The first new member training of lions Club of Shenzhen in 2012-2013 was successfully completed

The first new member training of lions Club of Shenzhen in 2012-2013 was successfully completed

            On the afternoon of August 19, 2012member可数吗, the lions Club of Shenzhen held the training for new members of the year 2012-2013 in the Lions Club office of Shenzhen. Mr. Wufirstly Xiaoming, First Deputy governor, and Mr. Shi Kin-wing, chairman of District 1, attended the training. This is the first new member training of the year, new members深圳疫情最新消息 of each service team signed up enth深圳天气usiastically, about 130 lion friends participated in the training.
            The training was hosted by Mr. Huang Yiqu深圳疫情最新消息n, the leader of shenzhen Lions Club, and the speakers were: Brother Feng Qijiang, the deputy leader and chairman of the second division, and Sister Ma Min, the lecturer and chaiclubman是什么牌子车rman of the 11th Division. The training content mainly includes: the history, significance andmembership什么意思啊 organizationamember怎么读l structnew balanceure of Lions Club international; History, mission and organilions是什么意思zational structure onewspaperf Lions Club sclubhenzhen; The organizational structure of thenews可数吗 Service and the functions of itfirst怎么读英语s posts; Learn the lion song. During the training, the lecturer and t深圳大学he new members formed a good inlions英语怎么读teractfirst是什么意思ion, and the lion brother Feng Qijiang shared vividly and interestingly how to learn the movements of the lion song more qnew是什么意思英语uickly.
            Wu Xiaoming, the first deputy director, gave a speech on the significance of lion songtraining衣服品牌 atrainingnd encouraged new membefirsthandrs tolionsgate serve well.
            New members benefited a lot from the training. They not ofirstlynly had a comprehensive and in-depth understandlions翻译中文ing of the history and structurnewspapere of lions Clufirst是什么意思b and the significance of joining Lions Club, but also benefited from the interactive gamemember翻译s during the learning process.

By Su Zhuangbin & NBSP; &nbspclub怎么读; Photo/Zhou Jiaolong


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