The changing ceremony of shenzhen Lions Club manhole Service team was held

The changing ceremony of shenzhen Lions Club manhole Service team was held

         club是什么意思   On July 22, 2012, shenzhen Lions Club Manhole Service Team held the 2012-2013 shenzhen Lions Club Manhole Service team changing ceremony in the beautifuservicel Wanlu Lake Resort, Heyuan.
&washednbsp;     &n深圳大学bsp;     At the meeting, The 2011-2012 president Chewasn’tn Xin shijie made the annual work report: this yeawashingtonr cceremony和celebration的区别ont深圳市最新疫情inued the independent innovation brand Spriservice的名词ng Brceremony用什么介词eeze Library activity, donated a total of 10 spring Breez深圳疫情最新动态e libraries, Shceremony是什么意思iyou participated in the service activity of more than 20 people, benefited 3,wash000 people, service funds of 400,000 yuan. Besides the Spring Breeze Library, she also organized the Hunan Chenyang Autism Asservicesistance project and actively participated in various activities of the Shenzhen Lions Club.
            Mservice的名词r. Zhao Xiaolong, president of 2012-2013, delivered a warm speech. The new council is determined to makwashingtone more brilliant achievements under the leadership of Mrwas是什么意思. Zhao xiaolong.lions The meeting also successfully carried on the New Year charity project fundraising activities. Lai Wenteams会议-chiu, founding president of the associationservice的名词, as well as the previous presidents, put forward relevant and constructive suggestions towashington the new president.
            The meeting ended in a warm and cheerful atmosmanholephere. Aftserviceerservice是什么故障灯 the meeti深圳地铁线路图ng, we also provided a scientific fitness course. Lion friends expressed their great appre深圳风险等级ciatioceremony的音标n for this simple, efficservicemanient and solemn way of changing the leadership.

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