Shenzhen Lions Club red Li Service team held a golden autumn donation activity in Anyuan School

Shenzhen Lions Club red Li Service team held a golden autumn donation activity in Anyuan School

          On the morning of November 22nd, Shenzhen Lions Club honlions怎么读g Lai Service team held a golden autumn donatiservice和serve的区别onservice是什么故障灯 activity in Anyuan School of our district. Liu Shaoyun, deputy secretary of district Committee, and Zhang Li, president of Shenzhen Lions Club Redheld的中文意思 Li Service Team attended the donat热点ion ceremony.
    &nbslions怎么读p;     A深圳大学t the donation ceremony, Liu Shaoyun first welcomed the arrival of Shenzhen Lions Clteams会议ub Red Litchi Service team on behalf of district committee and district officials. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to them for their generteamsosity! .
&nblion是什么意思中文翻译sp;       &nbsp深圳地铁线路图; Liu Shaoyun said AnYuan is red revolution in the holy land, is oneclub怎么读 of the cradles of modern industry, in recent years, all the base should upgrade to speed up the transformation development, maintained a strong momentum of development of economic society, at th深圳疫情最新消息e same time of economic development, always adhere to the development of our edservice怎么读ucatiolion是什么意思n priority, for the entire area, inclions是什么意思reasing education investment, level of school running conditions and has a certain improvement.
       goldenleaf黄金叶哪一款   Liu Shaclubmedoyun hopes that teachers and students will ta深圳ke this activity as the motivation for future work and study, continue to develop the fine traditioredmi是什么手机n of hard struggle, love and dedicatgolden和gold区别ion, selfless dedication, stud六级报名y hard, and make themselves uslionseful to the society.
          During tteamshe event, shenzhen Lions Club Hong Lai Service team donated multimedia classroom equipment worth more than 100,000 yuan to Anyuan School.
          Shenzhen lion is under the Statservicebioe Council approved tred怎么读he establishment of folk charity associatlions英语怎么读ions withheldback independent legal personality of the sogoldencial service organization, on April 2, was founded in 2002, the existing more than 1700 meservice是什么意思中文翻译mbers, a total of 79 serteamviewervice, red li service is a serv两个人的房间ice, mainly in helping the assistive, solitary, poverty alleviation, disaster relief and a凌天战尊 series of social public welfare activities.

Wredmi是什么手机en: Liu Wei & NBS林依晨为怀孕把该试的方法都试了P;           Grapteamproh: liu wei

&nservicemanbsp;           Relateservice的名词d link: Shenzhen Lions Club Red Li Service team held a golden autumn两个人的房间 donatservice是什么意思ion activity in Anyuan School of our district

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