Lions donate blood to Set a good Example (source: Shenzhen Evening News B15)

Lions donate blood and set a good example from Shenzhen to Guangxi

            Shesources是什么文件夹nzheset是什么意思车上的n Evening Newsblood翻译 (reporter CAI Zhijun) Initiated by the Shenzhen Lions Club texample注册o donate blbloodshedood as the theme of the red action, the Year of the Horse continues to soar, so far hellions翻译d 34 blood donation activities, not only for the Shenzhen blood bank to provide & LDquo; In a timely mannersettle throughout the blood &; , also for the first time out of Shenzhen for guangset翻译xi guests brought red enthusiablood什么意思sm.

  &donate的意思nbsp;         Many doctors have joined in donating blood

    &nbsexample缩写p;       There are rumset是什么意思车上的ors that donatinglions读音 blood is bad for your helion是什么意思中文翻译alth. The moevening和nightst obviousexample邮箱怎么注册 example is that doctors don’t donate blood. In Feevening和nightbrudonate用法ary, the first red action of the Year of the Horse organized by the Shenzhen Lions Club Manshu Bay Service team was held in thedonate形容词 east gate of Litchi Paexamplesrk. Heath Medical Cosexample读音metology Hospital ne深圳风险等级a深圳风险等级rbyblood怎么读 launched more than 100 doctors and nurses to participate in the blood donation activity. Huang Yishan, general manager of the hospital, and Chen Yindong, director of the hospital took the leaexample是什么意思d in blood donation. Many elions是什么意思mployees of Qilu Securitiblood翻译es insources是什么文件夹 the nearby office also came to donate blood under the leadershsource insightigoodnotesp of the company. A totaset offl of 124 peopleevening donated 45,250 milliliters of blood.

          &nbspsource insight; Everyone participates in offering love

            A total of 101 people donated 3example怎么读英语7,050 ml of blood during the redset是什么意思车上的 Movement, which was organized by xixiang Service team and High-tech Serbloodc剧情介绍vice Team of Shenzhen Lions Club, endonate用法搭配tered the hospital of Guangdong Provincialset是什么意思车上的 Pdonate用法ublic Secudonate怎么读rity Frontier Corps on March 3. On March 9tbloodh, the third rebloodd action initiated by shenzhen Lions Club Xiaotong Sdonate翻译ervice team entered The RT-Mart in Longhua, and hundreds of employees from The RT-Mart Longhua a深圳疫情nd Minzhi stores rlions的音标ushed to donatexample翻译e blood. Through the publicitygoods of the supermarket, some young parents pushing shopping carts handed their children to the lion fset是什么意思riends to taexample邮箱登录入口ke care of them, rolled up their sleeves and walked into theexample缩写 blood collection car, which became a scene of the red action yesterday.

          &lions的音标nbsp; Red Action is out of Shendonate的固定短语搭配zhen for the first time

&nbgood的比较级sp; &nbsp深圳大学;         On January 26, with the efforts of the Shenzhen Lions Club Xiatong (Guangxi) service team, a red campeveningaign was launched in Laibin, Guangxi for the first time, attracting 65 pexample邮箱登录入口eople at laibin Center blood station.lionsgate Hero & thbloodstreamroughout; Successfully donated 2goodnight3,000 milliliters of blood, creating the highest osetup是什么意思ne-day blood donation record in Laibin Xingbin District. The xiaotong service also plans to organize red Action to go into jiangmen anset是什么按键d Zhuhai and spread thgoodnotese seeds of lbloodshedove across the countlion是什么意思ry.

            From Shenzhen to Guangxi,evening前面用什么介词 lions donate blood to set a good example

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