More than 300 residents in Sungang Community received cataract examination at the second stop of the charity Light Tour (source: Shenzhen Evening News, December 22, 2014, A17 edition)

  The second stop of the charity Light Tour is sungang Community & NBSP;
More than 300 residents were scrcommunity造句eened for catacataracts翻译racts.
  &nbspexamination翻译; &community复数nbsp; Shenzhen Evening News (reposungangrter CAI Zhijun) Oresidentsn December 16th, texaminationhe theme of caring for the elderly was held by Shenzhen Lions C笋岗lub, Shenzhen Boai Hospital and Shenzhen Evening News.more是什么意思 Transmission of love, light up the light & RDquo; Shenzhen Cataramoreover是什么意思ct Restorationcataract是什么意思 Project held the second communresidentsity servicethanksgiving activity in Sungang Creceive的过去式ommunity Lou Shang Cultural and creative Industrial Park.

&孙刚陕北民歌nbcommunity英语sp;     Zhuang Ruining, Deputy District Governor of Luohu District, Yang Dongbai, Secrecommunity servicetary of Party Worthanks什么意思king Committee of Sungang Street Office, and Lin Ziyu, director of Shenzhen Lions Club attended the cercataract是什么意思emony.examination和exam的区别 Dr. Yao Xiaoming, a famous ophthalmoremologist, checked eye diseases for community remore的原级sidents. Surrounding residents came to the hospital in half a day, and more thanexamination怎么读 300 people were examined.

Eight service teams of the Lions club entered the communimore的原级ty

      “ Transmission othankf love, light up the light ” Catmore怎么读aract surgery project by shenzhencommunity lions namepcommunity英语lates, good taste, high mooring, punch, peace, love, wutong mountain, sailing, lesresidents翻译han eight service to undertake, such as the second event led by shenzhen lexamination翻译ions hi-techcataract是什么意思 service organization, the lion friends of ministry of enterresident什么意思prise ShangWenHua creative industrial park fthan后面加什么or a building site, humanitarian hospital medical personnel and equipment, Provide eye disease eexaminationsxamination service for residents on site. The activity was also supported by shenzhen Charity Xiaoming Eye Bank Fund and Loushang 100 percent Care Fundcommunity college. Shenzhen Aiku Technology Creceived怎么读o., Ltd. donated 200 pairs of eye-protecting sunglasses to the community.examination和exam的区别

     笋岗 Helping cataract patients recover their eyesight is one of the most important charityexamination activities of lions club. In the past 12 years, lions club has successfully performed cataract surgery on more than 19,000 people.

More than 300 residents wermore的原级e screened for cataracts

      The activity waexamination高考钢琴谱s strongly supported by the Sungang Smore怎么读treet Office. Six community workstations were launched in various communitithankedes. By the end of the inspection at noon, more than 300 residents had been checked. Shenreceived翻译zhen CPPCC笋岗地铁站 member Yao Xiaomireceivedng is a memb魔人布欧er of the high-tech service team, this treceived是什么意思英语ime he personally assisted, operating equipment fo孙岗镇r residenthankfults to carefully check, hearing the news of the residents lined uexamination怎么读音p.

      Cataract patients found during the event will be further examined by Poi Ai Hmore怎么读ospital before surgery. A resident suffering from white spots in his eyes needs a corneal transplant, and Yreceive的名词ao xiaoming said he would coordinpresidentsate and perform a corneal transplant for hexaminationsim if a corneal source is available.

More魔人布欧 than 300 residents in Sungang Communityreceive的用法和搭配 were examined for cataracts.


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