When the red wind blows through fortune Square (source: website of Shenzhen Blood Center)

When the red wind blows through fortune Square

            In the hustle and bustle of the sousource翻译thern metropolis, often only in thewindows怎么激活 return to theredmi是什么手机 south ofwhen和while的区别 the water vapor diffuse, only really feel tblows怎么读he breath of spring. On March 13, 2014, after Arbor Day, the patter of light rain for two consecutive days seemed to feel the strength of positive enewindows怎么激活rgy, leaving the flowethrough是介词吗rs all the way shylywebsite and escaping. Wasource是什么意思rm sunshine flows qfortune语言uiethroughouttly, in the moving melody of the chorus “True Hero”, the 35th session of the fourth Red Action. — Into the fortune square officiallywhenitcomesto opened the curtaiblow什么意思中文翻译n.

         fortune翻译 &nwhenitcomestobsp; This red action is organizethrough和across的区别d by shenzhen Lions Club Red Li Service Team and Bagualred怎么读ing Service team, and co-organized by Shenzhenred Fortune Property Management Co., LTD., Fortune Square Management Office and Shengbo Industrial Development Co., LTD. Atwebsite是什么意思 the launching ceremony, Miss Zhang Lihong from Shenzhen Lions Club red Lili Service Team, Miss Deng Lihfortuner是丰田什么车ong from Bagualing Service Team, Miss Zhang Chenghu, director ofwindows10激活密钥 Fortune Property Management Co., LTD., anwindows10d Miss Lin Ziyu, first deputy director of Shenzhenwind Lions Club, gave spthrough怎么读语音eeches to encourage and thank eblows怎么读very caring hero prblow是什么意思英语esent. Lu Liang, deputy director of the blood center, sthroughlyaid in his speech at the launch ceremony: By the end of last year, the city had 29,000 hospital beds, using 50 tons of blood. At present, 150,000 people are needed to donate blood every year. Butwindows许可证即将过期怎么办 now many big hothrough中文意思spitals are expanding, two yearsreduce later, the number of beds wsource是什么意思ill have a qualitative increase, to increase the number of 10,000 beds, which means that the amount of blood will rise significantly, also means thatwindows10 the number of blood donation needs to be greatly increased. Such changesred also put a lot of pressure on blood collection and supply institutions, and the four consecutive years of red action, not only the scale, the number of people continue to increase, butthrough和by的区别 also deepen the underthrough是什么意思standing of unpaid blood donation, this situation to our blood collectsource车上按键什么意思ion and supply instithrough翻译twhen的用法utions are very encouraged! Finally, Lu Lianwebsite是什么意思g, deputy director of the Shenzhen Lionswindows更新有必要吗 Club, on behalf of the blood collewebsite造句ction and supply institutblow是什么意思英语ions, patients and their families, expr热点essed his heartfelt thanks to the lion friends of Shenzhen Lions Club for their contributions to voluntarwhen和while的区别y blood donation.
          &nbwhen的用法四种句型sp; It is reported that the lions Club red litchi service team and the Bagualing service team still took out a very energetic spirit, in the early stage of the sweeping building style of a large area of publicifortuner是丰田什么车ty volthrough翻译untary blood donation, to have a warm atmosphere of the activity site. At the same time, the wonderful launching ceremony also mobilizeredmid tredishe emotions of every brave person whreductiono planned to donate blood to a high point. All of a sudden, the blood donation car was full of love and positthroughoutive energy. Mr. Zhang Weixian, former director of Sthrough和by的区别henzhen Lions Club, has always been a voluntary blood donor. This is the third time he has rolledred是什么意思 up his sleeves to donate his love. He believes that voluntarwindy blood donation should be carried on. After a series of red actionsblow什么意思, first-time blood donors accountefortuneloverd for more than 80%. It can be seen that mfortune反义词any caring people only know about voluntary blood donation throughfortune翻译 the influence and infection of the Red actionthrough翻译, but also take this opportunity to have a deeper understanding of the knowledge related to voluntary blood donation, and even become regular blood donors.

      &nbsred是什么意思p;     During the red campaign, 135 people donated blood and collected 50,200 milliliters of blood.windows7旗舰版 So far, 2,653 pblows是什么意思eople have donated blood and 953,500 ml of blood have been donated during the fourth Red Campaign. The greatest wealth in life is health. When the dying patient faces despair, your blood is like sunshine, penetrating the mist, making life warm again and setting sail again. The source of life, lefortuner是丰田什么车t us connect.

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