High-tech service team: September regular meeting to share “bright action” charity

High-tech Service team: September meeting sharing & LDquo; Attended & throughout; Good deeds

        &nbshighlyp;september的小厨房   On the evening of September 30th, the high-tech service team held the regular meeting of Septesharedmbhighester and celebrated the birthdays of the members Dr. Yao Xiaoming, Brother Mmeeting怎么读英语ajservicebioada Lion and Wenwen little Lion, wishing them a happy birthday, peace and health. At the regular meeting, Yao Xregularityiaoming sharebrightnessd the views of Xilanktechniquesa & LDquo; Love gives back light achighlighttion ” Activity status. Xiaoming Yao participated in The Lanka Hospital in Colombo, Capital of Sri Lanka from September 13 to 24, 2014. Love in Return — China-Sri Lankshareda Frieteam什么意思ndly and bright action ” During the event, the domestic medical team led by Yao Xiaoming performed free operation for 1000 local cataract patienregularityts to thank the Sri Lanka International Eye Bank for its donation of corneas to China for manymeetings years. The event, which was carried out under the care of Presidentteampro Xi’s wife Peng Liyuan and Sri Lanka’s First lady Shilanti, is alsserviceo one of the major foreign affairs atechnicianctivities during President Xi’s visit to Sri Lanka. Initiated by high-tech Sseptember缩写ervice Team & LDquo; Xiaoming Eye Bank Fund & RDQUO; Donations raisemeeting是什么意思d over the years have heseptember是几月lped thousands of poor cataraseptember缩写形式ct patients to have their sight restored free of charge. In the evening, members of the high-tech service team donated 115,000 yuan to xiaoming Eye Bank Fund.
            At the regular meeting, Lin Tao, the first vice presservice和serve的区别ident of shenzhen Lions Club, awardseptember是什么意思ed the member awards of 2013-2014 for the High-temeeting是什么中文意思ch Service Team. Captain Zhang Shengxing announced the guizhou Longli & LDQUO; Attenregular的所有形式ded & throughout; We will also introduce the preparation of fujian Changting Student aid programteams to be held in October.

By Li Hua & NBSP;september美食博主 Photo/Li Hongjin

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