More than 700 citizens donated blood during the week of “Red Action” (source: Shenzhen Evening News, December 19, 2014, A10)

  “ Red action ” More than 700 caring citizens donated blood in a week.
   week意思   The reporter learned from the city bloblood什么意思od center yesterday that the totathanksgivingl storage of red blood cells was 3815U; Apheresis platelet 72U. In the coming week, all blood types will be collected normally. The pcitizen手表ublic are cordiallyinviredmi是什么手机ted to donate whole blood at all blood donation points. Apheresis platelets will be collected accorthanding to clinical blood use. Please call 83252122 for appointment.blood什么意思

&nbduring是什么意思sp; &nbthanks怎么读sp;   “ Red actcitizenshipion ” Since its launduringon是什么牌子的轮胎ch on Decemweek怎么读ber 12, seven massdonate的意思 blood donation drives have been organized thbloodyis week, with 727 people donating blood scitizenshipuccessfully. Among them, 186 people from shenzhen Liondonate读音s Club Centrathan后面加什么l Dredmik40istrict service team donated blood; 54 people donated blood in the Boai Service teabloodcm; Riverside service team 43 people donated blood;thanked 302 people donated blood from Zimeng Service Team; The first steduring翻译p servduring怎么读ice team 106 people donated blood; 36 people donated blood from xiangmi Lake service team. In the coming weekdonate的名词形式, chow Tai Fook Jewelry (Shenzhen) Co.,more怎么读 LTD., Shenzhen Lions Club Grace Service Team and Hand-in-hand Servbloodborneice Team will hold blduringon是什么牌子的轮胎ood donation activities respectively.

    &red怎么读nbsp; In addcitizen手表ition, from Decthanks怎么读ember 20 to 21, the dongmen Sun Depabloodcrtmentcitizens翻译 Store blood donation truck默认网关 provided normal services, and on December 21, the Lianhuashan blood donation truck service was suspethanknded. (Zhou Qian and Sun Jing)

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