More than 3,000 heroes who donated blood were honored on Sunday (source: Shenzhen Evening News VERSION A02)

More than 3,000 blood donors were honored on Sunday

            Shenzhen Ewho是什么组织vening Nehonored和honorable区别ws (Reporter Zhou Qian, correspondent Sweren’t怎么读英语un Jing) The reporter learned from the city blood center yesterday that type B and AB red blood cells were too many recently. Please pay close attention to thhonorede official website and official wbloodborneeibothanks是什么意思英语 daily public opinion on bloheroesevolvedod donation. Apheresis platelets will bmoreovere colmoreover是什么意思lected according to clinical requirements. Please call 83252122 for an appointment.

  &ndonated怎么读bsp;         The 10th Shenzhen Non-remunerated blood donation Commendation Conference will be held omore thann the 23rd in the hawholesalell of the third floor of the city blood Center. More thadonate读音n 3000 advanced collectives and individuals will be commended, and more than 10 awards wilwho是什么意思l be awarded, such as national non-remunerated blood donation bonus, silver and bronze award, and sheblood怎么读nzheweren’tn Non-remuneratehonored怎么读d blood donatthan怎么读的ion meritohonored怎么读rious Award for 100 times.

            This week, the Youth League Committee of China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone, shenzhen Lions Club Fuai Service Team, Shenzhen Rongchao Property Management Cohonored怎么读英语., Ltd. and Shenzhen Lions Club Xiaotong Service team held collective blood donation activities respectively. In the comiweren’t怎么读英语ng week, there wiwhosell be 5 blood donation activities, including: on 21st, Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics Co., LTD., Baiying Medical Equipment Park, No. 1019 nanhai Avenue, Nanshan District; On the 23rd, shenzhen Dexing Primary School parent vheroesgeneralsolunteer team in Dexing Garden, Buji Street Xihuan Road dexing Primarythanks怎么读 School; 24, Shemore thannzhthankeden Lions tai ‘an service team in Yantian District Pawhoevernshan rthanlulaoad armed police six briblood怎么读gade of the third bridonate的名词形式gade;were翻译 On the 26th, shenzhen Lions Club high-tech Service team at the Sea View Hotel Square, Guangqiao Roadonate的固定短语搭配d, OCTheroes英语怎么读, Nanshan District; Shenzhen Great China Savills Property Management Co.thank, LTD opened at the Great China International Exchange Square in Fuhua Road, Futian District on July 2than怎么读的7.

   heroesarena &nthanks是什么意思英语bsp;         This weekend, dongthan后面加什么men Culture Square blood donation car normal service, Lianhuashan bloowholed donadonate的固定短语搭配tion car service on Saturday, Hwere的原形aiya deparhonored读音tment stoheroesarenare bloodheroesgenerals怎么注册账号 donation car service suspended over the weekend.

    &nbswere什么意思p;     &wholenbsp; More than 3,000 blood donors were honodonate读音red on Sundaywere.

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