chairman of Community Service Committee, Lin Yuqi, leader of Oriental Rose Service Team and Lin Qinglong, leader of Xixiang Service Team were present at the meeting. The cmeeting是什么中文意思hairman of the conference was Gteamproao Jian, and the meeting was presided over by Wang Qianservice是什么意思中文翻译gji.

Captainhold过去式 Huang Shaofang summarized the conference work in the firstsailing原唱 half of the year and carried out 8 service activitmeeting怎么读英语ies such as condoling veterans in Hunan, caring for sanitation workers, Kengzi csailing原唱免费下载ommunity activity, Wmeeting怎么读英语arm Project community service,servicebio community assistance for the disabholdled, Rainbow City community service, Love the Earth, deep breathing and caring for traffic police. Captain Huang said, in the activitieteamviewers again and again, lion fhold onriends active service figure for the sailing service team to write a sesailingction of glory. In the work plan of theteampro second half year, we will carry out at least 5 service activities, and actively call on lion friends to participate in the sehold翻译cond China Lion Festival carnival and other activities.

Finance Yang Weizhen made a financial report and introduced the use of the service funds and administrative funds of thregularly意思中文翻译e service team in tteamohe past six months.

Theteams手机版 meeting was brief, clear and goal-oriented. I believe that under the leadership of Captain Huang Shaofang and thesailing原唱免费下载 joint efforts of lion friends, the sailing service team will be better and better.

Photo by Xu Shener/regularlyYang Weizhenteam是什么意思翻译

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