Shenzhen Lions Club donated audio-visual equipment and books (source: Yulin Education Information Network)

Xiamen university EMBA2005 shenzhen-hong kong class and shenzhen lions club donated audiovisual equipment and boosources是什么文件夹ks

       club是什么酒     On the morning of Septemequipment缩写ber 26th, xiamen university EMBA2005 shenzhen-hong kong class and shenzhen lions club hongli service team donated spring multimedia classrooclub是什么酒m and spring bud reading room to zhuliang primary school in luojiang toaudiown, rongxian county. Huang wenbiao, vice chairman of CPPCC of rong county, Lin guilai, secretary of CPC of rong county education bureau, zhou yanyang, secretary of CPC of luojiaaudio是什么意思ng town of rong county, students of EMBA2005 shenzhen-hong kong class of xiamen university, members of shenzhen lions club red li service team and all teachers and students of zhuliang primary school of luojiang town attended the donation ceremony.

&nbspvisual翻译;         At the ceremony, xiamen universisource insightty EMBA2005 shenzhen-hong kong class and shenzhen lions clubsource insight hong li service team donated 25 student computers, a laptop computer, a set of multimedia projection equipment and books worth RMB 20,000 to zhuliang plionsgaterivisualmary school in luojiavisualizingng town, supporting the school to build a multimedia videequipment和facilities有什么区别o classroom and a reading rosourceom. In her speech, Zhaequipment和device区别ng Li, president of Shenzhen Lions Club Red Llionsitchi Service Team, hoped that the scsource的中文意思hool could make good use of the donated materials to serve the children in rural areas, and hoped that the studesource insightnts coulaudiolab下载d study hard and be determined tclubmed官网预订o become talents. Luo town of bamboo good elementary school principals sheng-jun li, vice chairman of Huang Wenbisource翻译ao in appreciationlions怎么读 speech, EMBA2005 deep port clasaudiotools安卓下载s in xiamen universvisual studioity, shenzhen lio深圳地铁线路图ns red li service to donate domestically, thank the svisualelfless dedication spirit and the loequipment翻译fty respect, hope svisualstudio使用教程tudents don’t forgetaudiolab the kindness, ssources是什么文件夹tudy hard, gro深圳w up to be a useful talents to the societysource车上按键什么意思.

    After the ceremony, members of xiamen university EMBA2005 shenzhen-hong konglions读音 class and shenzhen lionsourceds club red li service team visited tsource是什么意思he multimedia classroom and readidonate的意思ng room respectively,booksc and commlions怎么读unicated with teachers and students of the sc深圳风险等级hool.

            Xiamen university EMBA2005 shenzhen-hong kongsources是什么文件夹 class and shenzhen lionsources club donated audio-club用英语怎么说visual equipment and books

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