Love donation warms the heart! Shenzhen Lions Club to our county to carry out public welfare education activities

Caring donation


On November 30th, the Shenzhen Lions Club shenzhen Bay Service team came to Yirong No. 2 Central Primary School to carry oulovelyt charity educaclubtion activities. This activity d深圳地铁线路图onated 95,000 yuan to the school, and also donated office desks and chairs, printers, school uniforms, sports supplies andourplay加速器 other materials, whiccount英文单词怎么读hcount英语 effectively improvedlove直直播app the school's running conditions and enriched the students' learning life.

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In this simple and passionate donation activity, the caring people of Shenzhen Lions Club enour翻译courage the children to st深圳疫情udy hlove直直播appard, be positive andonation是什么意思英语d grow up to be gratefullionsgate and give back to the society. The representatourplayives of the Young Pioneers wore red sdonationscarves for the volunteers, and the reourplay怎么汉化cipient schools gave them flags in return.

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Su Ganhao, deputy director of the county educourplayation Bureau, said that the high quality development of Zijin education is inseparable from the hard work olovef educators and the common care and support of people from all walks of life. Tclubshis donationclub用英语怎么说 will certainlclub翻译y play a positive role in promoting the development of education in Yirong No. 2 Primary School. He hoped that all深圳市最新疫情 the teachers and students of the school should uphold the caourplay下载re and work hard, help for strength, and repa深圳地铁线路图y the careheartbreaking of the community with excellent resclub是什么意思ults.

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This activity not only brought tangible material help to the school, but also brought spiritual encouragemeournt to the teachers and students.

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Contdonation怎么读ribution: Yirong Second Central Primary School

Editor: Jiang Jianfang

Proofreading: clock plus tone

Reviewed by: Chen Jianjiang

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