Help each other and love the same Way -- the first learning exchange meeting of the first vice captains of shenzhen Lions Club 2020-2021 was successfully held

On July 30, 2020, the First Vice Captain learning exchange meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club 2020-2021 was held in The Mirror Garden of Meihua Villa. Mr. Guo Yongyong, the first vice president of Shenzhen Lions Club, Mr. Wang Danya, the head of the te瓦窑堡achers' group, and the first vice captains from various service teams werefirsthand present at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Xiaoother Xiaoyu.

Xiao Xiaoyu, chairman of the conference

This exchange meetinglearningmallxjtlu is dividsame什么意思英语ed into tweach和every的区别及用法o parts: lion ser蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松vice training and regular meeting. At 4 PM, lion service training officially began. Ms. Wang Danya shared Robert's Rules of Procedure and introducfirst nameed the formation history and 12 basicsameness principles of Robert's Rules of Procedure, helping all service teams to hold higher quality, efficient and well-organized meetings. During the training, Wang Danya saw a lot of familiar faces. She saiexchange的名词d that she had come all the way from sefirst翻译cretary, tway怎么读hird vice captain and other positiohelp是什么意思英文翻译ns. She hoped that in the future careefirst namer of Lion Road, she would work together with瓦窑堡会议 everyone.

The lecturer, Wang Danya. JPG

Dan. JPG

After the training, Luo Jun, the filove直播破解版rst d瓦窑堡eputy leader of The Blove直播破解版right Pupil Service Team, proposed to initiate the donation of the firslearningt deputy leadlovely什么意思er, which was speciaotherwise什么意思lly used for the activities oeach翻译f the first deputy leader this year. Everother是什么牌子yoeach翻译ne enthusiastically raised their hands to sign up for donation, ranging from 1000 to 10000 yuan, within 15 minutes raised more than 80,000 yuan. Guo Yongyong, first Vice President of CCPIT Xiamen donated 10,000 yuan to support the first vice leader to carry out the annual work. The first vice captains who did not attend the training also made don蛙泳ations in the group to contrib蛙泳的正确姿势视频ute to the development of this year's activities. After consultatilearning词性on, the first vice-captains have dexchange用法及搭配etermined the slogan of this year: Help each other, lions love the same way. We look forward to helping each oeach怎么读ther and working together for public welfare in the future lion Road journey!

Monitor Luo Jun.jpg

Subsequently, Liu Jun, Li Xingysame字母i presided over the fotherirst meeting ofsame字母 the ffirsthandirst vice captfirsthandains this year. The preparatory group arranged the venue in advance, and a huge beach的用法anner clearly read "20 years to sing a song", which is the inheritance, but also the transmission of love. Participants will introduce themselves to each other to deepenother是什么牌子 their understanding of each other. The preparatory stexchangeaff introduced their own w蛙泳ork on stage, calling for lion friends with special skills or interests tfirsto join the colearningenglishwithgrammar翻译rresponding group, together for lion friends service.first翻译成中文


Guo Yongyong, the first vice President of CCNA, gave a speech, affirming brother Luo Junshi's leading work and buying beautiful annual clothes for everyone. Thank yohelp outu for your active participation and responsibility. He stressed that as the first vice-captains of each service team, they should be united, help aneach otherd learn from each other, make preachogress together and grow together. They should actively unite with each other, serve their respective service teamshelpful well and p蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松lay an exemexchange翻译plary role. He hoped that every firexchange翻译st vice captain could fulfill their duties and fulfill their duties, not be a mesame翻译re formality, but truly be responsible and good at thfirst是什么意思eir work.

Head teacher Guo Yongyong. JPG

In the end,exchange的名词 the meeting decided to appoint Luo Jun as the chairman of the regular meeting in September, and Liu Jun and Zhang Wenqing as the executive chaihelperrman. We took a group photo and shouted the slogan "Help each other, lion Road together". Applaexchangeduse rang out again.

Meeting song. JPG

After the meeting, everyone went ouexchangedt to dinner in the front yaway怎么读rd. Manyeach的用法 lionhelp的用法 friends also prepared casual giftssame翻译 and prizes to add fun to the activity. The lion friends talked happily, aeach otherndeach翻译 the roafirst翻译成中文r of the liolearning词性n again filled the瓦窑堡会议 night sky.

Group photo. JPG

Outdoor group photo. JPG

This is a group of young and passionate lions club members, who afirst怎么读英语re helping otherlearning词性s and serving the society, to explore the development path of lions club with domestic characteristics. Twenty yeach和every的区别及用法ears of singing a song together, let us particexchangediplearningmallate in the public welfare, take the prosperity of the country as their own responsibility, w瓦窑堡alk together, spread lion love.


[Text] Zhang Wenqing

[Photo] Provided by the lion friends

【 edit 】 Gao & NBSP;   Rui Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

【 Composition 】 Qiu & NBSP;   peng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Officsame什么意思英语e


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