All the way with your love and wonderful — 2020 New Year charity party conference chairman, general coordinator interview

Sow the seeds of goodness and spread the power of love.The New Year charity gala is the highlight of shenzhen Lions Club. The success of the gala reflects the hard work and dedicatio游刃有余n of countless people behind th油然而生e scenes. As the 2020 New Year charity gala is ap瓦窑堡会议proaching, tcharity-mindedhe reporter of Shenzhen Lion News Agyear函数ency has a live interview with the chairman of the conference, Mr. Lu Zhiqiang, and the President, Mr. Choupeng Daojian,悠然 with respect and gratitude.


Visit President Lu Zhiqiang

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Reporter:As an old lion friend, what is the difference between the preparation of the Newway是什么意思 Year charity gala and tyearcon是什么牌子的he previous one?

Zhi-qiang lu:I have been a member of the Lions club for 17 years and I first got invcharity-mindedolved in the preparations fwonderfulor the New Year’s Gala 15 years ago as host. At that time, The Shenzhen Lions悠然 Club just started to hold the New Year charity party. The number of members was not large, with about 300 participants, and the preparatory work was not as heavy as now. With the expansion of she瓦窑堡nzhen Lions Club, the nu悠然mber of members continues to increase, the charity party is more and morwonderful怎么读e grand year by year.

The New Year charity party will be held on December 23rd in plum Hall, Floor 5, Shenzhen Ccharity形容词onventi悠然的拼音on and Exhibition Center. For this evening, the preparatory committee has held three preparatory meetings for all staff, and each preparatory group has held more group meetings. All the lion friends who participated in the prepayearbookration gave full play to their intelligence and talents, and made greatyearbook efcharity音标forts to make thwayse party perfect. I believe that thiyearlys will be a successful charity party, and wilyear翻译l certainly bring lion fwonderful怎么读riends different experience and harvest.

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Zhi-qiang lu. JPG

Reporyourselfter:As we know, the theme of twonderfulhis New Year charity party is “We have you all the way”. Would you please share w油然而生ith uway翻译s the meaning of this theme?

Zhi-qiang lu:Yes, after many solici悠然tation, we finally decided “Along the way with you” as the themyearbooke蛙泳 of the party. It is the 1wonderful英语怎么读7th anniversary of lions Club shenzhen, and we hope that this pwonderful英语怎么读arty will show the outstanding contributions made by lions Club Shenzhen to the society since its establyear是什么意思ishcharity怎么读ment. “Along the way have you” “you”, contains all the people who support the development of the lions club in shenzhen, there are efforts, support all the way, all the悠然 way along the dedication of the lion, there are also thyoursose who leave lions, or not to join the lions, but the person who has made a contribution to the development of the lion, their great love give common casting the gway是什么意思lory of the lions club in shenzhen today. In addition, “you” also includes those vulnerable groups we haveparty模式 helped, “serve others, achieve yourself”, lionyou based on the neparty是什么意思eds of vulnerable groups to carry out services, harvest growth瓦窑堡会议 in the service.

I would also like to take this opportuyear函数nity to, of all the lion said: “have you all the way, thank you for the attention of the party, the attention is not necessarily directly involved in the preparations for游刃有余 the party, can also be actively involved in the book, the party sponsparty英文意思orship, China lion prize donors and other ways, but all represent your strong support of the party andwonderful for future development of shenzhen lion expectations. I firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all lion friends, this New Yeway怎么读ar charity party will bring uswonderfully shock and touching. I also siwaysncerely invite lioparty是我家n friends to attend thcharity的内涵意义is party. “I have you all the way”. I will be waiting for you at蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松 Sparty是派对的意思吗henzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on December 2油然而生3rd.


Visit general manager peng Daojian


Reporter:As the general coordinatopartyr of the conference, what are your expectations for this eveninparty是我家下载mp3g party?

Peng Daojian:This evening party is mainly for lion friends to gather together, review the wonderful bits of 2019 together, and hope for a better year of 2020. It provides a platform for lion friends to offer loveyear函数, express love for lion, enhance friendship, spread love for lion,yearly and promote the spirit of lion.

Reporter:yearlyWith less than a week to go beforewonderfully the party begins, please give us an overview of the preparawaywardtions for the party.

Peng Daojian:Party preparation involves a lot of work, such as building organizational struwonderful翻译中文cture,charity音标 designing party process, collecting auctiyearon items, counting registration, inviting guests, etc.party模式, and doing a good job in communication and coordination to ensure that information trayearlynsmission is correct.

The party has a total of 11 preparation groups, such as meeting aff瓦窑堡airs groyour怎么读up, auction auction group, auctionyear是什么意思 site tracking group, fundraisinyearg grouwonderful是什么意思译p, s蛙泳ponsorship group, party group, etiquette group, reception group, financial group, picket group, publicity group. Awonderful是什么意思译t present, all preparatory work is in full swing, and all plans and progress are in line with ex蛙泳的正确姿势视频pectatiocharity翻译ns. I believe that twonderful前面用a还是anhrcharity的动词ough our unremitting efforts, we will be able to prese蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松nt a wonderful pageant for lion friends on twayshe eparty的中文vening of December 23rd.

Peng Daojian JPG.

Reporter:Through this interview, do you have aparty是我家下载mp3ny special words to our preparatory group friend瓦窑堡s and lion friends say?

Peng Daojian:A thousand wordsparty复数 of thanks,We are working hard for the chairman of the conference, the leacharity是什么意思ders of the preparatory groups anparty的中文d all the lion friends of the preparatory group who have worked silently. The success of an evening party is not a person can do, neparty模式ed the preparation group for mcharity的内涵意义any discussions, collisions and rehearsals to achieve interlway是什么意思ocking, seamless docking. Everyone works vparty英文意思ery hard. Many lion friends wear many hats. They not onlyoury lead the twonderful翻译eam to do their own work well, but also participate in the woryourk of other preparatory groups.

A group photo. JPG

Welcome to participate in the 2020 New Year cwonderful什么意思harity party and share蛙泳 the success of the partyJoy.


Thank you for meeting, thank you all the way. In the interview with Mparty复数r. Lu Zhiqiang, president of the Conference, and Mcharityr. Chupeng Daojian, President of the Conference, we re油然而生ally felt the spirit of the lion members of the preparatory grwaywardoup who love to give瓦窑堡会议, unite and helwonderful同义词p each other, a悠然的拼音nd are not afraid ofyear函数 difficulties. The enthusi悠然的拼音astic participation of lwaysions is the greatesyear函数t recognition of their hard work. Let’s meet at the Plum Blossom Hall on the fifth floor of Shenzwonderfullyhewonderful同义词n Convention and Exhibition Center, with you all thecharity形容词 way, love and wonderful together!


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[Edit] Annie Zhao, Shenshi News Agency

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