Notice on soliciting costume and other design proposals for the 97th International Conference

Notice on soliciting costume and other design proposals for the 97th International Conference

            The 97th Lions Club Internatiothnal Convention wilcostumel be heldinternational翻译 from July 4 to 8, 2014 in Toronto, Canada. Icostume翻译n order to show the elegant demeanor onotice的固定搭配f Shenzhen Lion Friends, we are now collecting the design scheme of clinternationalothing and related materials fproposals翻译rom lion Friends and the society. The specific content is as桃花源记 follows:

         conference什么意思   A, &other是什么牌子 have spent The design requiother是什么牌子rements

            1. &nbspnotice; With lion club elenotice用法ments, domestic cultural elements.
           other是什么牌子 2.   No nationnotice的形容词al flag, no words and elemthinents of the annuproposalsal meeting.
    &nbdesign翻译sp;       3. &conference读音nbsp; Dress style design requirements: small dress (men’s and women’s, there must be related elecostume是什么意思英语ments between the two, welcome to submit the design with sample clothes).
      &conference怎么读nbsp;     4.   Suitable for 15~23 degrees Celsius wear.
  &nbs退婚后大佬她又美又飒p;costume什么意思         5.   Materials incnotice的形容词lude but arthoughenotice是什么意思 not limited to parade slogans, hats, glasses, badges, waving objects and other small gifts that can be exchanged.

    &designatenbsp;   &nbcostume怎么读sp;   Second, & have spent Basic qualconferences翻译ification requirements for the enterprise providing the solution

 notice   &nbs桃花源记p;       1.  The fnotice用法our certificates (license, license, code certificate, tax certificate) are complete, and the copy is stamped with official seal. Power of attorney of lcostume是什么意思英语egal representative.
            2.  Can design anthoughd produce independently, do not accept contract or affiliated enterprises to parproposal什么意思中文ticipate.
            3.  Shcostume可数吗enzhen enterprises or legal institutiondesign的中文意思s in Shconference和meeting区别enzhen.
            4.  Company profile, size, desinternational英语ign and production oproposals翻译f clothing experience.

  &nbproposal什么意思sp;         Three, & have spent Procedures and schedules

  &nbothersp;         1.  The deadline for sdesign翻译oliciting proposals is 17:00, March 18, 2014. The design concept should be described in detail in the plan, and the quotation can be included in thother手机e plan.
            2.  All proposals w童话故事ill be voted on by tnotice用法he Shenzhen Lions Committee and executive direcothertors.
            3.  After the selection of the best design scheme for the production of bidding.
            4.  Please consult Brother Tong Xinshi, tel: 13902908990. Each enterprise unit will bind the plan and materials sealed acostume翻译nd send to miss Zhou, Shenzhen Lions Clinternationally歌曲ub offconference和meeting区别ice, tel: 25688576,designate mother的用法ailing address: 13 / F, Building D, Huaqing Yuan, No. 38, Luosha Jinger Road, Luohu District, Zip code: 518003
            5.  For the produc陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿tion enterthoughprconference是什么意思英语ises with excellent qconference翻译uality and price, we give priorityconference和meeting区别 to shiyou enterprproposal什么意思iscostumees.
    &nbsconference怎么读p;       6.  The results of sdesignedbyvivoelection and bidding will be announced before April 10.

            Attachment: Lions Club Internotice用法national logo

                    &nbthsp; &ndesign的名词bsp;             &nbsdesignedbyvivop;        conference   &nbsp同花顺; &nbdesign是什么意思sp;       &nbspdesign的名词;                     &nbproposal什么意思中文sconference英语p;     Shenzhen Lions Club
2013-2014 Director Wu Xiaoming
The head of the 97th International Conference, the second deputy dconferences翻译irector Lin Tao
Deputy colonel: Tong Xin, Li Wenqiu
Chdesigner怎么读aiconference翻译rman of the International Convention Comnotice同义词mittee: Dong Shige
       conferences翻译                   &nbsinternational翻译p;       &nbsotherwise虚拟语气用法p;                                   Executive Chairmencostume什么意思: Song Fang, Zhou Haisong, Xu Gang
Marcinternational怎么读h 4, 2014 & NBSP;   &nconferences翻译bsp;  

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