Shenzhen Lions Club hong Lai Service team held a golden autumn donation activity in Wenpan Primary School

Shenzhen Lions Club hong Lai Service team held a golden autumn donation activity in Wenpan Primary School

            On the afternoon of N来自星星的你ovember 22nd, Shenzhen Lions Club Hong Lai Service team held a golden autumn donation activitteams会议y in Wenpan Primary School. Zhan Kai, member of the Standing Committee of the Districtclub是什么意思 Committee and deputy governor of the distlions英语怎么读rict, and Zhang Li, president of Shenzhen Lions Club Red Li Service Team attended the donation ceremony.
          A group of caring people from Shenzhen came to Wenpan Primary School to carry out a charity donation aservicemanctivity, they dlion是什么意思中文翻译edicated their love, to provide a beteamprotter learning environment for the children.
          This group of special guests are the caring people from the Shenzhen Lions Club Hong Li Service Team. They came to Wenpan Primary School and held a mlionseeting wiheld中文th the students. Love to help studen赖猫的狮子倒影ts & NBSP; The wor红楼梦ld洪荒关系户 overf红旗low true feelings ” The charity donation activity, will be worth 100,000 yuan of spring multimedia红烧肉的做法 classroom equipment to the school. During the event, the donors and recipi深圳地铁线路图ents exchanged donation plaques and flags of appreclions英语怎么读iation.
          As the world’s largest charitable organization, — In recent years, shenzhen Lio深圳ns Club Red Li Service Team, a branch of Lions Club Interclubman是什么牌子车natheldbackional, has been committed to donating to education. Their spring multi-media and video classroom was rated as an excellent charity project in Shenzhen this year. At present, more tha深圳疫情最新动态n 20 classrooms ha深圳大学ve been built ac来宾天气ross the country, and another six have been completed in Guangxi, Guizhou and Jiangxteam是什么意思翻译i this year. This time in my district, Anyuan school, Wenpan prilions翻译中文mary school received donations at the same time. They hope thalions是什么意思t these facilities can bring realclubmed help to the children here, so that they can have a goodgolden手表 learning environment.
          The students are very grateful to them for giving these computers to our school来都来了.
          The new computers and audio-visual equipment were used by the students, and the childre赖冠霖n seemed very happy. In order to eheld是hold的什么形式xpress their gratitude, the students of the two schools also put on elaborate performa深圳nces to fully exprlions翻译中文ess their gratitudeservice是什么故障灯, which also affectegoldentales英短英长猫舍d the ggolden是什么意思uests from afar. They joined in the program and interacted with each other.
      &n来自星星的你bsp;   The students are very grateful to so many aunteam是什么意思翻译ts and赖冠霖 uncles for donating theteam是什么意思翻译 spring multimedia classrooms for our study. We wilservicel put this love i红旗nto the motivation of learning,held中文 stgoldentales英短英长猫舍udy hard, study hard, pay a satisfactory answer.
&nbteamprosp;         Finally, I really hope that more caring people cclub是什么酒an join in, so that children can have a good learning environment.

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