Shenzhen’s first mobile blood donation station was unveiled in the central Book City

Shenzhen’s first mobile blood donation station was unveiled in the central Book City

Crystal News (Reporter Zho深圳u Yi-mei) On December 12, a mobile mirror stainless steel blood donation station wwas是什么意思as officially opened in Shenzhen Central Book City, which is the first mobiledonations blfirst翻译成中文ood donation station in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen blood center, said to provide caring citizens with more comfortable spacious environment, blood donatiofirstn to futian districtwas怎么读 center’s blood donation car repladonation是什么意思英语ced with removable donate bloobloodc剧情介绍d stations, whendonation动词 the design highlights “mobile, fashion, environmentafirstlyl protection, durable, tradmobilelinkemark, in harmony with the surroundiblood什么意思ng environment,” the design concept and design principle of the movable drops of blood donation on concept desigfirstlyn and installation, Nowdonation翻译 the blood donation station has been completecentrald and become a beautiful scenery of the central book city. The blood donation sstation是什么意思英语tation has been in trial operation for three weeks.

At thestationery什么意思 same time, the seventh red action of Shenzhen Lions club also kicked ocentral翻译ff. In the next two months of the Red Campaignstation和stop的区别与用法, a series of voluntary blood donatifirst翻译成中文on events will be held. By the end of the sixth term, the service team hasstation什么意思 participated in 186 (times), raised 1.61 million yuan, donated 4 “Lion” blood donation vehicles, blood delivery vehicles, has organized and launched 228 blood donatimobile翻译on activities, a totmobile是什么意思al of 21156 people 7.waste38 million ml of blood. According to the Shblood什么意思enzhen Blmobile的名词oodbloodc Center in 2015, the total amount of blood donated by Red Acmobile的名词tion accounted for 8 percenwast of the blood bank of the sunveiledhenzhen Blounveiled什么意思od Center in 2015, and eight out of every 100 bags of blood came from Red Action. This not only alblood怎么读leviates the tense situation of clinical blood use in winter in Shenzhen, but also creates a new modblood怎么读el for unpaid bdonation动词lood donation.

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