Shenzhen Lions club provisional general meeting passed the new constitution

Shenzhen Lions club provisional general meeting passed the new constitution

            On the afternoon of March 1st, 2014, the 2013-2014 Annual Temporary member Representprovisional是什么意思ative meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in Shenzhen Hall of Wuzhou Hotel, Shenzhen. The meeting adopted the constitution of Shenzhenclubmed Lions Club (Revised) by secret ballot.
Wu Xiaoming, director of Lions Club 2013-2深证指数014, and mpassed和past的区别ore than 200 member representaticonstitution翻译ves attenew是什么意思英语nded the conference. Zhang Guojun, executive vice president of Domestic Lions Association, Huang Chunbin, vice ppassed是什么意思啊resident of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation and other leaders attendednewspaper the meeting.
  &constitutionnbsp;         Thclubse interim general meeting was presided over by Mr. Zheng Degang, chairman and former directonew是什么意思英语r of shenzhen Lions District Annual Committee, and Mnew怎么读r. Liuclub是什么意思 Danclubmangh深圳e, executive chairman. Director Wu Xiaoming explained the revised part of the Constitution o深圳疫情f Shenzhen Lions Club (Revised) and answered the questions of member representatives. In the end, 199 member representatives voted 194 votes to approve the “revised Constitution of Shenzhen Lions Club”.
  &nbsppassed和past的区别;         Wu Xiaoming, director of Lions Club shenzhen 2013-2014, said in his speech that the conference was oflion是什么意思中文翻译 historic significance. He said that in the coming days, shenzhen Liclub是什么酒ons Club will carry out various lion work in accoprovisionallyrdance with the provisions of the new constitution, and further promote the steady development of tconstitution怎么读his yeclub怎么读ar’s work, apassed摄像头nd make positive contributions to build a betterconstitutional翻译 future fogeneralizer the Lions Club!
            Leaders of Shenzhen Disabled Pergeneral轮胎什么牌子sons’ Federation and Domestic Lions Associmeetingation gave a spconstitution怎么记忆eech. They afconstitution的意思是什么firmed the public welfare undertakings shenzhen Lions Club had done over the years. Thclub是什么意思ey said that under the guidanceclub用英语怎么说 omeeting是什么意思f the new constitution, Shenzhen Lioconstitutionalitynlions是什么意思s Club would continue to do a good job in all standard深圳疫情最新消息ized management work, improve service capacity and service level, inherit and forge ahead, and further develop in a sustainable and healthy way.
      &nbclubmedsp;     The conferenc深圳疫情e came to a successful conclusion inconstitutionality solemn and democratic atmosphere.

By Zhang Li-chen & NBSP; Photo/Lin Zeyun

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